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The Amazing 2011 ARBA Convention Experience!

What did I do for the past 2 days? Well let me see…

I have been showered with so much LUV here to a point that there is no jet lag from the 12 hours difference. Partly because I don’t sleep much anyway. Words just cannot explain how I feel so far. I first thought that there will be reservation on everyone’s part since we only got to know each other through the internet. I was so wrong! I now know for sure that I have so many friends out here.

I have the pleasure to meet so many friends here and finally put faces to the many names that I know. It feels almost surreal and each time I feel like I am in a dream, I get a hug and that reminds me that I am really here in Indianapolis attending the grandest Rabbit event of the year! One huge unbelievable thing that struck me while I am here is that, this is THE place to be because this is where the BEST in the bunny world gathers. Just thinking about it, all the names that I have known from back home, most of them are here!

The hospitality that was extended to me was absolutely fantastic and words just cannot express how happy I am to be here right now. All that I can say for now is that, I am LUVed!

As you can see, it’s very easy to be distracted with so much LUV going on around here and let’s get back to the real topic. I am happy to say that I “ran” my first rabbit today. ROFL. It’s a new term to me as well. Running rabbit means that we help look for a rabbit and put it into the judging coop. It’s a very nice and efficient way of getting involved at a show. As we all know, judges must not know whose rabbits they are judging and so, in order to avoid having the breeders to put their rabbits in the judging coop themselves, everyone is given a card so that they retrieve the rabbits and place them into their respective coops. That’s exactly what I did today besides from being so busy snapping pictures, I took a little card, go look for a rabbit and put it in its coop.

There were so many beautiful rabbits in both the Youth and Open category. And there were also some breeds that have captured my attention. I do hope that there will be Malaysia breeders that will show interest in working with these breeds other than just the Holland Lops and the Netherland Dwarfs.

Being here really gave me a clearer picture how this rabbit hobby really is and also dispelled some of my misunderstanding about it – much are not what they seemed to be from how I look at things back in Malaysia and that in itself is very interesting!

Part of the Show Room!


Wheek! Wheek!

Cavy section...

Youth Holland Lops Judging!

Getting ready for the big show!

Very Cute Holland Lop!

Bunny hopping!

Beautiful Belgian Hare!

Beautiful Mini Rex

Jersey Wooly

Nice Hollands!



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Reporting From Indianapolis 2011 ARBA Convention

My beloved fellow Malaysians, I have touched down in Indianapolis and had quite a eventful traveling experience. I will not divulge for now because I really do not have the time to stop and type long. I will just share some photos for now. Enjoy them!

A dutch - the first rabbit I see here in the Youth Section

Lotsa Rabbits!

Brittania Petite!


Champagne D'Argent


Blanc De Hotot - The REAL deal!

Nice Mini Rex or Rex, I can't remember!


New Zealand White!

English Spot

French Lop

English Lop - this is for you Khairul!

French Lop!

Flemish Giant!

Chekered Giant!

Holland Lop!

My boss Dr. Jay and I. I was wonderful to meet him in person!


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A Bunnyman’s Dream Do Come True

A taste of what's coming soon - photo courtesy of Julie

Around this time last year, I met a special person online. It was also the time of the 2010 ARBA Convention where a Holland Lop won BIS in the Open Show. The special person planted the idea that I should make a special visit to ARBA Convention. And as some of you might know and did follow my quest, I also attempted in the DiGi Youth – Free Your Ideas contest to win some funds but it was unsuccessful.

Little did I know, this little idea soon took a gigantic twist when my special friend started a Facebook group in hope to raise funds to make this idea and dream a reality. Some took the Facebook group as hard begging on my part but the immense support proved that I was LUVED! It feels like my dream has already come true being at the receiving end of such generosity and immense support. Some donated financially while others provided their moral support. I truly appreciate the support no matter what form, shape and sizes they come in.

The funds soon started pouring in from rabbit friends all around the USA. Soon more fund raising ideas were suggested and one in particular was to put a Holland Lop painting by my dad as an auction item. The auction went really well and in total, USD 1108 were raised for my air ticket to Indianapolis! Although, the amount did not cover the entire cost of my flight ticket, it was a mighty BIG help. And the shortage motivated me to work my butt off to save up more money for my DREAM TRIP. And that is the reason why you might have noticed that I have been inactive as far as blog updates is concerned.

For next few days, I will try to update my blog with photos from the 2011 ARBA Convention in Indianapolis. To date, over 23,000 rabbits has been entered in what is known as the MOTHER of all Rabbit Shows of the year.

I ask for your prayers for a safe trip and all of you fellow Malaysian bunny friends will be in my thoughts. I hope my trip will help me increase my knowledge in this hobby so that I can share with all of you.

I do not know what to expect for now but all I know is that, the average Joe in me will have a life long dream fulfilled in just a couple of days away. This is very exciting indeed and I cannot wait to meet all my friends in person. I also look forward to meeting new friends in this journey.

As I make my pilgrimage to the land of Milk & Honey, a place where I do not need to explain why I love rabbits, I would like to again share this video that I have put together in dedication to all my supportive friends in the hobby. Watching the video again, I cannot help but to feel moved and emotional. WHAT A JOURNEY IT HAS BEEN!!!

Thank you all very much for all the immense support! God bless you!


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Special Request

Nothing much to write except that I received a special request for Pixie Blu to make an appearance. And so here she is, all grown up. Hope this photo brightens up your heart my dear friend, Nerq…

The little darling...


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I Was Not Built To Break!

Continue your slanders, give me your best shot, I will not BREAK, you hear me?

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A Lot Of Cleaning Up To Do

I can really see how much damage and good the year of the Rabbit has done in the local level. The good is that many has come to know and love this wonderful animal. At the same time, the damages are aplenty. I shall not divulge in the negativity but trust me, we really have a lot of cleaning to do after this aftermath. The good thing is that, there are many good breeders out there who knows what they are doing or at least knows how to seek proper advice.

I really like knowing newcomers who are eager to learn and at the same time have a mind of their own. They have good logic and sometimes would ponder and ask very reasonable questions about the hobby. Unfortunately, not many are like that. The problem really lies in how one is resourceful. I really cannot blame most of them because how most our lives has been “manufactured” and “prepacked”. We are so used to fast food and anything in between that is instant. We prefer conveniences to a point that a robot that feeds us would be a hit in the gadget departmental store.

Due to our lack of knowledge, we tend to follow the majority. Like many of us “foodies” (those who hunt for good food), the best indicator for a good restaurant is the one with the most patrons. But in this hobby, it is a very wrong perception. Don’t flies hang around the smelliest poop? Not knowing does not give us the reason to be ignorant. When you do not know, you tend to get more opinion and I do not mean that you should not but you must be able to reason on all the opinions gathered and make your own conclusion. In short, WE MUST NOT FOLLOW BLINDLY.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of Character Assassination. The real question is, have you deal with me before? Have you ever thought and reason why people spread those rumors about someone else in the hobby? Why not approached the person in question to clarify? There is indeed a reason for everything.

What I have learned in this hobby is that, like anything else in this world, there tend to be conflicts, jealousy and discontentment. There are many things other breeders do that I may not agree one of which I hate the most are dishonest breeders. These are the breeders that can easily fool you when you are not equipped with proper knowledge and sad to say, they are thriving.

I guess, you will only believe when it happens to you first hand and I will still be glad to help you pick up the pieces to move ahead.

On a happier note, the mother of all Rabbit Show is coming up. The 2011 ARBA Convention at Indianapolis! I just cannot wait to see the outcome of this amazing show with thousands of rabbits under 1 roof racing towards Best In Show!

2005 ARBA Convention Image taken from

Tru-Luv He-Man. Going to his new home soon...


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Rest In Peace Steve Jobs

Today I am saddened by the news that one of the great people to have ever live in this era of science and technology has passed away. I believe anyone that uses a computer owes it to Steve Jobs for the indirect and direct ingenious creation of it.

I dare say that without his contributions to the computer world, this blog would have never existed and I would have never know what a Holland Lop rabbit looks like. I would not have my job because I would not have known what a computer is. I believe this applies to a great many of you out there.

Steve has not only made groundbreaking and breakthrough creations in the form of techie gadgets but he has shared so many inspiring quotes. I call them the quotes of our generation.

I would like to share this very inspiring video of his recent address at the Harvard University.

May you rest in peace, father of all TECHIES!

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#1 Reason Why We Should Breed

It took me a while to decide on posting this post and the reluctance was mainly due to the reason that I do not wish this taken as a reason by unscrupulous breeders to pass on inferior stocks. In my opinion, it is never right and ethical to pass on inferior stocks to a fellow and especially new breeders. On the other hand, we cannot deny the fact that it is almost impossible to find a perfect Holland Lop and if there is, we shall all cease to breed. All faults must be made known to the person you are passing your rabbit to and in the case of the new breeder, they should be given pointers so they can also improve the quality of their herd.

Being in the hobby for quite sometime now made me realize that not everyone is able to obtain good stock to begin with. I for one have had the first hand experience of tirelessly working to improve the many limitations passed onto me. I must also mention that it was through the generosity of friends in this hobby that has helped me find improvements to my work. For that, I am forever grateful. Like many of you, it was very costly for an average person like me to obtain good stocks from the USA and I must say that it was made harder in the beginning of my journey NOT knowing the many generous and kind people I have met along the way through the years. The many wonderful friends I met in this journey taught me many lessons because they have the best interest of the breed in their hearts.

I do not wish to praise myself or brag of my achievements but I hope this post will act as a reminder to new and aspiring breeders in this hobby not to give up and I also hope this post can be an inspiration to them in their strive for perfection. It does not give anyone the reason to start off with inferior stocks especially now that we have so many good lines of Holland Lops to choose from in our home country, Malaysia. “Choosing The Best Foundation Stocks That You Can Afford” remains the motto of this hobby.

Also, with this post, I hope to make it very clear to the general public the MAJOR difference between “BACKYARD/MONEY CRAZY” breeders and Hobbyist breeders. Most of us have read the many “REASONS NOT TO BREED” or “ACCEPTABLE REASONS TO BREED” in many websites/weblogs that advocates responsible Pet ownership/breeding. Some may even mention the #1 and only reason why people should breed their pets – IMPROVEMENT OF THE BREED without clearly stating what it really means. Here I would like to not only put it into words but also in the form of the TIMELINE diagram what “IMPROVING THE BREED” really means.

For all my readers who have followed my weblog from day 1, you have gone through the many ups and downs with me. But lately, because it is a weblog with postings in chronological order, even I have failed to see how powerful it has been taking a good look at the many rabbits that have been produced through planned and minimum breeding here over at Tru-Luv Rabbitry. It was not until yesterday that I was inspired to put it on a timeline what I have achieved after 3 years. Three years is a mighty long time due to the limited stocks that I have and especially with a bad start that has made me lost considerable amount of time.

I would not change a single thing and experience thus far. In fact I am grateful for the many lessons I have learned – good or bad. Each experience made me stronger. I have many people to thank in this journey and for the record, although the timeline diagram/picture that I am about to share only mentioned a few good people, the future of Tru-Luv Rabbitry has been greatly improved by the many wonderful friends who I have mentioned in my other post entitled – “I just can’t thank all of you enough“. The diagram/picture do not mean that their contributions goes unappreciated because they are not mentioned. In fact, they have planted seeds that will blossom in due time when I will be happy to mention then, my progress with their great help. I needed very concrete materials to prove my point, which is, the ONLY REASON WHY WE SHOULD breed.

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