The reason for the season

It would not do the wonderful year 2011 justice leaving this site with a slight negative note in yesterday’s post. Besides, it is the Christmas weekend and we should all be jolly and happy. Perhaps I might have generalized a little too much and that might have placed my own countrymen under an undesirable light. I believe the problems that I have highlighted in yesterday’s post are not isolated and exclusive to where I am only but it happens everywhere and in everything (not just in the bunny hobby).

Symphony has grown so much and this is her 2nd Christmas with us. May all bunnies be healthy during this festive season!

As much as there are undesirable situations, there are also much hope and good in this world. In year 2011, I have found a couple of good breeders to work with and I am happy that most of them have grown in both experience and knowledge. I thank them for placing their trust in me and allowing me to share with them the real reason behind this wonderful hobby. I am happy to see them doing well now on their own and we are on the journey to producing very nice Holland Lops!

Hope & Luv the theme for the season!

Year 2011 have been a blast and the reason for the season remains as (plainly) LUV!

Here wishing all my beloved readers The Merriest & Jolliest of Christmas filled with LOVE and PEACE in the presence of friends and family!

Dimsdale wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season!


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