Blogging is a privilege

Work has been taking up most of my time and mind off blogging lately. Right now as I sit with my breakfast right in front of me and when I finally find that I have the time to write, all I have on my mind is, BLANK. Not blank by nature but in fact, blank by choice. Each topic that comes unto my mind somehow have a “counter effect” on it telling me not to write.

I am now “blogging conscious” as I would like to put it. What does that mean? It means that every single word that I write is scrutinized and if I am not careful can easily be used as materials to go against me. Of course there are those that appreciates what I write and also, in this world we can never please everyone at the same time.

So what should I do about it? I really do not know but I do know that everyone is much smarter now and perhaps it is a sign that my work to share my knowledge is done. Should this blog cease its operation I wonder. There will naturally be 2 reactions here. The first should be from those who enjoy reading this blog and appreciate what I write, I am sure they will disagree that I stop blogging. The second should be a resounding YES from TLR haters. But who cares about the latter anyway?

If it to reclaim my freedom to write calls for the need for me to relinquish all earthly positions/titles, I rather not hold any positions so that I am able to write and express my inner feelings. At least I am able to relief myself from harboring and keeping my feelings/opinions. Writing is very therapeutic to some including myself. And it makes me wonder, why can’t I write about what I love and most of all, why can’t I write about my experience raising rabbits be it good or bad? Why can’t I express my own opinion in my own space?

I believe that as we move towards higher level in everything, there bound  to be some hurdles/challenges. I have learn that sometimes in order to move forward 10 steps, I will need to take 2 steps backwards.

And now that I have expressed what I wanted this beautiful Saturday morning, I bid everyone a happy and clean weekend!

Pixie Blu says, "Hello everyone!"

"See, I am fast catching up!"



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2 responses to “Blogging is a privilege

  1. Hello Pixie Blu, bravo !! See u soon..

  2. Hello Pixie! Eat a lot and grow bigger n stronger ya!

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