I am extremely glad and pleased to announce the launching of our very own online pet store – www.tinycritterz.com.

As all of you may know, I have been blogging for a while now and has been recommending quite a number of good rabbit products in the past. I felt that I can do better in terms of providing more services to my avid readers. This effort is also partly to get rid of all the “advertisements” on my blog so that I can just write better articles.

My wish for this new venture is to allow my readers to obtain all the rabbit products (and more) that I have featured in the past and also those that I will recommend in future.

If you are at TinyCriterz.com right now, you will see that it is pretty empty and lack products. I hope that you will check back often and enjoy seeing it grow to a “MEGA” online store. Do bear with us as we are still expanding (not that vigorously). I am sure it will slowly take shape but right now, all the essentials are available for purchase, so please do patronize. Thank you very much in advanced.

There are so many people I would like to thank for supporting me and encouraging me to take this little leap into business. As you all know, I do not do bunny business that much due to my policy. The idea of an online pet store came about mainly due to that same reason. I felt that I did not provide enough services to my readers. Many have expressed their interest in my rabbits but sad to say that many may have walked away empty handed mainly because I do not have enough to share. So here you have it, I am sharing in another form of service – the convenience to purchase what your bunny needs (at your fingertips) over the Internet.

TinyCritterz.com as you can see are 2 words made up of the acronym of my name Timothy Chan (TC). I believe it is the right time for an extension out of Tru-Luv Rabbitry to have a retail arm to support everyone in the hobby of raising pets. I hope that everyone will patronize and leverage on this service that I humbly provide.

It is our hope, both my wife and I that in the near future, we can channel some of the profit made by TinyCritterz.com to help in any independent/non-profitable animal welfare societies or bodies. Though it is still a long way to go but we shall always have this thought on mind.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my former boss Ms. Lew for giving me the encouragement to take this giant leap, you can never deny the words of a wise woman. Also (but not least), I would like to thank the artist/digital illustrator (a dear friend) whose works I have always admired and loved, Ms. Lauren Elizabeth of Ruffles Art Studio (also on facebook) for having flawlessly illustrated Tru-Luv Balian as featured in the logo of TinyCritterz.com. And I did requested her to give a little smug smile to Balian in her illustration.

The amazing work of Ms. Lauren Elizabeth - I love to call her the digital art prodigy.



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5 responses to “TinyCritterz.com

  1. FurFurries


    I am working on it. *ahem* so sorry for the delay.

  2. Maggie

    AHH! Cute smuggg!! thanks again timothy! looking forward to ordering more stuff from the site!!

  3. Timothy,

    The new store looks awesome! I like that you separated it from your blog with a different domain name. I’m sure the business will grow. Keep up the good work! Hope show preparations are going well for you.

    Rob Usakowski

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