We need to sing the same song

I do not know what inspired me with this blog title but it came to my mind this morning while I was driving. Right now I can’t really recall what I want to write about it but as I go along typing perhaps I will remember.

I believe it was about this entire rabbit thingy again (what else could it be?). I am losing my memory power pretty quick these days so for those who might be interested in dealing with me, please forgive me if I have forgotten anything at all or will be forgetting.

Yesterday while I was doing my usual rabbit blog hopping, I read a very interesting article about REPUTABLE BREEDERS. I think right now with all the Show Rabbit Breeders “mushrooming” in Malaysia, it is very relevant for us. I wish that everyone will start off on the right footing. Please visit one of my favorite blogs of all time (and also a blog by a family I hold close to my heart) – Three Little Ladies Rabbitry Blog post entitled WHAT IS A REPUTABLE RABBIT BREEDER?.

As you can see, I am still very far off from being a Reputable Breeder considering that I do adhere to most of the “protocols” of running a little rabbitry. I guess not many people know how much work is put into it except for those who have deal with me personally before. As the article suggests, a reputable breeder is one that never praises himself but rather have someone else recommending him/her as a reputable breeder. In short, a reputable breeder is a title given by others.

So here’s my request for my buyers/adopters/customers. I hope you can spend some time commenting on this blog post about your experience dealing with me and if you feel that I have been a reputable breeder. In short, do I meet or exceed your expectations? Do I impart good knowledge? Please write anything that you feel is proper and relevant.

And coming back to the title of this post today, indeed we really need to Sing the same song in this rabbit hobby. We must sing the same song called “REPUTABLE BREEDER”.

I hope with the upcoming MROC ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Shows this coming June 4th 2011, everyone will get an idea what rabbit shows should be. Please also bear in mind that this is our first time organizing such a show at this capacity and we ask for forgiveness for all the shortcomings and glitches that will happen.  Please know that we are all doing our best so that all rabbit owners will have fun on this day. Win or lose, we must be proud of ourselves as Malaysians for having some of the nicest rabbits and taking the first step in joining the ranks of those in other parts of the world to hold ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Shows. Please give us your fullest support and be kind to the same people who is spending their precious time making this event a success. It is not the effort of a single individual but a collective effort by a group of people who love to share. Let’s have fun!

Before I end my long winded post today, I would like to share a few photos of Tru-Luv Balian. Balian is back in Meadow Haven for a while and I am really proud of this little buck. Also not forgetting his wonderful/amazing family especially little Meg (she’s 3 years old this year if I remember correctly). I really want to thank them for taking such good care of Balian. I cannot stop seeing Clark in Balian.

Look who's back?

And he's always in a molt when he comes back - LOL!

Not perfect but good enough for me...

Happy Weekend everyone! Please drop me a little testimonial if you have any. Thank you in advanced!



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2 responses to “We need to sing the same song

  1. Maggie

    hello timothy! just want to say thanks for meeting up with me to pass me the nutri-drops that i bought. sorry that i needed it so urgently. my dad saw the newspaper and pass it to me for me to keep. few days after that, my rabbit stop eating and thats when i started emailing you.

    thank you for recommending me the nutri-drops! save my rabbit’s life! he was already kinda weak and due to the reason that its cny, the vet that my rabbit loves to visit was not open for a week. nutri-drops kept my rabbit a little more active as he was not eating or drinking! and am sure it helped as he went under sedation for his molar teeth filing. if he was weak, i do not think my rabbit will be able to go thru that.

    he is all better now and a little fatter! thank you again! now i keep it close to my rabbit. its in his first aid kit. 😉

    thank you again.

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