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Pet Holland Lops Available Now

Please read the policy – and email me at Only serious inquiries will be entertained.

No Shipping, COD in Petaling Jaya area Only.

Fuzzy Holland Lop - for those who likes wool and suitable for those who wants to develop Fuzzy Lops. Doe. Born - 19/6/2011

Buck. Born - 13/6/2011.

Buck. Born - 13/6/2011

Doe. Born - 13/6/2011

Buck. Born - 19/6/2011


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Versele-Laga Cuni product range

Hey Bunny People Everywhere,

Time to grab some good stuff available at all leading Pet Store chains nationwide!

In case you did not catch the product review video, here it is again:

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The Danger Of Using Stud Services

Not too long ago, I got to know a Show Dog breeder. One fine day, he told me his dog has some sort of Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD). I asked him why or if his dog lead a promiscuous life. He then told me that his dog is a grand champion and every bitch in town wants a piece of him.

And not too long ago, I received an email asking if I provided stud service. I said, “NO WAY, HELL NO I DON’T”. I know I produce very beautiful kids but that is totally out of the question. If I don’t do stud service, don’t expect my rabbits to do it. NO, my rabbit DO NOT PROVIDE stud service. For many reasons:

1. Diseases

I can’t imagine having a buck slowly dying of AIDS like symptoms. There are sexually transmitted diseases in rabbits and one of them is Vent Disease. This disease not only spread through sexual contact but it also causes infertility.

2. I am selfish

I love to keep all the beautiful genes to myself and only people who are genuine to improve the breed. So yes, guilty of being selfish.

3. My reputation/ego is at stake

You will not know if 2 rabbits will produce super bunnies and to safe myself from explaining to my “in-laws” that the breeding did not work out, I rather not overwork my poor bucks. Also, I do not want to be associated to breeders who later uses my reputation and good lines for all the wrong reasons – MONEY!

If someone puts a gun to my head and forces me to allow my beautiful buck to “enjoy” their doe, I can only agree with a smile and find the ugliest buck I have to deliver the service. The point remains the same, I will never ever allow my bucks to provide stud service.  So for those of you who still believe in Stud Service, I urge you to think about the above points that I have stated. Not just thinking about yourself but put yourself in the shoes of the STUD master and ask the following questions:

1. Will he/she really/sincerely allow their BEST buck to be bred with yours?

2. Have you consider about your rabbit contacting STDs? Even if your doe is clean, the buck may not.

3. Are you absolutely sure the deed has been done by the right buck?

I guess we all won’t know until the SHIT hits the fan.

And if you are still “degil”/stubborn and wants to use Stud Service, here are some pointers to help you out:

1. Both parties must agree to a term.

2. Both check through the pedigree and tattoo number to ensure both are the correct rabbits.

3. Bring the doe to the stud and witness the “action”. Both parties must be present.

4. Execute as agreed (in the term) either payment in cash or stud to pick a kit.

5. If it is an unsuccessful mating, some stud provides guarantees (kahwin sampai dapat – poor buck!)

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Grow Pixie, Grow!

In the race to perfection, there will always be imperfections. I would like to see Pixie Blu as a perfect imperfection. Not sure if that make sense but it doesn’t matter, my own definition that is – 😛

I believe most of us will spend more time and effort just to save the problematic babies. Something that is not recommended if you are a staunch follower of “survival of the fittest” school of thought. Compassion gets the best of us sometimes so for me, I was putting a lot of effort into ensuring Pixie Blu survives and I am glad it is working well.

Here’s some photo updates:

As long as a pencil?

This is what you get when a little girl loves her rabbit. Shower it with lotsa girlie toys!

On the other hand, Tru-Luv Sassy went to a very good home today. I am really pleased that she will get VIB (Very Important Bunny) treatment at her new home.

Though having a major molt, she still looks awesome!

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Life’s Purpose

I have been searching for a very touching video but all I found was another version that I don’t think would give quite as much as an impact for the point that I would like to put across. Nonetheless, I will write a short narration of what it is all about. A couple of years ago, Oprah Winfrey embarked on a project called Christmas Kindness. Oprah and her crew flew to Africa to organize 3 massive parties for the poor children of Africa especially the children victimized by AIDS. It was a random act of kindness where all children are invited to the parties. Some were just picked up while taking long walks. Some of these children are left to fend for themselves after losing both their parents to AIDS. Some after hearing news of the parties, walked bare footed for hours to the huge tents that Oprah and her crew has set up. Underneath these tents, the children were mesmerized with a wonderland filled with what most of these children yearns for, true happiness and a glimpse of what a perfect childhood should be. Though it was just for a a few hours, the happiness shown through the faces on these children were priceless as most of them wear a pair of shoes for the first time, have their photos taken for the very first time and most of all, no children left without a present and are fed (some the only meal for the day).

Due to the immense emotions, even Oprah herself broke down and cried. That was in fact the most moving part of the show for me. It is hard holding back tears because the emotions were so raw and intense. Oprah must have felt and question what she can do to save every single one of these children. Though she was not able to bring happiness to every single child in Africa, what she did is enough to bring love to those that was lucky enough to experience that wonderful day.

It has been 25 years since Oprah Winfrey first started her talk show and it came to an end early this year. Out of that 25 years, I am happy to say that I have followed her since I was 8 years old, the same time when the first pet rabbit came into my life. And since then, I have watched some of her talk shows that touched on very interesting and provocative subjects. I am not ashamed to say that Oprah Winfrey is a great influence and also the greatest inspiration of my life. It is hard to imagine me being a big fan of Oprah Winfrey because most will only agree that the queen of talk shows is not for a macho man. I prefer to differ.

Perceptions of life

I spent this weekend reflecting on life and realized that success and failure are only states of mind. At times, it does feel that this hobby has became a little of a drag for me lately mainly because I have been so consumed by all the negativity that I have allowed to cloud my vision. Life is filled with ups and downs and it is common to go through hard times occasionally. Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Talking about perseverance! And the genius in Albert Einstein also have his opinion about mistakes in life quoting, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

One of the things that made Oprah so successful while doing what she loves is the discovery of her passion & purpose. I must admit that there was a defining moment when I first decided to start raising Holland Lops. It is hard to explain but it is the “AHA!” moment when a little bulb just lights up out of a sudden! I am also sure it is not just about the rabbits but instead it is my passion in writing about them as well. I am not sure how many have been inspired by reading through my blog and started in the hobby but either way I believe some did start raising Holland Lops because of this blog. Some may be inspired by the photos of the cute and beautiful rabbits that I post up occasionally and some may have started the hobby to proof a point that they can raise nicer rabbits due to my “arrogance”. Either way, I am glad that I have played a role getting people started in this hobby or at least learn how to treat their rabbit(s) better by being well informed owners.

My purpose is indeed sharing and educating others about the rabbit raising hobby. If it not my purpose, I will not find myself sitting on a bench writing this blog post and aboout how I feel in the midst of the hustling and bustling of a mall on a Sunday morning. A quiet weekend away from work really does wonders to one’s mind and soul. To top it off, I was so moved and inspired watching Oprah Winfrey’s 25th year finale episodes.

The child in us

It is the same perception “imposed” on men that made us all lose that inner child in us. I am not sure if you will agree with me when I say that we love to do certain things because it gives us that certain escape that we yearn for. That certain escape that brings out the child in us. Raising rabbits for me is in fact that little “comfort zone” for me. It brings me back to that little space where I can be who I really am without being superficial. And when I meet another person who raises rabbit, that is exactly what brings us closer together because our little space expands and we find ourselves in the midst of another child in a bigger space. As more join us in the hobby, we have a huge playground. We are no longer ashamed of being “childish”, speaking and sharing things that others who are not in the hobby do not understand nor appreciate. It is for that one moment in time, that we free and liberate ourselves from being labelled. In our playground, we are no longer forced to be or act “mature”.

Pay it forward

We learn new things every day and I am not bashful to admit that I only learn these 3 important words in my 30s. These 3 words are – PAY IT FORWARD. Many of us have used these 3 words without realizing it at one point or another, as any act of charity and kindness represents these 3 words. And I am very lucky to have many people using “PAY IT FORWARD” on me in my life. Oprah Winfrey has done this for the past 25 years. She “PAID IT FORWARD” many times over and we can clearly see that during her 25th year finale episodes, the fruit of her labor. One of which that stood out was her contribution to the community in the form of Morehouse College where it educates poor African American. The impact of just educating over 400 of these poor students at Morehouse College, Oprah’s contribution has done great things in their lives. From the education obtained, the men have the opportunity to be professionals like lawyers, doctors and engineers to name a few. And talking about “PAY IT FORWARD”, these men went on to contribute their own money for the next generation of students!

Here’s a video of some of the men from Morehouse making a dedication to Oprah:

Amidst all the negativity in this world, I am happy to see the joy when these 3 words are practised in actions. Generosity really goes a long way. Life is nothing near a bed of roses but it is our choice to see the roses or to be consumed by all the thorns. It feels good blinding myself from viewing the thorns and be amongst those that plant roses instead. Being at the forefront of the rabbit blogger sphere, I realized how important it is to continue to inspire and give hope to the many readers who visit my blog fervently. I have to apologize because I have been so self absorbed lately especially in the unhappiness. It is only human to fall but whatever that cannot break, will only make us stronger.

Go forth and be inspired and to inspire in all things great and small!

The next generation of Tru-Luv rabbits!

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Blogging is a privilege

Work has been taking up most of my time and mind off blogging lately. Right now as I sit with my breakfast right in front of me and when I finally find that I have the time to write, all I have on my mind is, BLANK. Not blank by nature but in fact, blank by choice. Each topic that comes unto my mind somehow have a “counter effect” on it telling me not to write.

I am now “blogging conscious” as I would like to put it. What does that mean? It means that every single word that I write is scrutinized and if I am not careful can easily be used as materials to go against me. Of course there are those that appreciates what I write and also, in this world we can never please everyone at the same time.

So what should I do about it? I really do not know but I do know that everyone is much smarter now and perhaps it is a sign that my work to share my knowledge is done. Should this blog cease its operation I wonder. There will naturally be 2 reactions here. The first should be from those who enjoy reading this blog and appreciate what I write, I am sure they will disagree that I stop blogging. The second should be a resounding YES from TLR haters. But who cares about the latter anyway?

If it to reclaim my freedom to write calls for the need for me to relinquish all earthly positions/titles, I rather not hold any positions so that I am able to write and express my inner feelings. At least I am able to relief myself from harboring and keeping my feelings/opinions. Writing is very therapeutic to some including myself. And it makes me wonder, why can’t I write about what I love and most of all, why can’t I write about my experience raising rabbits be it good or bad? Why can’t I express my own opinion in my own space?

I believe that as we move towards higher level in everything, there bound  to be some hurdles/challenges. I have learn that sometimes in order to move forward 10 steps, I will need to take 2 steps backwards.

And now that I have expressed what I wanted this beautiful Saturday morning, I bid everyone a happy and clean weekend!

Pixie Blu says, "Hello everyone!"

"See, I am fast catching up!"


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An End To An Era

I received an sms that I dread this morning. It brought news of death. An accident and we have lost Holly Hope forever.

Sorry for my lack of words, I am still lost for words just like all those that have came to know her through the years. That sweet tiny lifeless thing I first met back in 17th April 2008. I still remember that faithful day very clearly. I thought she will never survive being alone and seemed to be frail. She not only survived but captured our hearts as she grew up.

Days and months passed…

And just a blink of an eye, you turned 3 years this year. I am sure it’s beautiful where you are right now. Green lush meadow where you see many that have gone before you.

Binky free my little hope…

Sorely missed...


P.S.: Please give Clark a bunny smooch for me.


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Color Of Love – Boyz][Men

I can’t thank you enough, For showing me the meaning, The meaning of TRU LUV

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Pixie Blu updates

After the previous post about Pixie Blu, I thought we’ll be losing this little cute fellow and as usual, Rabbit Nutri-Drops proved to be a very good supplement. Touch wood, little Pixie Blu is gaining some weight now but still is relatively small for a bunny its age.

Having a little run time. This little fellow only run within the parameter of the carpet. It didn't like the smooth surface beyond the carpet - LOL!

Really short and cute little ears....



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