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The Amazing 2011 ARBA Convention Experience!

What did I do for the past 2 days? Well let me see…

I have been showered with so much LUV here to a point that there is no jet lag from the 12 hours difference. Partly because I don’t sleep much anyway. Words just cannot explain how I feel so far. I first thought that there will be reservation on everyone’s part since we only got to know each other through the internet. I was so wrong! I now know for sure that I have so many friends out here.

I have the pleasure to meet so many friends here and finally put faces to the many names that I know. It feels almost surreal and each time I feel like I am in a dream, I get a hug and that reminds me that I am really here in Indianapolis attending the grandest Rabbit event of the year! One huge unbelievable thing that struck me while I am here is that, this is THE place to be because this is where the BEST in the bunny world gathers. Just thinking about it, all the names that I have known from back home, most of them are here!

The hospitality that was extended to me was absolutely fantastic and words just cannot express how happy I am to be here right now. All that I can say for now is that, I am LUVed!

As you can see, it’s very easy to be distracted with so much LUV going on around here and let’s get back to the real topic. I am happy to say that I “ran” my first rabbit today. ROFL. It’s a new term to me as well. Running rabbit means that we help look for a rabbit and put it into the judging coop. It’s a very nice and efficient way of getting involved at a show. As we all know, judges must not know whose rabbits they are judging and so, in order to avoid having the breeders to put their rabbits in the judging coop themselves, everyone is given a card so that they retrieve the rabbits and place them into their respective coops. That’s exactly what I did today besides from being so busy snapping pictures, I took a little card, go look for a rabbit and put it in its coop.

There were so many beautiful rabbits in both the Youth and Open category. And there were also some breeds that have captured my attention. I do hope that there will be Malaysia breeders that will show interest in working with these breeds other than just the Holland Lops and the Netherland Dwarfs.

Being here really gave me a clearer picture how this rabbit hobby really is and also dispelled some of my misunderstanding about it – much are not what they seemed to be from how I look at things back in Malaysia and that in itself is very interesting!

Part of the Show Room!


Wheek! Wheek!

Cavy section...

Youth Holland Lops Judging!

Getting ready for the big show!

Very Cute Holland Lop!

Bunny hopping!

Beautiful Belgian Hare!

Beautiful Mini Rex

Jersey Wooly

Nice Hollands!



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