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An End To An Era

I received an sms that I dread this morning. It brought news of death. An accident and we have lost Holly Hope forever.

Sorry for my lack of words, I am still lost for words just like all those that have came to know her through the years. That sweet tiny lifeless thing I first met back in 17th April 2008. I still remember that faithful day very clearly. I thought she will never survive being alone and seemed to be frail. She not only survived but captured our hearts as she grew up.

Days and months passed…

And just a blink of an eye, you turned 3 years this year. I am sure it’s beautiful where you are right now. Green lush meadow where you see many that have gone before you.

Binky free my little hope…

Sorely missed...


P.S.: Please give Clark a bunny smooch for me.



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