When My Fur Grows

Pixie Blu slowly coming into her own...

Time can make a lot of difference to a young rabbit. Time can either break or make the good looks in youngsters between 6 weeks to 5 months. They are different from week to week and that proved my point that most are attracted to rabbits at 4 weeks (under age) and show less liking for 8 week olds. But if you do wait a little longer, you will start to see some amazing results.

But bear in mind that genetics still play a great role here. What I just mentioned should not be taken literally and discretion while obtaining good stocks must be exercised.

I posted photos of Mighty Joe and Nessie last week. Let’s see after just one week, how much they have developed:

Mighty Joe living up to his name...

Nessie, don't you just love her?

Backdrop from – http://www.fabricfanatics.com.my/

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