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Happy New Year Everybun!

The thought of a new year dawning brings a question to mind – Do rabbits know the passing of time?

I believe this question is somehow related to a discussion I had with a fellow bunny owner. We were discussing if rabbits have emotion. Most of us wonder if they miss their owners, get bored, feel lonely or have the capacity to love.

They do have the capacity to love in my opinion through my observation of how does nurture and care for their young. Their natural instinct of leaving the nest and only return to feed their young for short period of time before leaving them again tells us that they are concern for the safety of their young ones.

How does all these emotions relate to time? I always wonder if time can be calculated for rabbits. Do they go by seconds, minutes and hours? How long is a minute for a rabbit? I once heard that 1 human year is equivalent to 7 years for a dog. How does that apply to rabbits?

I was just imagining a rabbit sitting in its cage for an entire day. Would it feel like a lifetime for them?

Not sure if I will be able to answer the question but sometimes we should draw a line how much we should “humanize” our pets. As much as how we like them to be us, it will not happen and we should always remember that like us humans, each animal have a purpose in their lifetime. And no matter what the purpose is, it completes what we call the CIRCLE OF LIFE.

And as our human time passes and falls over to the next second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year, we look forward to betterment and improvements. We want a better tomorrow and a better new year.

Here wishing everyone and everybun a wonderful New Year 2012.

May it be a good year for all humans and rabbits alike! May we fulfill our purpose to the fullest!

Happy New Year!



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Day 13 cutie pies…

Sleepy heads...

Somebuns stole my pillow!



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Who Would Have Thought?

This is Tru-Luv's Balian

And here he is again...

Such a cutie isn't he?

For those who have worked with Holland Lops long enough, they will concur that the older the bucks are, the more handsome they become. So it is with the case of Balian. I absolutely love this little “massive” buck. He has the “don’t mess with me” look. Don’t be fooled, underneath that “meanie” look, he is actually a very sweet little buck always looking for some head rubs.

I am glad that I started this weblog 4 years ago because I am able to recollect the past. It was an “IN” thing back then but the real reason I started this blog was because I like to keep a journal of my journey. I tend to forget things easily and keeping a journal helps me recall important things in life. To demonstrate how wonderful this weblog is, I would like to take you back 2 years ago when Tru-Luv Balian was born (17th October 2009)…

He was born on Deepavali Day and took on the name Thosai.

Balian @ 3 days old

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 16

Day 32

Day 35

Day 39

Day 47

8 weeks old

Week 8

The day when I bid Balian goodbye...

Who would have thought that little Balian will grow into such a beautiful little buck by just looking at these photo? The moral of the story is, never be too quick to judge a little bunny especially a buck because they look better as they age!

And how wonderful it is for me to grow as well in my photography skills and looking back at all these pictures, I must admit that I take the worst photographs – ROFL!


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The reason for the season

It would not do the wonderful year 2011 justice leaving this site with a slight negative note in yesterday’s post. Besides, it is the Christmas weekend and we should all be jolly and happy. Perhaps I might have generalized a little too much and that might have placed my own countrymen under an undesirable light. I believe the problems that I have highlighted in yesterday’s post are not isolated and exclusive to where I am only but it happens everywhere and in everything (not just in the bunny hobby).

Symphony has grown so much and this is her 2nd Christmas with us. May all bunnies be healthy during this festive season!

As much as there are undesirable situations, there are also much hope and good in this world. In year 2011, I have found a couple of good breeders to work with and I am happy that most of them have grown in both experience and knowledge. I thank them for placing their trust in me and allowing me to share with them the real reason behind this wonderful hobby. I am happy to see them doing well now on their own and we are on the journey to producing very nice Holland Lops!

Hope & Luv the theme for the season!

Year 2011 have been a blast and the reason for the season remains as (plainly) LUV!

Here wishing all my beloved readers The Merriest & Jolliest of Christmas filled with LOVE and PEACE in the presence of friends and family!

Dimsdale wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season!

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One Hit Wonders

As the year 2011 draws to a close, I would like to just take a step back and share my observation of the “bunny situation” here in Malaysia. We all know that 2011 is the year of the rabbit. Due to that reason, there has been an influx of rabbit experts that has mushroomed right before the Chinese New Year. Seeing how disposable pet rabbits are, many has taken it as an opportunity to make some quick bucks (money not rabbit gender). We can even read in one of the local dailies that Malaysia has more than 50 breeds of rabbits but at the end of the day, I could only see one – mixed breed. I mean we do have pure breeds that comes with pedigrees but many do not even know what a pedigree is.

I am sure most of you have heard of the term “One Hit Wonder” before. One Hit Wonders often cause euphoria when they appear in the market out of a sudden with something catchy but as fast as they appeared, they usually disappear leaving behind a trail of havoc and huge mess! There are a few like that in the rabbit market and I believe many has fallen victim. Examples are those who issue fake pedigrees just to increase the prices of rabbits, using a different stud rabbit from the initial agreement, selling average rabbits for top dollar stocks and much, much more! It is a huge mess I tell ya!

These One Hit Wonders also became expert overnight claiming to know much just because they are good at using the bunny lingo (they actually do not even understand themselves). Suddenly we have experts started using terms like DQ and slip crown and the best part is, every rabbit has a slip crown according to them! Lucky for me, I can sniff a wannabe from miles away!

Not only they leave a huge mess in terms of rabbits, they also have a cult following of misinformed bunny owners. These blind leaders not only lead the blinds but, they poke out the eyes of those with perfect eye sight. I guess those with perfect eye sight deserve to be blind anyway for easily fooled by all the sweet “rubbish” talk.

Then out of a sudden, everyone started looking for “Show Quality” rabbits. I just feel like as if, this whole bunny world is filled with parrots instead of real human who love rabbits. When asked about the definition of Show Quality, the answers came in all sorts. Show Quality according to them are “imports”, “they look fat and chubby”, “pedigree rabbit”, “they look like bulldog” (super parrot) and “they are very cute”.

Honestly, I have no patience to deal with One Hit Wonders and their cult followers because I found that many will not be in the hobby long enough to have an objective with all the “Show Quality” rabbits that they have acquired. Why would I want to waste my time and rabbit on someone who will not be in it for long term? I do not like to deal with potential abandonment cases.

So as the Year of the Rabbit comes to a close and now that we are awaiting for the Year of the Dragon, what happens to all these One Hit Wonders?

As I was having dinner with my family, an image came to my mind and since my father is a good artist, I told him of the image I had in mind. After dinner, we spent 2 hours in his little art studio and we came out with the following painting.

Enter The Dragon


As a conclusion, I hope all these One Hit Wonders will now start playing with the Dragon and get flamed on the BUTT!

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On The 5th Day Before Christmas

Christmas at Tru-Luv Rabbitry will not be complete without some “Christmasy” photos. So I rounded up some of the buck in the rabbitry for some photographs. Hope you like them.

Peace On Earth...

And Goodwill to all SHORT and STUMPY!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012

Every year, I look forward to having little baby bunnies born on Christmas day. This year like any other, none of the does cooperated and thus, we will not be seeing pinkies on Christmas day. But, Tru-Luv Rabbitry has 2 little additions early this morning and I am so filled with joy that I am unable to sleep. It’s 2.30 am on a quiet chilly Saturday morning right now that I am writing this post. It is always nice to see little pinkies and it has been quite a while since we have any kits born here. On the happiest note, I would like to present to you the last litter for 2011 here at TLR, Tru-Luv’s Hope and Tru-Luv’s Luv…

Hope and Luv

And with that, I would also like to wish all readers and friends….

the Happiest, Jolliest of Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

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The Tru-Luv Style

In a couple more weeks, we shall be bidding farewell to year 2011 and on 18th June 2012, Tru-Luv Rabbitry blog will be celebrating its 5th year anniversary. I cannot believe that I have been in this Holland Lop journey and blogging about it for 5 years already!

My all time favourite comment that I have received so far is – “You’ve come a long way, Baby! – Laurie Stroupe (9/3/2010)”. I do not think I will be here without the support from all the hardcore defenders/warriors/enthusiasts/hobbyists/partisans/true breeder of the Holland Lop breed.

I never fail to admire the many different styles that breeders distinctively breed into their Holland Lops in the USA and like them, I too have an idea of a distinctive style that I would like to have in the Tru-Luv line. Even in the USA, the Holland Lop lines goes way back to a few pioneers in the breed and what we have today are derived from those lines.

This year, although I have not been breeding my rabbits as much comparing to previous years, it has been quite a successful year for me as far as my goals and objectives are concern. Despite my busy schedule, my rabbits were able to produce a few litters and most of the kits has been pass along to fellow breeders and good pet owners.

What is left of all the litters produced in 2011 are only 2 that has the distinctive style that I would like to keep for the Tru-Luv line. They are not perfect but as time goes by, there will be improvements. The style that I like in my Hollands starts at the head. My emphasis for my perfect Holland Lop would be a huge/massive head and I like the “fierce” and “Don’t-mess-with-me-kinda” look. I like to see stumpy front legs and they must not be crooked/ski-boot style. I hate looking at a Holland Lop from the side and see its front legs folded like an “L” and my preference will be the same if I happen to keep Netherland Dwarfs. I would prefer to see a Holland Lop with straight front legs that firmly touches the surface of where it poses just like the huge legs on an elephant. I would love to see very prominent crown that starts right above the head just like how the SOP suggests but I believe there is still much work for me in this department. The overall body type for me should of course be as per the SOP and the hindquarters must always be “bootylicious”. I would like to produce a Holland Lop that looks massive even when it is bald – “sheer bone”.

I must admit that there is still much work to be done in order to satisfy the SOP entirely and at the same time establishing the style in my Holland Lops. The question is, did I achieve anything that is align with my goals in year 2011?

I prefer more bone than coat on a Holland Lop

"Small in size MASSIVE in look" is what I want to strive for in my Holland Lops

And as Frank Sinatra puts it, “I DID IT MY WAY”

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December makes me feel this way

It’s snowing here again (the blog) and December is here already. It is always the happiest month for me and it is also the time for me to recollect all that has happened. It is the time to recall all of the achievements in year 2011. New resolutions to be made just before 2012 comes. Here are the highlights for Tru-Luv Rabbitry in year 2011:

1. Media Coverage

Just before Chinese New Year, I was busy being the chauffeur to the bunnies. They were under the spotlights and cameras for various magazines and local dailies. I enjoyed all the interviews and happy to be able to introduce the Holland Lops to the general public. I am very proud of all my rabbits.

2. From USA with LOVE

A few friends put together the most beautiful group of Holland Lops to help me improve my herd further. Thank you very much Momma Cheri, Karen & Dale Bailey, Sydney & Harley Butler, Robin & Josh Laymon, and Shari & Sam Albrecht.

3. Friends, Fun and Wins at Malaysia’s 1st & 2nd ARBA Show

Had fun hanging out and sharing the “show” experience with friends. Collectively, we took home 3 GC Legs and one of them was a BOSB under Randy Shumaker! We share the joy together as friends!

4. 88th ARBA Convention Indianapolis

No words can express the experience at Indy. FRIENDS, FRIENDS, FRIENDS! It gave me reason to miss many wonderful people in my life. I only have friends to thank for this trip because through their generous support, I was able to get myself there! I will never ever forget the wonderful time spent there!

5. MROA Officially Registered with ROS

I look forward to get things moving with this association. At the moment we are pretty inactive but it is definitely a platform for all rabbit lovers to gather and have fun. I believe we will be organizing something “soon”.

6. Building a community of responsible and reputable breeders

“Saving One At A Time” is the motto for the few of us who believe ethical breeding is possible here in Malaysia. We uphold honesty, “sharing is caring”, strive for true quality and not quantity and leading by example. We strive to help and nurture the hobby especially among the new hobbyists and especially the younger generation. In our quest, we are reminded that there need not be many of us just like how “quality is much better than quantity”. I am happy to be able to share with a group of trustworthy breeders who are constantly working to produce the best through proactive research and sharing. The good friends in the hobby makes it all worthwhile even though time is not always on our side.

7. Quality Not Quantity

Coming to the 5th year of working with the Holland Lops, I am glad with the progress of my herd thus far. I do not find myself breeding a lot but with a few litters in year 2011, I am able to produce some very cute animals. I am very pleased with the fact that my rabbits are making individuals and families happy all around. I am proud that they all have a purpose, to brighten up households. I feel blessed to have found wonderful owners and am very grateful that they have found me too.

8. Stay tuned

There is still a highlight and achievement I am anxiously waiting for before 2011 come to a close. At this point of time, there is no confirmation if it will appear but I have promised not to disclose until it happens. I sure hope to materialized and SOON!

Merry Christmas bunnies!

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