“To Each His Own”

Everything I express on this blog entry is solely my opinion and I do not represent any club or person in the contents that I am about to write.

I often see some people giving very brute opinions about someone else’ rabbits. Often times, these are comments that are uncalled for – opinions not asked, that is. Everything is so subjective in the rabbit world. We are obligated to comment if asked and if we have nothing good to say about a particular rabbit, it is best we keep our mouth shut unless we are asked to give our most honest opinion.

You see, whatever it is, each breeder have in any point of time paid his/her dues in the hobby. Most importantly, each breeder have his/her preferences and style in the herd that he/she is developing. Whatever the preferences and styles, as long as the Standard Of Perfection is adhere to, it is totally up to the breeder in question. Thus, TO EACH HIS OWN.

Let’s take a little moment just to imagine. Let us imagine that all judges in the rabbit world interprets the Standard Of Perfection the same way. This will never happen but let’s just say what if it happens. Well, not a good thing I must say. Just imagine a rabbit winning under all judges at different shows. How boring it can get right?

What I am trying to say is that, if everyone have the same preferences, opinions and styles, wouldn’t it be a very boring world? Cloning would be a hit among rabbit breeders because everyone is racing ahead to produce the same rabbit winning all the time.

So you see, life is never boring because of diversity. If you let winning get the best of you, the hobby will not be fun any more. Let us all remind ourselves, why do we keep rabbits in the first place. A favourite past time should remain as, a favourite past time – hobby. What’s with all the excitement and fuss when our little bunnies are just lying down on their sides enjoying a cool breezy day?

Sometimes like what the radio says, “We need to ask ourselves, who is the animal?”. How can we humans get nastier than our docile rabbits? It just doesn’t make sense. If we can’t control our emotions, let’s blame it on the hormones and if that’s the case, neutering is the best option.

As for the show, let it be a place where all rabbit lovers gather and if one of us wins, we binky together. There is so many variables that contributes to a rabbit winning and losing in a show i.e. molt, losing condition and etc.

Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. – Lombardi, Vince

As my momma loves to say, “At any given day, any given judge, any given rabbit and any given breeder…”


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