The Tru-Luv Style

In a couple more weeks, we shall be bidding farewell to year 2011 and on 18th June 2012, Tru-Luv Rabbitry blog will be celebrating its 5th year anniversary. I cannot believe that I have been in this Holland Lop journey and blogging about it for 5 years already!

My all time favourite comment that I have received so far is – “You’ve come a long way, Baby! – Laurie Stroupe (9/3/2010)”. I do not think I will be here without the support from all the hardcore defenders/warriors/enthusiasts/hobbyists/partisans/true breeder of the Holland Lop breed.

I never fail to admire the many different styles that breeders distinctively breed into their Holland Lops in the USA and like them, I too have an idea of a distinctive style that I would like to have in the Tru-Luv line. Even in the USA, the Holland Lop lines goes way back to a few pioneers in the breed and what we have today are derived from those lines.

This year, although I have not been breeding my rabbits as much comparing to previous years, it has been quite a successful year for me as far as my goals and objectives are concern. Despite my busy schedule, my rabbits were able to produce a few litters and most of the kits has been pass along to fellow breeders and good pet owners.

What is left of all the litters produced in 2011 are only 2 that has the distinctive style that I would like to keep for the Tru-Luv line. They are not perfect but as time goes by, there will be improvements. The style that I like in my Hollands starts at the head. My emphasis for my perfect Holland Lop would be a huge/massive head and I like the “fierce” and “Don’t-mess-with-me-kinda” look. I like to see stumpy front legs and they must not be crooked/ski-boot style. I hate looking at a Holland Lop from the side and see its front legs folded like an “L” and my preference will be the same if I happen to keep Netherland Dwarfs. I would prefer to see a Holland Lop with straight front legs that firmly touches the surface of where it poses just like the huge legs on an elephant. I would love to see very prominent crown that starts right above the head just like how the SOP suggests but I believe there is still much work for me in this department. The overall body type for me should of course be as per the SOP and the hindquarters must always be “bootylicious”. I would like to produce a Holland Lop that looks massive even when it is bald – “sheer bone”.

I must admit that there is still much work to be done in order to satisfy the SOP entirely and at the same time establishing the style in my Holland Lops. The question is, did I achieve anything that is align with my goals in year 2011?

I prefer more bone than coat on a Holland Lop

"Small in size MASSIVE in look" is what I want to strive for in my Holland Lops

And as Frank Sinatra puts it, “I DID IT MY WAY”


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