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Reporting From Indianapolis 2011 ARBA Convention

My beloved fellow Malaysians, I have touched down in Indianapolis and had quite a eventful traveling experience. I will not divulge for now because I really do not have the time to stop and type long. I will just share some photos for now. Enjoy them!

A dutch - the first rabbit I see here in the Youth Section

Lotsa Rabbits!

Brittania Petite!


Champagne D'Argent


Blanc De Hotot - The REAL deal!

Nice Mini Rex or Rex, I can't remember!


New Zealand White!

English Spot

French Lop

English Lop - this is for you Khairul!

French Lop!

Flemish Giant!

Chekered Giant!

Holland Lop!

My boss Dr. Jay and I. I was wonderful to meet him in person!



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