A Lot Of Cleaning Up To Do

I can really see how much damage and good the year of the Rabbit has done in the local level. The good is that many has come to know and love this wonderful animal. At the same time, the damages are aplenty. I shall not divulge in the negativity but trust me, we really have a lot of cleaning to do after this aftermath. The good thing is that, there are many good breeders out there who knows what they are doing or at least knows how to seek proper advice.

I really like knowing newcomers who are eager to learn and at the same time have a mind of their own. They have good logic and sometimes would ponder and ask very reasonable questions about the hobby. Unfortunately, not many are like that. The problem really lies in how one is resourceful. I really cannot blame most of them because how most our lives has been “manufactured” and “prepacked”. We are so used to fast food and anything in between that is instant. We prefer conveniences to a point that a robot that feeds us would be a hit in the gadget departmental store.

Due to our lack of knowledge, we tend to follow the majority. Like many of us “foodies” (those who hunt for good food), the best indicator for a good restaurant is the one with the most patrons. But in this hobby, it is a very wrong perception. Don’t flies hang around the smelliest poop? Not knowing does not give us the reason to be ignorant. When you do not know, you tend to get more opinion and I do not mean that you should not but you must be able to reason on all the opinions gathered and make your own conclusion. In short, WE MUST NOT FOLLOW BLINDLY.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of Character Assassination. The real question is, have you deal with me before? Have you ever thought and reason why people spread those rumors about someone else in the hobby? Why not approached the person in question to clarify? There is indeed a reason for everything.

What I have learned in this hobby is that, like anything else in this world, there tend to be conflicts, jealousy and discontentment. There are many things other breeders do that I may not agree one of which I hate the most are dishonest breeders. These are the breeders that can easily fool you when you are not equipped with proper knowledge and sad to say, they are thriving.

I guess, you will only believe when it happens to you first hand and I will still be glad to help you pick up the pieces to move ahead.

On a happier note, the mother of all Rabbit Show is coming up. The 2011 ARBA Convention at Indianapolis! I just cannot wait to see the outcome of this amazing show with thousands of rabbits under 1 roof racing towards Best In Show!

2005 ARBA Convention Image taken from racetoindy.com

Tru-Luv He-Man. Going to his new home soon...



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3 responses to “A Lot Of Cleaning Up To Do

  1. tracey

    Tim is this Wilma’s kit?

  2. Please share some pictures from the show sounds fascinating!

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