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Rest In Peace Steve Jobs

Today I am saddened by the news that one of the great people to have ever live in this era of science and technology has passed away. I believe anyone that uses a computer owes it to Steve Jobs for the indirect and direct ingenious creation of it.

I dare say that without his contributions to the computer world, this blog would have never existed and I would have never know what a Holland Lop rabbit looks like. I would not have my job because I would not have known what a computer is. I believe this applies to a great many of you out there.

Steve has not only made groundbreaking and breakthrough creations in the form of techie gadgets but he has shared so many inspiring quotes. I call them the quotes of our generation.

I would like to share this very inspiring video of his recent address at the Harvard University.

May you rest in peace, father of all TECHIES!


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