It’s Tru-Luv!

I stumbled across Faith Evan’s True Love by accident and while listening to it, I can’t help but to feel how much it relates to me in this hobby. At the end of the day it is not about other people it’s about the rabbits, that’s the reason why I started this blog.

When I first started this blog, there were so much to write about and sometimes I still get the inspiration to write long articles but now, most of the time, I am in a hiatus. I guess when you have a strong following, you really have to mind what you write because it is no longer your own domain. You are bound to public opinion and sometimes the pressure can be drowning.

It is very easy for people to take things out of context and even more so when jealousy is at play. But people fail to understand that when there is truth, there are followers. And that is exactly what Tru-Luv Rabbitry blog is all about – sincere, truthful and in-depth personal thoughts/opinions. To be honest, I prefer writing just about anything and everything I like but life ain’t that simple any more I guess.

Peter Parker once said, “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”. I would say that, “With Great Following, Comes Diminished Freedom To Write”. This is because you may not know that somewhere, somehow and some way, your article may just fall unto the eyes of those who have ill feelings against you. And if you are unlucky, some may be very influential and may cause you some trouble. So you just don’t have a choice but to clean up some crap and move along in life.

And when that happens, I just say with a smile, “Sure, you win”.

For every person that wants me to stop sharing, hundreds more truly appreciate my writings. That’s all I can say and it is for the hundreds that this blog matters! If you are reading this, you need not comment and tell me, I know and I appreciate you being my faithful reader. Thank you for your support so far and I am glad that I could be of great assistance and help to you.

Tru-Luv knows no bounds…


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