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Oprah’s Favourite Things Syndrome

I believe I have some sort of illness. The illness in my own definition is called “Oprah’s Favourite Things Syndrome”. If you do not know what I am talking about, please look at the following video:

Did you see the expression on that guy’s face? The expression of pure joy and happiness?

Whenever I go meet my imported Holland Lops at the airport, that’s exactly how my face beams with gladness! The heart pounds and believe me, it is really stone face outside, emotional wreck inside.

That is exactly what my illness is all about. I am addicted to seeing faces like that! Perhaps I am exaggerating or most people are really good at hiding emotions. Whatever it is, I love seeing people happy. Especially when they get to keep a Tru-Luv Holland Lop.

Today was delivery day for Tru-Luv Chiko. A little black buck that has grown into a little handsome 8 weeks old.

A little bomb at 8 weeks old

It really is a defining moment for me to see the happy faces on Chiko’s new family members. It is a feeling that all the fame and prestige in the world will never ever be able to give. The satisfaction is so great that it makes everything else unimportant.

I truly found my calling in the hobby. And I am counting my blessings that so far, I have been so blessed when placing my rabbits into good home. They are SUPER homes! And I realize that sets everything apart. “Quality not Quantity” applies to the people the rabbits go to as well. Looking back at all the bunny friends that I have here locally, I cannot help but to feel truly honoured and grateful because they really are super nice people.

Alright, this is a pretty emotional post for me. I would like to ask permission to be allowed to express myself. Writing is how I express all the positive and negative alike. I would like to release something very negative and let it be bygone. If you are reading this and do not like it, truth is, I don’t care, I am going to write it anyway to heal myself and getting rid of this negativity.

For the past month after cancelling the show that was to be organised by the Show Committee (MROC) that I gathered together, I cannot help but to feel extremely cheated for many reasons as follows:-

1. Reputation put on the line

I was approached by certain someone to work together in organizing the show (which I now do not understand why the urgency & importance). I spearheaded the organizing effort by pulling the right resources and people together. I contacted people that I have known and use my reputation to build the foundation of organizing the show. And when the show was cancelled and because I have placed myself upfront, I took the full impact of the blow from many parties. I am proud to say, I took full responsibility of it. Unfortunately, I felt that I have been “framed” and put on the line through a highly well crafted strategy.

The truth is, RM 10k has been verbally promised for the show. My mistake is to believe the RM 10k exists at that moment of time and started work on organizing the show. Indeed that RM 10k exist but, I am not a risk taker and I call the show off because I have not seen anything concrete about the existence of the RM 10k in black and white. You cannot possibly risk organizing something of such capacity just through word of mouth. And I did not like how the sponsor goes missing or reacted each time progress updates was to be given. And most importantly, I did not want to be lead onto believing the RM 10k exist only to have myself footing all the bills when the show date draws near. So as you can see, I really have got no choice but to call it off in that circumstance.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

The attempt was definitely to subdue me in terms of getting rid of my reputation in this hobby. It didn’t work at all for me because I mentioned time and time again that this is a hobby for me. They took it as if selling Holland Lops is my business. HELL NO.

And don’t get me wrong as I am not trying to get sympathy but I did a lot of questioning and tried to reason things out. But now, I will just let karma do its job.

2. Doubtful events

There are a few things that gave me reasons to believe that everything has been crafted with precision. I have shared my knowledge while being in the Show organizing team. I shared so much about how the show is to be organized from preparing Club constitution, show catalog and right up to show table design and show venue layout. All the ideas that would make a show work. Hardly a day after I announced that cancellation of the show, the “sponsor” who said that there isn’t enough funds started making plans to proceed with the show with a new team. That made me wonder that I was really being picked to siphon the knowledge and ideas that I have. The funny thing was, there was an attempt to use the show catalog that I have prepared word for word and when I voiced out, only the layout has been changed and colors added. Strange and funny.

And then my blog got spammed by someone in Walnut, California and he mentioned that “someone will pick up the pieces and get the credit”. It got me thinking if it was all been a plan. Seriously, there is no need to scheme to get me off the organizing committee, I am more than willing to make way for anyone else that is willing to take up the responsibility. Just ask and you shall be given.

The best part is, and truth be told, a certain someone that I used to look up to as a person of high integrity has severed our friendship just because I call off the MROC show.

There you have it, I no longer suffer in silence any more. This is the truth and my account of what has happened for the past few months. Yes, I have been suffering in silence without anyone knowing but is it a big deal for me? Perhaps YES prior to today but I can now see that all are nonsense and rubbish. Downright petty, stupid and funny too.

Just RABBITS for crying out loud!

3. Selfishness knows no bounds

We started off thinking that MROC would be approved by ROS mid way while we organize the show but its application was rejected as we all know. To be organizing an event with an unofficial association has certain legal implication. Now, aren’t the people who penalize me for cancelling the show a little selfish and not take into consideration of such implications? Anyone who is involved with an “unregistered association” runs the risk of being penalized. I only acted to safeguard all members in my then committee.

All these vanished today because they are so unimportant to me. My focus is to put a smiling face onto someone who truly appreciates my rabbits. I have the power to share positive feelings to those who really know who I truly am. I have the power to choose to do something good for a fellow human being.

True Love, Through Love….

Will I participate in the ARBA Show?

What good would an ARBA District Representative be if he does not participate in an ARBA Show? I choose to be gracious and professional. Show organizing disputes and show participation are 2 very different things altogether. Participating in the show really means supporting ARBA for me. I will surely give my support to anything ARBA even if it means 1st of the tables for personal reasons. That is not important too. I will be there to hang out with those I call friends and to make new friends.

P.S.: Kepada mereka yang kurang memahami apa yang Tim tulis hari ini, saya minta ampun. Tidak dapat Tim mengekspresikan dengan lebih tepat perasaan saya melalui bahasa. Harap2 kawan2 sekalian faham apa yang telah ditulis pada malam ini.



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