Adventures of Un-4-tunate: Valentine’s Special

This is the Valentine’s Day message that I would like to share with fellow readers. This should be the 2nd serving of this comic series revolving around a Holland Lop I named Un-4-tunate. For the 1st helping, click here.

Also a long overdue tribute to Conkers (his comics here), the handsome little ND owned by one of the greatest artist I have the honor to know – Lauren Nicholas of LILBun Designs.  If you remember, I once used Lauren’s illustration as my blog header/banner. I really love her art very much.

Hope everyone enjoy my original free hand sketches:

Moral of the story: No matter what happens, please keep your Valentine’s bunny. Thank you…



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2 responses to “Adventures of Un-4-tunate: Valentine’s Special

  1. awwwwwww….i really like the comic version of the HL 🙂
    but the story is good 😀 keep it up!
    – would like to see more comics of HL !

  2. FurFurries

    That’s a really good illustration! Din know u can draw that well! 😀

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