LUV, is written in the stone

Earth, Wind and Fire – one of the greatest band of all time and they sing:

Never, never my darling, never you’ll be alone

Forever, ever my darling

Tru-Luv is written in the stone

I am now in search for songs that have the words Tru-Luv in it. It will be so cool to see how much Tru-Luv is mentioned in the many songs by famous artistes in the world. If you know of any songs or you have any favourite song that has these 2 words in them, please let me know. Even if you have any dedication to go with the songs, also please let me know as I will publish your song dedications here to go along with the music video.

Me and my Monster Truck!

The place to be, as written up there!



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4 responses to “LUV, is written in the stone

  1. Who are these 2 cuties?? 😀

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