Laymon’s Kindness

I remember very clearly that one of the hardest questions asked during one of my past interviews is, “What is the most memorable moments in this hobby?” It was a difficult question for me because there has been too many unforgettable moments that I find it hard to pick a favourite. I am the kind of person that cherishes all the sentimental values in life and I like to find the meaning in life.

The beautiful Laymon's Kindness

Every rabbit has a story to tell. That’s if you are familiar with their behaviour and habits or care enough to know. A couple of weeks before the Ohio HLRSC Nationals, Robin asked me if I have a name for the doe that she and Josh was sending over to me. It wasn’t difficult to give a name to this beautiful doe (who I later found out already have 2 GC Legs). Josh and Robin has been really kind to offer me this magnificent doe and the word KINDNESS stuck! And therefore, the name Laymon’s Kindness and how appropriate.

Kindness came to Tru-Luv Rabbitry in perfect condition and when I opened up the folder with her pedigree, it came along with 2 “blue slips” (GC Legs) and what a pleasant surprise it was! It didn’t cross my mind to show Kindness because we are expecting a litter from her and thought she would be off condition raising her kits.

And then I found out that Tru-Luv Symphony was pregnant. We had previously entered Symphony for the show and due to that reason, there is an empty slot for Broken Senior Doe on my show string.

Then the strangest thing happened. Two days before her actual due date, I woke up in the morning to find a little blob on the floor and on further investigation, I found another blob near the first one – KITS! Still a little damp and chilled, they were alive! I quickly warm them up and coincidentally our good friends over at Golden Pines Rabbitry has got a litter earlier that morning as well. Kindness did not pull a single strand of fur nor did she make a nest for her babies so I decided to foster the 2 cuties to Golden Pines Rabbitry.

The 2 cuties...

What surprised me was that Kindness was still in PERFECT condition since she did not make a nest for her babies and that was when the idea of letting her take up Symphony’s slot came about. Somehow it was as though she has been eavesdropping on the news of the ARBA Sanctioned Shows and did not want to miss it.

She hold up her condition very well for a week and off we went to the show. Our hearts pounded as she climbed the “ladder” at the show and finally took Best Opposite Sex of Breed for Show A. Overall #2 Holland Lop in lay man terms.

Randy picking Kindness for BOSB

And the best part is, remember she already had 2 legs? Adding one more GC Leg for this show would mean? She can now obtain her Grand Champion certificate. And soon she will be known as G.C. Laymon’s Kindness. For now it would be G.C. pending. 🙂

This is no individual effort and the credit is not mine. I really want to congratulate Josh & Robin for Kindness’ success. They have produced an extremely gorgeous doe and was generous enough to share her with me. Their kindness knows no bounds.

Once again, thank you very much Josh & Robin Laymon for your Kindness (pun intended).

Kindness with her winning ribbon

Isn't she lovely?

Not forgetting, Tru-Luv Sibylla waited for me to return home from the show before kindling right in front of my eyes – literally.

Another cutie pie in the making....



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6 responses to “Laymon’s Kindness

  1. Chin


  2. It’s neat when they kindle in your presence, isn’t it! Congrats Timothy!!

  3. FurFurries

    CONGRATS!!! :D:D

    • She showed well under you. I took the ribbon on your behalf. Hope you had fun having her win for you! Friendship, Fellowship and Fun indeed!

      • furfurries

        I had LOADS & TONNES of fun prancing around acting like a QUEEN with the amazing rabbits that i showed! LOLz! I am proud nonetheless! 😀 They are in good hands now.

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