A Love Letter Once In A While

Once in a long while, I will receive a “love” email from a breeder I once imported from. Today was one of those days that I received such an email. The email was pretty nasty and is of harassment material in nature. It was filled with intimidation and threats.

I guess with all the recognitions and publicity shining so ever brightly on me, there must be a few jealous fellas (oh, that rhymed didn’t it?).  As I have wrote about giving one the recognition of a reputable breeder, recognitions are to be given by others. And with so many articles featuring Tru-Luv Rabbitry, speaks for itself.

In the email, I have been accused of deceiving my readers through my weblog. I just cannot agree. This blog at the e nd of the day, is my personal “journal” where I write about my experience and expresses my excitement, joy and everything else. It is still up to the discretion of my readers to take it seriously, less seriously or they may even think of it as crap. I just can’t control what people say, think or feel.

Let’s take a step back and find out what is the real definition of a web log:

1. WordNet: web log – a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies; “postings on a blog are usually in chronological order”

2. it-station.co.uk – web log – A web page used as a diary or journal. Web logs are updated regularly and may contain any information that the author wishes to share with the world. Also known as a “blog”.

I believe the above information is rather ELEMENTARY and simple enough for the simple and not so simple minded.

In moments like these, I always go back to how grateful I am to have known Scott Rodriguez, Kay Miller, Teri Reymann and the rest of my bunny families in USA. They showed me what good breeders are – generous, classy, understanding and helpful to name a few good traits. We bunny people tend to treat people like our bunnies sometimes. What do we do with bad traits? We breed them out of the herd through selling as pets (the term cull is used). This person is definitely of cull (pet) quality just like the rabbits I got from her. I don’t think she’ll make a good pet either – bites and scratches all the time – LOL!

If it wasn’t for Scott, Kay and Teri, my herd would have never come this far. Yes by that, I mean that all my rabbits before Ivy Crescent’s Thunder, Miller’s Clark, Sonshine’s Brown Sugar, Wark & Miller’s Carmel and Ivy Crescent’s Haley are of brood/pet quality but have been sold to me as cream of the crop (top dollar, expensive junk). All the bad traits were improved (faster) with the help of these 3 people and my careful selective breeding knowledge acquired through a collective group of people I love to call FRIENDS. Knowledge I have never learned from this so called breeder. I also learned that the major part of this hobby is to turn crap into gold.

For those of you in the rabbit world long enough, you will know who I am referring to. I am never ever going to mention or give credit to this person because  no one should patronize such a nasty person who not only cheats but harasses at her whim and fancy.

Oh, by the way, it is technically impossible for a BOSB to end up a BRIS. Thought it would be nice to share…

If I can turn back the hands of time, I wouldn’t change anything. Having to deal with a person like this really made me a stronger, smarter and better person. I made so many good friends in the hobby just because of this person.  I won’t thank her for that either because the number of friends and recognitions speak for themselves (my guess is, I am LOVABLE!). She can say whatever she wants but truth will always prevail. I hope you do not have to deal with such a person. Lastly, if you have heard anything that didn’t come from me, those are what we call rumors and 100% of the time is not true. One thing I learn in this hobby, always go directly to the source.

And I find no coincidence that each time this person is spoken of, it will always be concluded with….



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  1. Anonymous

    Haha…Tim, I think I know who she is. Is she the one that we’re discussing at the mamak restaurant after the meeting that night? She’s really that bad huh? I’m grateful that I didn’t proceed to get rabbits from her. Thanks to all my FRIENDS who gave me warnings about her.

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