Rabbit brings about Revolution

It certainly has been very quiet over here. It has been hard not being able to find time to think about good contents to write. I guess in everything that we do, there tend to be the quiet moments. These quiet moments may be an indicator of an impeding change be it a minor or major one.  Tonight I would like to write about how this hobby has carved me into the person I am today.

I witnessed first hand how competitive this hobby is when I attended the ARBA Convention last October. At the back of my mind, I tried to imagine myself as 2 different characters – the exhibitor and the rabbit. Being the rabbit I was scared, a little stressed out over the commotion and perhaps a little anxious whenever an unfamiliar face picked me up and place me in the judging coop. As the exhibitor on the other hand, I was proud knowing that I have my best rabbits with me, my expectations were high and my heart pounds each time one of my rabbits stayed in the judging coops a little longer only to have my hope dashed when they each get sent back into their coops merely finishing top 20.

Then reality hit me and taking a step back, I realized how much I enjoyed being there amongst my friends. I did not have any expectations nor the stress of seeing my rabbits go off the table first or last. I believe even if I did have something to show, it did not matter to me at all because my priority was different. My presence is there only for one and one reason only, to be with my friends.

I feel that I am starting to take this “sport” a little less seriously. Not because I do not have the nicest rabbits but more of trying to answer questions like “What am I chasing for?” and “What is the point of this?”. Another question that I am finding it hard to answer is that, “Why am I breeding something to fulfil someone else’s liking?” and “Why can’t I breed something that I like and to hell with what other’s think?”. Yes, there is a standard to follow but the person who evaluates your rabbit already have a predetermined idea what he/she is looking for in his/her ideal rabbits.

And as you can see that there is already so much dilemma within oneself, where in the world do I have the time to even bother about someone else? This also makes me wonder how and why some individuals can find so much time doing something that is not solving his/her problems within his/her own boundaries.

Am I being a sore loser or this is self consolation? Honestly, I do not care at all what is said or thought about me. I have gained so much self believe while I indulged myself in the great company of wonderful people. I can finally say for certain that it is not the external that defines me but rather I am defined internally. I am not sure if this is maturity but I am sure there is an evolution brewing within me. It is like I have finally grown from Quiksilver to Versace or a Sedan to a MPV.

Could it be from Holland Lops to the Checkered Giants?

I prefer to think of it as GOOD Holland Lops to BETTER Holland Lops IN MY OWN DEFINITION (and within what the SOP permits)!

My Holland Lop, In My Own Definition

DISCLAIMER: This is totally an expression of how I feel at this point of time and I do not represent any association, club or individual. Please be reminded that this is my personal space and you are a visitor to this space. I do not assure happiness at your end as I am responsible for what I write but not for what you understand.


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  1. Karen Novina

    You have come a long way Timothy, I am glad that you have listened to advise and have filtered it into your thinking. It does not matter what other people think of you, what is important is what you think of yourself. Do you like the person you have become is the most important question!!

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