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Meet Pixie Blu

Seemed to be a normal little kit

I was really excited to find a little broken blue tort kit in the nest box 4 weeks ago. The little kit grew up just like any other ordinary kit but at 2nd week, its growth somehow took a little halt. Apparently it stop suckling and seemed to be a little fader. We sometimes call these faders, pixie and generally, they do not live a long life. Nonetheless, I kept on trying.

Cute little 2 week old

While looking at little Pixie Blu, I cannot stop but to wonder about a theory I once read on how the 3 sizes of the Poodle dog breed was produced. Apparently in each litter of puppies in dogs, they bound to be 25% of the puppies exhibiting dwarfism traits. From the Standard Poodle, the 25% dwarfs are used for breeding and that produced the Miniature Poodle and the process is repeated until they obtained the Toy Poodle. And rumours has it that they have successfully produced the Teacup Poodle. Not sure how far that is true.

Teacup Holland Lop

Anyway, we all know the reason behind Pixie Blu. Sadly, it is the double dwarf gene acting up and sometimes they are called a runt. Perhaps a peanut that lived a little longer?

Look out down under!

I sure hope Pixie Blu live a long and normal life as I am doing all that I can to keep it alive and healthy. I do not mind having the smallest and cutest Holland Lop in town.

A comparison of 2 kits almost the same age (4 weeks old)

How not to love such an adorable and lovable little thing?



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