Goodbye Black-Letterhead, Hello Pilcrow!

Do you like the new theme? I absolutely LOVE IT!

For the past couple of years, I have been using the Blak-Letterhead theme by Ulysses Ronquillo. It is always difficult to choose an appealing and suitable theme for a rabbit weblog because I am very particular on how slick it looks. And with the large number of themes available to choose from, it made it even harder for me to decide on the best.

As I browsed through and previewing the themes randomly, I stumbled across this latest theme called Pilcrow by Automattic. I fell in love instantly. What I like most about this theme is that, it retains a banner and on top of that, we have the menu above the banner. I believe with the Black-Letterhead theme, new visitors get kinda lost browsing for information. With the main menu on top, the Info Center will be hard to miss with this new theme.

On a happy note, has replenished stocks and a few new products has been added. Besides that, an old product has made a comeback with new packaging, I am talking about Rabbit Nutri-Drops – now available in 30 ml and 240 ml. Kritter’s Crumbles (click here for brochure) is the new bedding material all rabbit owners must try. It is available on-line exclusively on It is the latest fastest moving product!

While you are shopping over at please remember to stock up on the TinyCritterz’ Timothy Hay, Versele-Laga Cuni Complete, Cuni PRO and Cuni Nature!

Thank you all for your immense support! Made it all worthwhile sharing information and providing the shopping experience at the same time!

Happy Shopping!


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