Me Cry A River…

It is hard and I mean extremely hard to hold back tears, tears of joy. Tonight 8 new Holland Lops join the Tru-Luv Rabbitry herd from very competitive breeders. I just cannot thank my wonderful Holland Lop family enough for being so gracious and generous in sharing their absolutely AMAZING and AWESOME rabbits with me.

I was also being entrusted to help import a new breed into Malaysia – The French Lop!

Doubles the size of the heaviest Holland Lop at 5 months!

A Broken Chestnut buck French Lop at 8 lbs

I wish I could write about all of my generous breeder friends at one go and please note that the order of mention has got no significance here. I hold each and every one of my dearest friends extremely close to my heart.

The first person I want to thank from the bottom of my heart is Momma Cheri. Momma sent the best in her barn to me. A junior doe I named Faith and a senior doe I named Joy (Dovehill’s Ivory). They are my precious (Momma’s gifts are very special – YEP, YEP, YEP, YEP, YEP – borrowed from Land Before Time)! What’s more special about Ivory Joy is that, she is out of The Nature Trail’s line. Never ever have I imagine having a rabbit of TNT lines. My dream finally came true to own one. Momma sent the best junior she had in her barn. I don’t know how to thank you enough! In case you didn’t know, Dovehill Rabbitry is Momma Cheri’s rabbitry name and she won BOS at the 2005 HLRSC Nationals with a Solid Junior Doe. Thank you so much for always keeping me grounded in this hobby momma – Love you tons!

Dovehill's Ivory Joy. Broken Sable Point Doe. The Nature Trail's Rio Grand daughter

Dovehill's Faith. Simply gorgeous!

My big THANK YOU goes to Harley & Sydney Butler of Butler Boot Camp Rabbitry. I believe we have been talking about a trio from BBC to TLR since 2009 and finally it has materialized. I just cannot thank Harley and Sydney enough for being so generous in helping me improve the quality of my herd. Izzie, Aurora and Roscoe are just FANTASTIC! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

BBC's Izzie. Extremely cute little junior doe.

BBC's Roscoe. This little buck is gonna burn the tables.

BBC's Aurora. Just look at the width of the chest!

Huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Josh and Robin Laymon of Laymon’s Rabbitry. One of the most competitive couple in the game in their area and winning consistently. Thank you so much for sending Kindness. I am forever in debt. And you both surprised me with 2 G.C. Legs in the document folder obtained by Kindness! That is super awesome!

Laymon's Kindness. 2 GC Legs! Such an amazing doe!

I must also thank Shari & Sam Albrecht who made this possible. I must thank them for the handsome buck I named Bosco. Such a little hunk and chunk.

Rabbit Hole's Bosco. The bossman!

Last but not least, my love and gratitude to Karen and Dale Bailey of Lop Til You Drop. Never have I imagined or in my wildest dream, I will be owning a LTD bunny. Highly competitive breeder and in the last HLRSC Nationals in Columbus, Ohio, a LTD bunny won Best of Variety – Solid!

LTD's Dimsdale. Coming out of a molt right now. Photo do not do him justice. The feel on this buck is phenomenal!

As you can see, I just do not have the right words to express my feelings right now. I just want to soak myself in happy tears and admire these magnificent creatures called Holland Lops. Each time I think about how it all begin, I cannot believe that I have came so far. Tru-Luv Rabbitry is going to be 5 years old soon. Thus far, I dare say that every year there is improvements thanks to all the support and love by my rabbit family both here in Malaysia and overseas. The encouragement and support has been very overwhelming. Thank you all!

Need I say more? HOLLAND RULESSSSSsssSSSSSssSSSssssssssSSSsss!

I think I am in love with Frenchies!



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6 responses to “Me Cry A River…

  1. Lindsey King

    Congrats Tim!! I am SO Happy for you!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I couldn’t stop smiling reading the whole post.

  2. Ju

    So lovely 🙂

  3. OMG lovely bunch of new bunnies u got there..nice sable coloured doe..congrats Tim, tru luv rabbitry sure have grown..

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