December makes me feel this way

It’s snowing here again (the blog) and December is here already. It is always the happiest month for me and it is also the time for me to recollect all that has happened. It is the time to recall all of the achievements in year 2011. New resolutions to be made just before 2012 comes. Here are the highlights for Tru-Luv Rabbitry in year 2011:

1. Media Coverage

Just before Chinese New Year, I was busy being the chauffeur to the bunnies. They were under the spotlights and cameras for various magazines and local dailies. I enjoyed all the interviews and happy to be able to introduce the Holland Lops to the general public. I am very proud of all my rabbits.

2. From USA with LOVE

A few friends put together the most beautiful group of Holland Lops to help me improve my herd further. Thank you very much Momma Cheri, Karen & Dale Bailey, Sydney & Harley Butler, Robin & Josh Laymon, and Shari & Sam Albrecht.

3. Friends, Fun and Wins at Malaysia’s 1st & 2nd ARBA Show

Had fun hanging out and sharing the “show” experience with friends. Collectively, we took home 3 GC Legs and one of them was a BOSB under Randy Shumaker! We share the joy together as friends!

4. 88th ARBA Convention Indianapolis

No words can express the experience at Indy. FRIENDS, FRIENDS, FRIENDS! It gave me reason to miss many wonderful people in my life. I only have friends to thank for this trip because through their generous support, I was able to get myself there! I will never ever forget the wonderful time spent there!

5. MROA Officially Registered with ROS

I look forward to get things moving with this association. At the moment we are pretty inactive but it is definitely a platform for all rabbit lovers to gather and have fun. I believe we will be organizing something “soon”.

6. Building a community of responsible and reputable breeders

“Saving One At A Time” is the motto for the few of us who believe ethical breeding is possible here in Malaysia. We uphold honesty, “sharing is caring”, strive for true quality and not quantity and leading by example. We strive to help and nurture the hobby especially among the new hobbyists and especially the younger generation. In our quest, we are reminded that there need not be many of us just like how “quality is much better than quantity”. I am happy to be able to share with a group of trustworthy breeders who are constantly working to produce the best through proactive research and sharing. The good friends in the hobby makes it all worthwhile even though time is not always on our side.

7. Quality Not Quantity

Coming to the 5th year of working with the Holland Lops, I am glad with the progress of my herd thus far. I do not find myself breeding a lot but with a few litters in year 2011, I am able to produce some very cute animals. I am very pleased with the fact that my rabbits are making individuals and families happy all around. I am proud that they all have a purpose, to brighten up households. I feel blessed to have found wonderful owners and am very grateful that they have found me too.

8. Stay tuned

There is still a highlight and achievement I am anxiously waiting for before 2011 come to a close. At this point of time, there is no confirmation if it will appear but I have promised not to disclose until it happens. I sure hope to materialized and SOON!

Merry Christmas bunnies!


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