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Why ARBA Sanctioned Show/Kenapa Pertandingan Iktiraf ARBA?

What is every Show breeder chasing after? They want to “GRAND” their rabbits. Meaning to say, they want to obtain a Grand Champion title/certificate for each of their rabbits. In order to obtain a Grand Champion certificate/title, a rabbit must first obtain 3 Grand Champion Legs in the form of a paper slip that looks like this.

Where can the rabbit obtain this GC Leg slip? ONLY at ARBA Sanctioned Shows that is.

How do you know for sure if the show is ARBA Sanctioned?

1. Check website and look for the show in your area. This is the first check to know if the show is legitimate.

2. Ask the organizer for a Show Sanction Number. Every ARBA Sanctioned show comes with a Sanction Number.

So for those of you that came to me and ask if the show is ON, this is how you can check if it is really ON.


Salam sejahtera kepada semua kawan2 dalam hobi arnab hias baka ARBA. Satu soalan yang ingin saya kemukakan kepada saudara serta saudari. Apakah yang anda impikan sebagai seorang pengiat hobi arnab hias? Jawapannya adalah untuk arnab anda digelar Juara. Untuk menjadi Juara, arnab pedigree anda mesti mendapatkan 3 Sijil Juara ARBA ataupun digelar Grand Champion legs dibawah 2 juri yang berlainan. Sekurang-kurangnya salah satu daripada 3 sijil tersebut mesti dianugerahkan semasa arnab tersebut mencecah umur 6 bulan keatas ataupun senior. Bagaimana rupanya Sijil Juara tersebut? – Sila ikuti link ini. Ia adalah sekeping slip biru yang mencatatkan nama dan tempat pertandingan. Slip ini hanya akan dianugerahkan kepada arnab tempat pertama kategori dan sekiranya terdapat sekurang-kurangnya 3 para peserta dan sekurang-kurangnya 5 ekor arnab di dalam kategori yang sama.

Dan dimanakah Sijil Juara ini dianugerahkan? Jawapannya adalah mana-mana Pertandingan yang Diiktiraf ARBA. Bukan senang untuk mendapatkan pengiktirafan untuk pertandingan. Pertandingan tersebut mesti di anjurkan oleh sebuah kelab yang telah diberi pengiktirafan ARBA (ARBA Charter).

Bagaimanakah anda boleh mengesahkan bahawa pertandingan adalah yang sah dan diiktiraf ARBA?

1. Semua pertandingan berdaftar dapat disahkan di

2. Satu lagi cara pengesahan adalah meminta para penganjur supaya mengemukakan Nombor Pengiktirafan ARBA. Setiap pertandingan ARBA diberi nombor pengiktirafan.

Bagi rakan-rakan yang tanya saya mengenai Show yang telah dibatalkan adakah pertandingan masih dianjurkan, jawapannya, yang telah dibatalkan tetap dibatalkan. Kenapa dibatalkan?

1. Kurang hangat sambutannya

2. Si sponsor kata ada masalah kewangan

3. Kelab yang menganjur belum diluluskan oleh Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia. Yang ini paling bahaya. Jikalau pertubuhan menganjurkan pertandingan sebelum mendapatkan kelulusan Jabatan, semua ahli protem boleh didakwa di mahkamah dibawah “pertubuhan tidak sah”. Jangan2 arnab pulak perli kita yang dalam sangkar penjara.

Bagi pertandingan baru, saya juga kurang pasti sehinggalah semua maklumat yang sah dikemukakan. Jadi, silalah tanya Superintendent (Ketua Pertandingan) ataupun Show Secretary (Setiausaha Pertandingan) yang tersayang.

Semoga semua bergembira pada hari Pertandingan (jikalau sah)….


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Farewell MROC

I guess the spark and hope for an official rabbit club for rabbit owners in Malaysia has dimmed for me. Our 1st attempt to get it registered officially with Registrar of Society has been rejected and I do not wish to proceed with our 2nd attempt as I anticipate a very hectic career life in the next few weeks.

The wonderful gathering last weekend has opened up my eyes and made me realized that just having a gathering with rabbit lovers is good enough for me. I enjoy organizing it and I really enjoy seeing others having fun. My priorities and views have changed so much in just one evening with fellow rabbit friends. We will definitely organize more of such events but it will never be tied to any club. I prefer to have it this way which is hassle free.

With the heaviest of hearts, I have called for this unofficial little club to be dissolved. Any attempt to use MROC to organize any event is deemed unlawful in the court of law as MROC is NOT officially approved by Registrar of Society.

With immediate effect, I am no longer related to MROC directly or indirectly. As far as I know, we have not accepted any official memberships/fees.

I will continue raising beautiful Holland Lops as a hobby because they are all that matters to me right now and it was mainly because of them that I am making this decision. All the unnecessary time spent on the club matters is taking my precious time away from my beloved hobby.

I will also remain as the ARBA District 9 Representative unless I get new directions and commands from my boss himself. If you have any questions related to ARBA please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you. By taking a step back from holding office in a rabbit club locally, I can observe the on goings of every rabbit club here in Malaysia without being bias towards my own club. I invite all those who wants to form a club or has formed a club to get in touch with me so that I can report events and happenings to ARBA. I will render my assistance to the best of my ability.

Thank you.

Goodbye MROC, curtains down…

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DOA 3101 & DOA 3249

UPDATE: Show Catalog taken down from website as at 11 p.m.

Dear readers,

I am appalled by my findings tonight and cannot help but to put forth the truth which I have always strived to do in my years of blogging about my beloved hobby. Yes, I am extremely straight forward and here goes.

As all of you may know, MROC has officially cancelled 2 ARBA Sanctioned Shows. The word Sanctioned or a simpler word, APPROVED is obtained through the ARBA by paying the Sanction Fee.

Unfortunately, I got a shock that certain parties has again released a Show Catalog which uses the 2 same sanction numbers that has been CANCELLED. DOA 3101 and DOA 3249 which are written on the “new” show catalog are the 2 sanction numbers given to the show that we have officially cancelled.

Please do not be mislead into thinking that this show is legitimate at this moment. Until you see different sanction numbers. TRUTH is TRUTH, LIE is LIE! There is no in betweens here.

Also note that some quarters has violated INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY by reusing the show catalog WORD for WORD and there has not been any official (written) request seeking for permission to reuse the show catalog that was prepared by me.

Filling up the form and sending your money only shows that you condone such an act of crime. Yes, PLAGIARISM is a CRIME!

Please be informed. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Timothy Chan

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Lotsa Fun!

I am not sure about others but I really had a blast at our Rabbit Fun Show & Gathering event. The best part for me is being able to reach out to real people after so long of blogging. The people are simply amazing. I was a little worried in the beginning because we only had 1 guest arrived at 4.30pm and the event was scheduled to start at 5pm. We had about 26 guests in total and 10 rabbits competing for the top 5 spot.

The number of people in the crowd was just nice and we all fit snugly into XOXO Pets Store. The refreshment/dinner was superb. I just like how the entire small event went. The crowd really made all the preparation worth it! We even have live facebook updates!

Thank you so much to everyone who attending. We shall have more of these gathering soon!

Beautiful Doorgift

Show Table and Prizes


More food!

Nice Crowd

Talking while Symphony distracted attention!

Giving tips on making cage comfortable for rabbits

Really nice crowd to share the knowledge

Getting on the floor to show how to trance a rabbit so that a simple health check can be done

Sharing is caring

Nice bunny....

The game called "Judge The Bunny" where the guests and everyone present be the judge.

Nice Lionhead

Tabulating the score

This is 60% of the team. There's only 5 of us organizing this event. 1 day of planning, 5 days of work & promoting, 26 guests in total, 10 rabbits and 5 happy winners.

Winners and their rabbits

Everyone gets a certification of participation!

With some of the guests

Happy and tired at the same time

There were of course some glitches and we shall improvise on them later. I really enjoyed myself organizing this event and even happier to work with a small but efficient team. Great job to everyone involved!

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Fun Rabbit Show & Gathering

Fun Rabbit/Owner Gathering

Venue: XOXO Pets Store, The Strand Kota Damansara

Date: 23rd April 2011

Time: 5 pm to 8 pm

Door gifts for first 37 guests. Come on over!!!

Top 5 Ribbons up for grabs this Saturday

Looking really good!

5th Placing

With the right people and attitude, we got this whole thing going on even though we started planning beginning of this week! I am loving how fast we work between 4 of us. The communications are short and sweet but everyone’s hands are really efficient!

Prizes up for grabs! Somebunnies are going to be so happy!

Bunny approved!

I am sure you have heard of Cat and Dog owners gathering in the past. Perhaps a few occasional rabbit gatherings. This weekend, we’re doing just that – Chillin’ together with our Rabbits.

In the good spirit of Fellowship, Friendship & Fun, I would like to invite all rabbit lovers to come and join us for a Fun Rabbit Show & Gathering session. You can ask any questions and get first hand information about rabbits. Looking forward to meeting all of you for a fun filled evening.

Do come and join us as it is free and have an evening of fun! Absolutely NO CANCELLATION!

Venue: XOXO Pets Store, The Strand Kota Damansara

Date: 23rd April 2011

Time: 5 pm to 8 pm

Join us on Facebook here –

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Back To Enjoying The Hobby

With the show and all the unnecessary stress behind me, I finally regain back my normal life and back to blogging about life with my beloved bunnies. I have learned many precious lessons trying to organize the show. The part I enjoyed most was being able to work with a few nice people which I hope to work with again in future. It was a smooth sailing start and we only experienced a few hiccups but in the end there was a huge hiccup. The number of entries happens to be one of the major roadblock. We will have to sit down and do a post mortem on the cause of this problem.

We have informed all parties the best we can through all possible channels and means. I would like to apologize on behalf of the Show Committee especially to all major dailies that has mentioned this event in their publishing.

Another precious lesson I learned and have matured out of is the fact that everything happens for a reason. We never stop learning from the moment we are born and it is never a life and death situation if things do not happen as we want them to.

So with the past behind me, what’s ahead?

I believe getting the club up and running first would be a good option to move forward. We shall take it from there. Some gatherings would do good for all hobbyists and rabbit owners too.

I finally had a breather to pick up my camera to take photos of my rabbits again. So here are some of my favourites that was to make their debut at the show.

Tru-Luv Puffin. A nice junior that turns senior in June. I love her thick ears and also a nice crown coming up. She just done her major molt.

Tru-Luv Symphony. A young senior doe right now. Just love how smooth she is.

Tru-Luv Trudle. This little buck tells me that I have some bone going on.

More upcoming cuties!


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With a heavy heart, we have decided to cancel the rabbit show.

For a full explanation please read –

And I would like to thank my Show Committee for all their support, trust and most of all for putting up with my “perfectionist” nature. My heartfelt thanks goes out especially to Brandon & Grace of Golden Pines Rabbitry, Cikgu Syah of Reko Rabbitry and Xazaquan of ZR Rabbitry. They have been a great bunch of people to work with. We really have fun and learned a lot although it wasn’t a successful one.

We are not yet ready for a ARBA Show as the number of entries so far did not meet our expectations. Perhaps we’re moving too fast. So we find it inappropriate to invite our honourable judges all the way from USA just to judge a handful of rabbits. Nonetheless, I truly hope that the hobby will grow and perhaps in the future, we can all come together to organize a show again.


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Vocation & Passion defines the word vocation as the following:-

  • an inclination to undertake a certainkind of work, especially a religiouscareer;
  • often in response to a perceivedsummons;
  • a calling;
  • an occupation for which a person is suited, trained or qualified

It also defines the word passion as the following:-

  • fervor;
  • determination;
  • An object of passionate love or strong interest

Vocation & Passion is very closely related in my opinion especially when you see words like A Calling, Is Suited, Passionate Love and Strong Interest. If you have a strong interest in something, you will have passionate love for it and it eventually becomes a calling. As you go deeper into it, you will feel that you are a natural and whatever that you are doing feels like a perfect match.

In casual conversations, I normally ask my peers if they enjoy their job. Eight (8) out of ten (10) will tell me that they hate their job and everything else is great. This is more so with my generation and those before. I attribute it to the era when we leave school for higher learning. I for one did not know what I was good at and what are the options I have available based on my interest. I was not well informed as far as my education progression path was concerned. I stumbled a couple of times making the wrong decision and finally settled for what I did.

Simply put, there isn’t much choices given the circumstances I was in – financially and also as far as opportunity is concerned. You see, I wasn’t the bright student that scores straight As and I am definitely no public university material. The way I learn could be my biggest problem in the system that I was placed in. I just hate memorizing and regurgitating textbooks. I rather burn the textbooks and add the ash into my favourite drink (like what some of my friends did after the major examinations). It was one of my dream to be a veterinarian since I always have a pet since I was 7. Unfortunately, biology wasn’t my best subject and I just couldn’t get pass dissecting a little mice.

But lately, I have been forced to work with needles and so far, successfully administered Sub-Q injections for 10 rabbits. If I have a choice, I wouldn’t do it. Why?

Let me tell you why. We are all called for something in life. And when we are called, we go through all sorts of training to qualify us in the field of studies and then, we put into practice what we learn theoretically. I enjoy raising pets and I have great interest in the medical side of things except for injections, surgeries and whatever that has got to do with blood. Therefore, I leave it to the vets – who are trained and qualified.

Over the weekend, I had a case of emergency with one of my does. It was a delivery complication that most Holland Lop breeders dread. I had to intervene but my intervention wasn’t as successful as I expected. I didn’t make things worst either as I am very careful and had the real time support/advice from very experienced breeders in USA & Canada.

You see, veterinary science like any medical practice in Malaysia have at least 2 parts to it – consultation (diagnosis) and medication. It is pretty impossible for a pet owner in Malaysia to obtain drugs/medicine for pets so although most of the time my diagnosis on the problem is accurate, I have no access to the medication. It was such an instance at 3 a.m. on Saturday. I have no choice at all but to make an emergency called that cost an arm and a leg.

When I was waiting for the vet to arrive, I read the notice board. One of the notices captured my attention. It was written by the owner/chief vet at the practice. He was venting his frustration on past customers that could have tried tarnishing his reputation through various means. He mention how he could not be bothered with prominent figures holding titles. Through his writing, he showed those who did not appreciate his work the door while welcoming those who are willing to work with him and his team. I could understand why he was so frustrated. He even spoke to me on the phone telling me the possibilities and what I should be prepared for. I truly appreciate his honesty for telling me beforehand, rabbits are not their forte.

I needed the medication that they can provide me desperately. To cut the long story short, I did not leave the vet clinic on a happy note. I will not share the details as I am afraid Dr. may write another notice to vent about me. In fact, I was praying to God to please help my little doe while driving all the way home at 4 a.m. Basically, I cannot blame anyone for what has happened in the clinic. We all did try but was a little careless. Luckily, the problem corrected itself. The doe survived the horrific ordeal.

And so, this incident got me thinking really hard. The question that I have always asked was – WHY DON’T VETS DO RABBITS? For the longest time, cats and dogs has remained as a billion dollar business. This is the only conclusion I can make to answer that question above. I also understand that it is not worth for vets to specialize in rabbits just for Tru-Luv Rabbitry who may be one of the small group of people who cares enough to send their rabbits to the vets. The amount I paid at the vet clinic for the emergency call can easily purchase a few rabbits at the pet store. It does make rabbits dispensable because no one “WANTS” to afford medical bills on rabbits. SAD, BUT TRUE.

I gathered that this scenario does not only apply to Malaysia but even in the USA, breeders are left to fend for themselves. But, the only difference is, in the USA, rabbit drugs/medications are easily accessible. Most breeders have taught themselves how to administer injections. That is how good the support group is out there.

If my assumption and opinion is true about vets. They are people too and they also need to make a living right? So I wonder if 8 out 10 vets, like my peers, hate what they do. Meaning to say, there is a possibility that 8 out 10 vets are just doing it for the money and does not have the slightest passion or interest in what they do. It is the same as how most General Practitioners just prescribe antibiotics to every Tom, Dick and Harry that visits the clinic.

How much would it take for vets to start treating and be subject experts in Rabbits? I really have no idea. For the few that I have met who are rabbit savvy, I truly appreciate them. They are hard to come by and even harder to reach during the emergencies (at 3 a.m.). Even to reply text messages at 3 a.m. to agree to help in the emergency takes much courage, determination and most of all passion (to help animals).

The group of Show Rabbit enthusiasts and hobbyists is growing fast. But I reckon, we will be the ones suffering many sleepless nights due to the possible complications that will arise. For our rabbits are so exclusive and they mean the world to us not only the cost of obtaining them but also the value of all the hard work put into raising them.

If you ask me, I am lost as far as Rabbit Medicine is concerned but I know for sure, 90% of the time, we have to take matters into our own hands. As for the 10%, pray that the problems happen between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Mondays to Saturdays (possibly Sundays for some). That is the only times you may find your vets in their clinics and that’s if they do rabbits.

Good luck bunny friends…


Holland Lop kits, you have no idea how hard it is for each one to come by...


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Promotions & Gathering is proud to launch our first “GO GREEN!” project – the NP2R (No Plastic Reuse & Recycle) Timothy Hay-IN-Box. Without plastic bags and fancy labels, you and your pet can now do your part in reducing wastage on natural resources while enjoying highly affordable and nutritious Timothy Hay! is having a promotion on all American Pet Diner products. 15% knocked off all APD products! Go grab it while it last…

Also, there will be a Rabbit Gathering and here are the details:

Date: 23rd April
Time: 5pm – 8pm
Venue: XOXO Pets Store (Kota Damansara)

More details here – and here –


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Jersey What?

For the past few years, I have been hearing about people selling Jersey Wooly in Malaysia. When I look at their photos, I was horrified. Not horrific looking rabbits but how many people have been cheated.

Today, I am glad and proud to say that we have the real JERSEY WOOLY in MALAYSIA!!!

And they look like the following:

This is a real Jersey Wooly!!!


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