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Timothy’s Race To Indianapolis ARBA Convention 2011!

Who would have thought that across the globe from where the bunny fever starts, an “average Joe” like me would have the interest and passion for – RABBITS?

Most importantly, who would have thought that friendships can be made and sustained through thousands of miles away?

A group of my friends in the States has been working on helping me get to ARBA Convention 2011 since the idea was incepted when I entered the Digi “Free Your Idea” contest last year. The votes wasn’t enough to help me win but the idea stuck and from a tiny little spark, it has grown over time. I am so glad that I have been blessed with so many wonderful friends who not only support me in the hobby but also make the effort to help me realize my dream – To Attend ARBA Convention 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

2 most important reasons why I want to go for this convention:

1. To meet all my friends there in person. All the people who have been so generous to me even though we are separated thousands of miles away. It is time to put a name to every beautiful face and to speak to each and everyone of them face to face.

2. To acquire the first hand experience and knowledge of how 47 rabbit breeds come together in full force to compete for Best In Show. With the experience and knowledge, I hope that I will be able to continue making good progress in Malaysia through sharing.

To extend my appreciation to all my bunny friends on the other side of the globe, I have created a little video that took me a good 7 hours to complete.

I hope everyone enjoys the video as much as I have while making it.


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Fantastic Weekend!

What a fantastic weekend it is! So much has happened in the short span of 2 days. Time was well spent with family and friends. I really count my blessings because of all the friends in my life. They are just amazing.

Can’t imagine that the ARBA shows will be next week! It will definitely be another weekend with great company. Can’t wait to see all bunny friends. Let’s get ready to rumble…


I would love to meet all my readers who are going for the show. Please do come for a little bunny chat (if I am not too busy).


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No Show For Symphony

I would like to apologize for lack of interesting contents lately. Didn’t I tell you that this is my journal and the window to my life raising Holland Lops in Malaysia? This is my brain’s dump site, where I just type out whatever that is on my mind after a hard day’s work.

There are always ups and downs in life but after you cross the bridge, you can see light after the tunnel they say. So on a very happy note, I just wanted to write a little dedication to my little doe, Symphony. She has grown into a beautiful young lady. I was conditioning her for the rabbit show but I guess she is not meant to participate in the show. That’s because she’s expecting! This is her first litter and I am very excited! She had a date with LTD’s Dimsdale and the rest they say, is history.

So since Symphony can’t be there to greet everyone with her little feet and chin up, I would love to show her off through photos here.

The day she was born...

Such a sweetheart she is...

The day baby Symphony opened her eyes and saw the world for the very first time

This was the "The One" moment. Let me elaborate more below.

The missus seldom pay attention during my bunny photo session. But she stopped and jaw wide opened when she saw this little baby posing naturally for me. In the USA, they call stunning rabbits show stoppers but Symphony was a missus stopper – LOL!

Here's the side view. If only Holland Lops remain this size and cuteness for life...

And twas the night before Christmas...

She started to periscope on queue (touching her chin)...

From another angle...

Celebrating her first Chinese New Year with us while going through the uglies...

And now she is all matured and soon to be a mother herself, I hope everything will be smooth for her and while she stays back home, she shall cheer her brothers and sisters on…

Symphony today...

My beautiful Symphony!


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1st & 2nd ARBA Open All Breed Rabbit Show – CONFIRMED

Dear Bunny Lovers,

As you all may know, the MROC (officially replaced by MROA) rabbit show has been cancelled but is now REPLACED by another 3 exactly same shows (2 ARBA Sanctioned & a Pet Rabbit competition) under another show committee. Since I am at it, just wanted to inform everyone that I am not part of the organizing/show committee but I will be there as a normal participant.

The show committee has informed of the confirmation of the shows and the show entry deadlines has been extended to end of May 2011. Please obtain your show catalog and entry forms here –

Please give your fullest support to the organizing committee by entering your rabbits whether it is purebred or locally bred (all rabbits are beautiful). Join this historical event – our very 1st & 2nd ARBA Sanctioned Show.

Let’s come together to enjoy ourselves as bunny lovers collectively! I know I would and I can’t wait to meet all of you there!

Please note that this event is held in conjuction with Pet World Malaysia 2011 event and therefore, an entrance fee will be levied on top of the Show Entry Fee for each rabbit.

Here are the overview details:

Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (3rd floor, Mid Valley Megamall)
Date: 4th June 2011
Time of Show: Registration starts at 10am, Show starts at 11.30am
Entrance fee for Pet World Malaysia: RM 5 (adult), RM 2 (child)

See you there!


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Oprah’s Favourite Things Syndrome

I believe I have some sort of illness. The illness in my own definition is called “Oprah’s Favourite Things Syndrome”. If you do not know what I am talking about, please look at the following video:

Did you see the expression on that guy’s face? The expression of pure joy and happiness?

Whenever I go meet my imported Holland Lops at the airport, that’s exactly how my face beams with gladness! The heart pounds and believe me, it is really stone face outside, emotional wreck inside.

That is exactly what my illness is all about. I am addicted to seeing faces like that! Perhaps I am exaggerating or most people are really good at hiding emotions. Whatever it is, I love seeing people happy. Especially when they get to keep a Tru-Luv Holland Lop.

Today was delivery day for Tru-Luv Chiko. A little black buck that has grown into a little handsome 8 weeks old.

A little bomb at 8 weeks old

It really is a defining moment for me to see the happy faces on Chiko’s new family members. It is a feeling that all the fame and prestige in the world will never ever be able to give. The satisfaction is so great that it makes everything else unimportant.

I truly found my calling in the hobby. And I am counting my blessings that so far, I have been so blessed when placing my rabbits into good home. They are SUPER homes! And I realize that sets everything apart. “Quality not Quantity” applies to the people the rabbits go to as well. Looking back at all the bunny friends that I have here locally, I cannot help but to feel truly honoured and grateful because they really are super nice people.

Alright, this is a pretty emotional post for me. I would like to ask permission to be allowed to express myself. Writing is how I express all the positive and negative alike. I would like to release something very negative and let it be bygone. If you are reading this and do not like it, truth is, I don’t care, I am going to write it anyway to heal myself and getting rid of this negativity.

For the past month after cancelling the show that was to be organised by the Show Committee (MROC) that I gathered together, I cannot help but to feel extremely cheated for many reasons as follows:-

1. Reputation put on the line

I was approached by certain someone to work together in organizing the show (which I now do not understand why the urgency & importance). I spearheaded the organizing effort by pulling the right resources and people together. I contacted people that I have known and use my reputation to build the foundation of organizing the show. And when the show was cancelled and because I have placed myself upfront, I took the full impact of the blow from many parties. I am proud to say, I took full responsibility of it. Unfortunately, I felt that I have been “framed” and put on the line through a highly well crafted strategy.

The truth is, RM 10k has been verbally promised for the show. My mistake is to believe the RM 10k exists at that moment of time and started work on organizing the show. Indeed that RM 10k exist but, I am not a risk taker and I call the show off because I have not seen anything concrete about the existence of the RM 10k in black and white. You cannot possibly risk organizing something of such capacity just through word of mouth. And I did not like how the sponsor goes missing or reacted each time progress updates was to be given. And most importantly, I did not want to be lead onto believing the RM 10k exist only to have myself footing all the bills when the show date draws near. So as you can see, I really have got no choice but to call it off in that circumstance.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

The attempt was definitely to subdue me in terms of getting rid of my reputation in this hobby. It didn’t work at all for me because I mentioned time and time again that this is a hobby for me. They took it as if selling Holland Lops is my business. HELL NO.

And don’t get me wrong as I am not trying to get sympathy but I did a lot of questioning and tried to reason things out. But now, I will just let karma do its job.

2. Doubtful events

There are a few things that gave me reasons to believe that everything has been crafted with precision. I have shared my knowledge while being in the Show organizing team. I shared so much about how the show is to be organized from preparing Club constitution, show catalog and right up to show table design and show venue layout. All the ideas that would make a show work. Hardly a day after I announced that cancellation of the show, the “sponsor” who said that there isn’t enough funds started making plans to proceed with the show with a new team. That made me wonder that I was really being picked to siphon the knowledge and ideas that I have. The funny thing was, there was an attempt to use the show catalog that I have prepared word for word and when I voiced out, only the layout has been changed and colors added. Strange and funny.

And then my blog got spammed by someone in Walnut, California and he mentioned that “someone will pick up the pieces and get the credit”. It got me thinking if it was all been a plan. Seriously, there is no need to scheme to get me off the organizing committee, I am more than willing to make way for anyone else that is willing to take up the responsibility. Just ask and you shall be given.

The best part is, and truth be told, a certain someone that I used to look up to as a person of high integrity has severed our friendship just because I call off the MROC show.

There you have it, I no longer suffer in silence any more. This is the truth and my account of what has happened for the past few months. Yes, I have been suffering in silence without anyone knowing but is it a big deal for me? Perhaps YES prior to today but I can now see that all are nonsense and rubbish. Downright petty, stupid and funny too.

Just RABBITS for crying out loud!

3. Selfishness knows no bounds

We started off thinking that MROC would be approved by ROS mid way while we organize the show but its application was rejected as we all know. To be organizing an event with an unofficial association has certain legal implication. Now, aren’t the people who penalize me for cancelling the show a little selfish and not take into consideration of such implications? Anyone who is involved with an “unregistered association” runs the risk of being penalized. I only acted to safeguard all members in my then committee.

All these vanished today because they are so unimportant to me. My focus is to put a smiling face onto someone who truly appreciates my rabbits. I have the power to share positive feelings to those who really know who I truly am. I have the power to choose to do something good for a fellow human being.

True Love, Through Love….

Will I participate in the ARBA Show?

What good would an ARBA District Representative be if he does not participate in an ARBA Show? I choose to be gracious and professional. Show organizing disputes and show participation are 2 very different things altogether. Participating in the show really means supporting ARBA for me. I will surely give my support to anything ARBA even if it means 1st of the tables for personal reasons. That is not important too. I will be there to hang out with those I call friends and to make new friends.

P.S.: Kepada mereka yang kurang memahami apa yang Tim tulis hari ini, saya minta ampun. Tidak dapat Tim mengekspresikan dengan lebih tepat perasaan saya melalui bahasa. Harap2 kawan2 sekalian faham apa yang telah ditulis pada malam ini.


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Reasons To Join ARBA (Tujuan Menjadi Ahli ARBA)

“What’s the reason we should join ARBA?”

This question totally caught me off guard and dumbfounded. I have been a member for so long, it did not dawn on me that I have totally lost the objective of joining this renown association. It has been such a norm for me to just renew my membership every year for the past few years.

It really serves as a reminder for me why I joined ARBA. Besides from being apart of the rabbit community at large here are 2 main reasons why I see people should join ARBA:-

1. Collecting Grand Champion Certificates

It all starts with Showing Rabbits. If a rabbit is to be registered by a registrar on behalf of ARBA, the owner must first be an active ARBA member. Without being a member, the rabbit in question has no owner to register against and therefore ARBA will not be able to track who is the owner of the rabbit. In short, in order to obtain the Grand Champion certificate, the owner must first be an active ARBA member and the rabbit must be registered and have obtained 3 GC legs.

2. Helping a club get ARBA Charter

In order for a rabbit club to obtain ARBA Charter, it must consist of a board of directors that are also ARBA members. So if you are interested to help get a local club/association obtain ARBA Charter, join as an ARBA member and volunteer yourself as one of the directors on the board. One of the main reasons why you would want to get a club or association chartered is because only ARBA Chartered club is allowed to purchase show sanctions.

Some of the myth that has been spreading here in Malaysia regarding ARBA membership:

Myth #1 – In order to issue pedigree, one must be an ARBA member – BULLSHIT. Anyone with high integrity can issue accurate pedigree.

Myth #2 – In order to tattoo rabbit, one must be an ARBA member – BULLSHIT. Just get a tattoo kit and start identifying your rabbits!


Ada yang tertanya, “Apakah tujuan menjadi Ahli ARBA?” dan berikut adalah penjelasan berdasarkan apa yang saya fahami.

1. Mengumpul Sijil Juara

ARBA akan mengeluarkan sijil juara ataupun Grand Champion certificate kepada arnab yang berjaya mendapat 3 keping slip Grand Champion Legs dibawah sekurang-kurangnya 2 pengadil yang berlainan. Akan tetapi, arnab tersebut semestinya didaftar oleh “registrar” supaya sijil juara dapat dikeluarkan berdasarkan maklumat keahlian pemilik arnab tersebut. Maka di dalam rekod ARBA, arnab Grand Champion itu adalah milik tuan punya. Oleh sebab itu, pemilik arnab yang berjaya mendapatkan 3 GC legs, semestinya menjadi ahli supaya sijil juara dapat dikeluarkan.

2. Menolong kelab/persatuan mendapat pengiktirafan ARBA

Untuk sebuah kelab untuk menganjurkan pertandingan yang diiktiraf (sanction) oleh ARBA, kelab/persatuan tersebut wajib mempunyai AJK yang terdiri daripada ahli ARBA.

Berikut adalah cerita2 dongeng dan mitos yang telah memperdaya ramai pemilik/penternak arnab:-

Mitos #1: Untuk mengeluarkan pedigree/surat beranak, pemilik/penternak mesti menjadi ahli ARBA – TIDAK BENAR. Sesiapa yang jujur dan ikhlas boleh mengeluarkan pedigree/surat beranak tanpa meminta izin ARBA.

Mitos #2: Untuk tattoo arnab, pemilik/penternak mesti menjadi ahli ARBA – TIDAK BENAR. Para pemilik boleh meletakkan tattoo di atas arnab mereka dengan mengunakan set tattoo tanpa meminta izin ARBA.

Ini dia karut arnab untuk malam ini. Semoga gembira membaca. Njoi…..

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If Not You, Who? (Kalau Bukan Anda, Siapa Lagi?)

Affirmation, Affirmation & Affirmation!

Many a times I observe that pet lovers in general (all species) tend to compare their animals with those owned by others. There are generally 2 types of comparison:-

1. Compare to look for improvements

2. Compare with discontentment

The first is a good reason to compare. By comparing  for improvements, it will be good to see what our animals are lacking this is particularly for good breeders who are finding ways to improve their Show animals.

But when one starts to take his or her pet as mere commodity and as nothing but an item, he or she may start to compare with discontentment. He or she will start to ask question like, “why is my …. not the same as so and so”. There are some that goes to the extreme of abandoning the animal in question and go on the quest to look for something for befitting. Sad, but true.

You see, the pet belongs to you, if you are not proud of it, who will? Fat hopes depending on others to like what you do not. It is unreasonable to look for affirmation elsewhere. Putting your animal in front of a judge will not make anything better. You must first love your pet and whether it wins or loses, your love for it shall not diminish one bit.

Who cares about the opinion of another human being anyway? The worth and value of something is only given by its owner just like the old saying, “BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER”.

You must understand, each and everyone of us have different taste, different preferences and difference opinions. You cannot expect that another individual to have the exact taste, preference and opinion as you. It is even worst with people of no principles and integrity. They waver like a flame on the candle be blown by the wind and soon, you find the flame diminishes and dies. By the way, that is how it is with people with low integrity too, they do not last forever.


(Garu kepala lalu menyanya…) Macam mana lah nak aku terjemahkan karangan aku ni hari ini?

Afirmasi, Afirmasi, Afirmasi!

Ini adalah kehendak orang2 yang kurang konfidennya. Terhadap apa2 binatang peliharaan. Ramai pelimik binatang peliharaan terutamanya yang membiak dan memilik binatang yang dipertandingkan yang asyik membuat perbandingan dengan yang dimiliki pemilik yang lain. Terdapt 2 jenis perbandingan:-

1. Perbandingan untuk memperbaiki mutu stok

2. Perbandingan jenis iri hati

Perbandingan jenis pertama adalah digalakkan. Dengan membuat pertandingan dan perbandingan baru dapat kita maju ke depan and terus memperbaiki mutu stok sedia ada.

Akan tetapi, perbandingan jenis kedua tidak digalakkan sama sekali. Perbanding jenis ini biasanya menyebabkan si pemilik rasa tidak puas hati dan jesteru itu sanggup membuang atau meninggalkan binatang kesayangan dalam semak samun atau di pinggir2 hutan. Lalu si pemilik mencari penggantian yang lebih “diingini”. Tidak patut langsung. Sedih tetapi berlaku juga kerana binatang kesayang makin dianggap sebagai komoditi dan item semata2.

Soalannya, jikalau si pemilik tidak menghargai binatang kesayangannya, siapa lagi? Mengharapkan para juri ataupun orang lain untuk menghakimi dan menghargai sfat2 baik yang ada pada binatang kesayangan anda umpama “Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi”.

Si hakim adalah juga manusia yang tertakhluk kepada pendapat, keutamaan dan malah manfaat diri sendiri. Jangan haraplah dia akan memanjakan si comel anda! Tidak mungkin. Oleh kerana itu, siapa yang patut menghargai binatang kesayangan anda? ANDA SENDIRI.

Walaupun menang atau kalah dalam pertandingan, di dalam hati si pemilik, Si Comel masih #1!

Habis, kenapa pulak nak bertanding?

Baik kita tolak perkataan “pertandingan” dan digantikan dengan perkataan “pertemuan”. Ia adalah masa pertemuan segala kekurangan dalam ciri2 yang dikehendaki dan juga pertemuan dengan ilmu. Akan tetapi, adakala boleh juga dirasai serba sedikit kebingungan kerana pertemuan dengan seseorang yang tidak mempunyai pendirian yang teguh dan keputusannya senang dipengaruhi.

Oleh kerana itu, jadikanlah ia satu PERTEMUAN bersama rakan2 yang memperjuangkan hobi bersama. Semua kat depan tu WAYANG saja! Kalau you kira betul2, akhirnya di tangga salasilah keluarga arnab itu, terdapat 2 ekor moyang teratas yang sama. Semua datangnya dari arnab liar yang berfoya-foya di padang meluas lagi hijau dan selepas tu terjadilah arnab2 yang disimpan dirumah you itu…

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Reflection (Mengimbas Kembali)

In order for us to be grateful, we must always pause a moment and reflect on all the wonderful things that has happened. I cannot help but to feel truly blessed that God has bestow upon me His generosity.

Untuk menghargai pencapaian, kita mesti merenung seketika dan mengenang kembali titik peluh dan kesusahan yang pernah dilalui. Semua pencapaian sekarang adalah kurniaan dan berkat Tuhan.

Let’s walk down memory lane…

Jom kita mengimbas kembali…


The beginning of a luv story…



An attempt to develop the local Holland Lops…




A rough start…



Little hopefuls…


Happy Beginnings....

Not sure what I was thinking but yeah, hoping for improvements...

Noobie looking like a snoopy dog...

Tru Luv...


Lil Truffles

A new frontier…

Handsome Truffles...

Truffles winning BRIS - Will this repeat this year?

Little Balian

Little Sibylla

Reinforcement has arrived...


The attack of the BONE!





The present…

The Future…

And indeed, how far I have come. Even to get this blog post up wasn’t easy and it took me a good 2 hours!

There you go, a little summary of Tru-Luv’s existence from start till now.

I only have some super amazing friends to thank in the hobby. Scott Rodriguez, Kay Miller, Teri Reymann, Karen & Dale Bailey, Cheri & Dan Bushee, Josh & Robin Laymon, Sydney, Harley and Raven Butler and Sam & Shari Albrecht – THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR BEAUTIFUL RABBITS WITH ME. All those who have supported me in times of distress and taught me many things. Always stand by me through thick and thin. Too many names to mention, you know who you are. Thank you very much!

Have a good night/morning everyone!


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Good Deals!

I have been doing a lot of recommendations to make your pet rabbit happy and healthy. That is the main reason why I came up with as a form of service to get readers to purchase tried and tested products online. On the other hand, I do not really like making my blog seemed to be like a market place with tons of advertisements. But good deals should be shared and here goes…

Rabbit Grooming Set

I have compiled the best grooming tools that I use personally and found them extremely effective with my Holland Lops.

For more information, please click here.

Rabbit Starter

For those who are just started getting into the rabbit fever, this is the best and affordable basic setup for starters.

For more information, please click here.

Alternatively, if you want to support me and forgo the free shipping, click here to purchase. Free COD at Petaling Jaya (Kelana Jaya, Damansara Utama, Bandar Utama, Taman Bahagia LRT Station) and Subang Jaya (Subang Parade, SS15 & USJ Taipan). COD subjected to my availability.

Happy Shopping Everyone!!!

I shall leave you with some photos…

Tru-Luv Teddy. Going to live with Mr. A

Tru-Luv Chiko. Going to live with Ms. S and family

Tru-Luv Jazz. Going to live with En. K

Tru-Luv Sapphire. Solid Blue doe.

Tru-Luv Fuzzka. Solid Black buck.

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Me Cry A River…

It is hard and I mean extremely hard to hold back tears, tears of joy. Tonight 8 new Holland Lops join the Tru-Luv Rabbitry herd from very competitive breeders. I just cannot thank my wonderful Holland Lop family enough for being so gracious and generous in sharing their absolutely AMAZING and AWESOME rabbits with me.

I was also being entrusted to help import a new breed into Malaysia – The French Lop!

Doubles the size of the heaviest Holland Lop at 5 months!

A Broken Chestnut buck French Lop at 8 lbs

I wish I could write about all of my generous breeder friends at one go and please note that the order of mention has got no significance here. I hold each and every one of my dearest friends extremely close to my heart.

The first person I want to thank from the bottom of my heart is Momma Cheri. Momma sent the best in her barn to me. A junior doe I named Faith and a senior doe I named Joy (Dovehill’s Ivory). They are my precious (Momma’s gifts are very special – YEP, YEP, YEP, YEP, YEP – borrowed from Land Before Time)! What’s more special about Ivory Joy is that, she is out of The Nature Trail’s line. Never ever have I imagine having a rabbit of TNT lines. My dream finally came true to own one. Momma sent the best junior she had in her barn. I don’t know how to thank you enough! In case you didn’t know, Dovehill Rabbitry is Momma Cheri’s rabbitry name and she won BOS at the 2005 HLRSC Nationals with a Solid Junior Doe. Thank you so much for always keeping me grounded in this hobby momma – Love you tons!

Dovehill's Ivory Joy. Broken Sable Point Doe. The Nature Trail's Rio Grand daughter

Dovehill's Faith. Simply gorgeous!

My big THANK YOU goes to Harley & Sydney Butler of Butler Boot Camp Rabbitry. I believe we have been talking about a trio from BBC to TLR since 2009 and finally it has materialized. I just cannot thank Harley and Sydney enough for being so generous in helping me improve the quality of my herd. Izzie, Aurora and Roscoe are just FANTASTIC! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

BBC's Izzie. Extremely cute little junior doe.

BBC's Roscoe. This little buck is gonna burn the tables.

BBC's Aurora. Just look at the width of the chest!

Huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Josh and Robin Laymon of Laymon’s Rabbitry. One of the most competitive couple in the game in their area and winning consistently. Thank you so much for sending Kindness. I am forever in debt. And you both surprised me with 2 G.C. Legs in the document folder obtained by Kindness! That is super awesome!

Laymon's Kindness. 2 GC Legs! Such an amazing doe!

I must also thank Shari & Sam Albrecht who made this possible. I must thank them for the handsome buck I named Bosco. Such a little hunk and chunk.

Rabbit Hole's Bosco. The bossman!

Last but not least, my love and gratitude to Karen and Dale Bailey of Lop Til You Drop. Never have I imagined or in my wildest dream, I will be owning a LTD bunny. Highly competitive breeder and in the last HLRSC Nationals in Columbus, Ohio, a LTD bunny won Best of Variety – Solid!

LTD's Dimsdale. Coming out of a molt right now. Photo do not do him justice. The feel on this buck is phenomenal!

As you can see, I just do not have the right words to express my feelings right now. I just want to soak myself in happy tears and admire these magnificent creatures called Holland Lops. Each time I think about how it all begin, I cannot believe that I have came so far. Tru-Luv Rabbitry is going to be 5 years old soon. Thus far, I dare say that every year there is improvements thanks to all the support and love by my rabbit family both here in Malaysia and overseas. The encouragement and support has been very overwhelming. Thank you all!

Need I say more? HOLLAND RULESSSSSsssSSSSSssSSSssssssssSSSsss!

I think I am in love with Frenchies!


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