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Rabbit Nutri-Drop Testimonials

I guess it is time to share the testimonials I have received thus far for this wonderful product called Rabbit Nutri-Drops.

Julie wrote:

My bunny was tired from a long travel and was not eating well and no poo and pee from her. Her tummy was getting a bit bloated. I gave her nutri-drops and within half an hour, her appetite was back and started to poo and pee. It is a miracle drops for bunnies when they are ill. Every bunny owner should have one in case of emergency

Maggie wrote:

my rabbit was sick as he could not eat! his molar teeth was overgrown. thanks to nutri-drops my rabbit pull thru a week with minimal food and water! i saw the difference after 2 times of feeding! he was tired and did not move much. after 2 feedings, at that night…he was running around chasing me! he was fine after a visit to the vet and got his teeth filed down. now i keep it close to him with a syringe! its in the ‘rabbit first aid box’ -2% cause i gotta force feed…it was almost IMPOSSIBLE! for my rabbit. but if ur rabbit is fine with force feed, then its a 100%!

Siti wrote:

hi Tim,

Just want to tell you how happy i am with my bunny.
What happen last time was, they ate detergent powder i stored in the room, i am more careful now with what around the floor. Thanks to you and Nutri-Drops, now, they both healthy, chubby and happy hoping around their room. Thanks again for your help and advise. We appreciate it very much.

malaysiangroup wrote:

Hi Mr.Tim,
i would like to thank you so much for introducing me “Nutri-Drops” which did wonder and saved my bunny.when i changed the environment and cages,my sweet bunny was upset and refused to take food and water,during this critical period, Nutri-Drops helped my bunny from dieing due to starvation.

Thank you very much everyone for your testimonials. It makes me really happy to know that my recommendations has helped save lives.


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