Pixie Blu updates

After the previous post about Pixie Blu, I thought we’ll be losing this little cute fellow and as usual, Rabbit Nutri-Drops proved to be a very good supplement. Touch wood, little Pixie Blu is gaining some weight now but still is relatively small for a bunny its age.

Having a little run time. This little fellow only run within the parameter of the carpet. It didn't like the smooth surface beyond the carpet - LOL!

Really short and cute little ears....




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3 responses to “Pixie Blu updates

  1. J&J

    Yellow Pixie Blu! You’re so cute! Hope u will lead a long and healthy life!

  2. Yo pixie blu, buck up ! U must be strong and live a healthy, long life ya !!

  3. FurFurries

    Cutest teacup bunny!!!!

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