DOA 3101 & DOA 3249

UPDATE: Show Catalog taken down from website as at 11 p.m.

Dear readers,

I am appalled by my findings tonight and cannot help but to put forth the truth which I have always strived to do in my years of blogging about my beloved hobby. Yes, I am extremely straight forward and here goes.

As all of you may know, MROC has officially cancelled 2 ARBA Sanctioned Shows. The word Sanctioned or a simpler word, APPROVED is obtained through the ARBA by paying the Sanction Fee.

Unfortunately, I got a shock that certain parties has again released a Show Catalog which uses the 2 same sanction numbers that has been CANCELLED. DOA 3101 and DOA 3249 which are written on the “new” show catalog are the 2 sanction numbers given to the show that we have officially cancelled.

Please do not be mislead into thinking that this show is legitimate at this moment. Until you see different sanction numbers. TRUTH is TRUTH, LIE is LIE! There is no in betweens here.

Also note that some quarters has violated INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY by reusing the show catalog WORD for WORD and there has not been any official (written) request seeking for permission to reuse the show catalog that was prepared by me.

Filling up the form and sending your money only shows that you condone such an act of crime. Yes, PLAGIARISM is a CRIME!

Please be informed. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Timothy Chan


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One response to “DOA 3101 & DOA 3249

  1. Brandon

    Plagiarism is a big NO NO!!! Who ever is doing it, Please stop using other people properties for their own gain…

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