Grow Pixie, Grow!

In the race to perfection, there will always be imperfections. I would like to see Pixie Blu as a perfect imperfection. Not sure if that make sense but it doesn’t matter, my own definition that is – 😛

I believe most of us will spend more time and effort just to save the problematic babies. Something that is not recommended if you are a staunch follower of “survival of the fittest” school of thought. Compassion gets the best of us sometimes so for me, I was putting a lot of effort into ensuring Pixie Blu survives and I am glad it is working well.

Here’s some photo updates:

As long as a pencil?

This is what you get when a little girl loves her rabbit. Shower it with lotsa girlie toys!

On the other hand, Tru-Luv Sassy went to a very good home today. I am really pleased that she will get VIB (Very Important Bunny) treatment at her new home.

Though having a major molt, she still looks awesome!


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One response to “Grow Pixie, Grow!

  1. Sook Chin

    Hi Tim. Thanks for Sassy. She binkied this evening!

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