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I just can’t thank all of you enough!

I really was contemplating hard whether or not to enter the show and like the usual, I seek advice from the wise and learned. And somewhere along the lines, came “… sure didn’t send them over to just sit and look pretty…” It seemed to be the most unlikely motivational line in the hobby but it did gave me the nudge I needed to persevere. As you have read in my previous posts of all that has happened, I really started to refocus on building a beautiful herd and was really reluctant to show them. But I am really glad that I did because at the end of the day it really is fun to spend a day with friends in the same hobby. It was a day when we who are weird by all “normal” standards, seemed to understand each other. We spoke the bunny language.

That being said, I feel that this is long overdue and I did not really elaborate my gratitude as I suppose to before the show. Now that the show is over, I would like to take some time to thank a few people who have share with me not only the best but have also put so much trust and faith in me. That I will be able to use these rabbits for the betterment of the breed here in Malaysia.

First of all, I would like to thank Harley & Sydney Butler of Butler Boot Camp Rabbitry from the bottom of my heart. For sending me 3 beautiful rabbits. Out of the three, there are 2 juniors – Roscoe a little buck with a kick ass hindquarters and Izzie a little solid tort doe. Roscoe is developing into a very handsome buck. Izzie took 2nd in Show A and was picked as #1 SJD in Show B.

BBC's Roscoe really is my replacement for Clark. Out of Harley's favorite doe OMG! I truly appreciate having him.

BBC's Izzie, a stunning little doe. She has super bones!

BBC's Izzie really is very pretty if she feels like posing

The 3rd rabbit is BBC’s Aurora. A brood according to Sydney but for me, Aurora can be really competitive as a show bunny here.

If Aurora's a brood, I can't imagine what a show rabbit looks like

I must thank both Karen and Dale Bailey of Lop Til You Drop (LTD) Rabbitry for sending me LTD’s Dimsdale. If it wasn’t for Dimsdale that impregnated Tru-Luv Symphony, Laymon’s Kindness wouldn’t have been entered into the show and won BOSB! I am just kidding there! But really, it could have been an overkill to show Dimsdale because he is such an amazing buck and I did not want to take any risk of losing my herd buck, so I didn’t enter Dimsdale for the show. Dimsdale is the son of LTD’s MasterChief – a very special buck that Karen and Dale lost a while back and a painting of him can be seen on the right hand side navigation bar on this website. It really is a great pleasure to have Dimsdale here with me and I truly appreciate the trust given to me by both Karen & Dale. Thank you very much!

LTD's Dimsdale. He's gonna bring Tru-Luv Rabbitry to higher level!

A big thank you goes out to Shari & Sam Albrecht for sending a beautiful buck in Rabbit Hole’s Bosco. I always wanted to name a pet Bosco because I like the “bossy” sound of it. The moment I saw the photo Shari sent me of him, I knew that I had to use this special name. We didn’t put Bosco in for the show because he was still having a major molt.

Photo courtesy of Shari Albrecht

Last but not least, I must thank the person I love to call Momma Cheri (Dove Hill Rabbitry). She has imparted so much knowledge and shared so many life lessons with me that has helped me in so many ways in this hobby. She has always helped me keep my feet firmly rooted on the ground. Momma Cheri sent a beautiful broken Sable Point doe out of The Nature Trail lines (a dream come true for me). I named the doe Ivory Joy or IJ for short. Her coat is so dense that it feels like a nice carpet to touch.

Dove Hill's Ivory Joy aka IJ

Together with IJ, a solid tort doe came along. Momma Cheri wanted her as a surprise and I was not shown any picture of her until I met her in person. But Momma Cheri did ask me if I would like to name her and like Kindness, I chose the name Faith. It was not just because the amount of faith Momma Cheri have in me but I realize how much more I should believe in my passion and work towards the goals I have set out to do in this hobby. Faith was in fact the best little junior Momma Cheri have in her barn at the time this little project was in plan. I hope that she will get more Faith in her barn. The moment I saw Faith, I knew she was an amazing little doe and true enough, Best Opposite Sex Of Variety in both Show A and B!

Dove Hill's Faith and that's us all right behind cheering her on while she strike her winning pose!

I must emphasize once again, it is never an individual effort. The credit goes to all the breeders who has put so much effort in raising and producing the right Holland Lops. I have learn in this hobby that credits are due to those who have helped us move forward in the hobby.

I have many more to thank and the list is endless. My gratitude goes out to all those who have supported me in many ways especially for all the advice and guidance – you know who you are!


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Laymon’s Kindness

I remember very clearly that one of the hardest questions asked during one of my past interviews is, “What is the most memorable moments in this hobby?” It was a difficult question for me because there has been too many unforgettable moments that I find it hard to pick a favourite. I am the kind of person that cherishes all the sentimental values in life and I like to find the meaning in life.

The beautiful Laymon's Kindness

Every rabbit has a story to tell. That’s if you are familiar with their behaviour and habits or care enough to know. A couple of weeks before the Ohio HLRSC Nationals, Robin asked me if I have a name for the doe that she and Josh was sending over to me. It wasn’t difficult to give a name to this beautiful doe (who I later found out already have 2 GC Legs). Josh and Robin has been really kind to offer me this magnificent doe and the word KINDNESS stuck! And therefore, the name Laymon’s Kindness and how appropriate.

Kindness came to Tru-Luv Rabbitry in perfect condition and when I opened up the folder with her pedigree, it came along with 2 “blue slips” (GC Legs) and what a pleasant surprise it was! It didn’t cross my mind to show Kindness because we are expecting a litter from her and thought she would be off condition raising her kits.

And then I found out that Tru-Luv Symphony was pregnant. We had previously entered Symphony for the show and due to that reason, there is an empty slot for Broken Senior Doe on my show string.

Then the strangest thing happened. Two days before her actual due date, I woke up in the morning to find a little blob on the floor and on further investigation, I found another blob near the first one – KITS! Still a little damp and chilled, they were alive! I quickly warm them up and coincidentally our good friends over at Golden Pines Rabbitry has got a litter earlier that morning as well. Kindness did not pull a single strand of fur nor did she make a nest for her babies so I decided to foster the 2 cuties to Golden Pines Rabbitry.

The 2 cuties...

What surprised me was that Kindness was still in PERFECT condition since she did not make a nest for her babies and that was when the idea of letting her take up Symphony’s slot came about. Somehow it was as though she has been eavesdropping on the news of the ARBA Sanctioned Shows and did not want to miss it.

She hold up her condition very well for a week and off we went to the show. Our hearts pounded as she climbed the “ladder” at the show and finally took Best Opposite Sex of Breed for Show A. Overall #2 Holland Lop in lay man terms.

Randy picking Kindness for BOSB

And the best part is, remember she already had 2 legs? Adding one more GC Leg for this show would mean? She can now obtain her Grand Champion certificate. And soon she will be known as G.C. Laymon’s Kindness. For now it would be G.C. pending. 🙂

This is no individual effort and the credit is not mine. I really want to congratulate Josh & Robin for Kindness’ success. They have produced an extremely gorgeous doe and was generous enough to share her with me. Their kindness knows no bounds.

Once again, thank you very much Josh & Robin Laymon for your Kindness (pun intended).

Kindness with her winning ribbon

Isn't she lovely?

Not forgetting, Tru-Luv Sibylla waited for me to return home from the show before kindling right in front of my eyes – literally.

Another cutie pie in the making....


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