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The Hay Story

For the past 5 years, I have written and shared my experience raising rabbits. There are also times when I recommended some products for the good of all rabbits in general. For the past 5 years, there has been some unexpected changes. Some changes were mild and does not affect the rabbits while drastic changes like rabbit feed could be a huge set back for the rabbits. Through all these changes, only one thing remained constant throughout these trying times – TIMOTHY HAY! The constant supply of fresh Timothy Hay kept every Tru-Luv rabbit healthy and happy! It is a huge bonus for them to be given quality rabbit food but the fact remains that Timothy Hay remain as the most important part of a rabbit’s diet!

Throughout the 5 years, some of my readers have fallen in love with my rabbits and the few that I have parted with are now in the best care. I can only thank those who have believed in Tru-Luv Rabbitry for their support. The fact remain the same, Tru-Luv Rabbitry is not a bunny business. For those who have pet rabbits, I am sure that you will agree that it is very hard to part with our beloved rabbits and that remains as my #1 concern. Being selective to who I share my rabbits with has brought about many rumors. One of which will go down history as the most absurd – Tru-Luv Rabbitry neuter its rabbits at the age of 8 weeks old! I can only pray for wisdom on the receiving end of that rumor! I sure hope I can perform neutering on a 8 week old bunny. That is just impossible! It is very common for the forerunner to be the target of jealousy and envy. After 5 years, Tru-Luv Rabbitry is still very much alive and kicking.

Since this is not a bunny business as in I do not make a living selling Holland Lop rabbits, I embarked on a different route/journey last year. Somewhere in April, we saw the birth of Today, I would like to thank all our customers for your wonderful support and believing in What I recommend and carry on this e-store are the essentials and all that you need to keep your pet rabbit healthy and happy. These are the exact products that I use for all my rabbits and the results clearly show in the many photos that you have seen on this website.

I would like to take the time to promote the Timothy Hay that we carry at For the longest time, it never fails to baffle (shock/surprise) me why are rabbit owners spending so much paying for GRASS! And with that in mind, I have devised a solution for the benefit of all rabbit (or pets needing Timothy Hay) owners. The solution is simply AFFORDABLE HAY!

Please visit our e-store for more information –

Benefits of buying from

1. Your rabbit eats what every Tru-Luv Rabbit eats!

2. The hay is QC approved by Tru-Luv rabbits, and hand packed by myself (REALLY!). You are buying from someone passionate and truly cares for your rabbit(s) as well.

3. We ensure only fresh Timothy Hay your rabbit will love!

4. Lowest Prices in town because you have decided to share the cost with other rabbit lovers!

5. You need not buy in huge amount and risk the hay getting stale and moldy!

6. It will be delivered to your doorstep!

7. We accept the convenience of credit card payment!

8. The Timothy Hay is imported from USA!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to show your rabbit some LUV! Or at least show this poor bunny man with blisters (from packing hay) some LUV ya’ll!

Freshly New ARRIVAL - Bunnylicious!!!!



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Retired Show Rabbits for adoption

I have a couple of retired Show Holland Lop rabbits available for adoption. They are looking for good and loving pet homes. Please note that there will be an adoption fee charged.

Please email for more information. Thank you.

8 month old Tru-Luv Ryss is for sale

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Fook You!

WARNING: Sense of humor needed before you proceed to read

The Year of the Water Dragon is such an auspicious year. That’s because the “rich” culture and tradition of the Chinese believes that the dragon is a mighty creature filled with strength and power. Each year, many predictions and fortune has been told regarding each and every one of the 12 Chinese Zodiacs. We are fortunate to have Master TuZi with us today to tell of the fate awaiting our bunnies as our docile little hopper withdraw itself to give way to the mighty dragon.

Master TuZi’s Biodate:

1st Date of Birth: 08/08/0008

Birthplace: Mount Polygammy

Dynasty: Bun Dynasty

Genealogy: Master TuZi was born unto a Bun Dynasty’s mighty warrior  the general Mighty Thunderbolt Shotgun and his 967th concubine. Rumour has it that it was not known if Master TuZi was indeed the warrior’s true offspring because there weren’t any tattoo identification and pedigrees does not exists back then.

Master: TuZi was trained by the renown Feng Shui and Fortune Teller mistress extraordinaire (self proclaimed) –  Her Uncontested Simply Doo Da

Special Abilities: Master TuZi was born with both eyes opened and the kingdom believes that he has been bestowed with the gift of FORESIGHT. Everybun in the kingdom witnessed how his EXPOSED brain grow exponentially with the ventilation and fresh mountain dew mist of Mount Polygammy. Master TuZi does not live long, normally breath his last after each year’s prediction. Master TuZi has the ability to reincarnate himself every year before the Chinese New Year  to give new predictions and fortune telling. He occasionally misses the New Year because he is the descendant of the Holland Lop breed and sometimes, they just don’t breed! That makes it hard for Master TuZi to reincarnate himself in time for this yearly predictions. Based on past records, Master TuZi only appears and live for the one day, the 1st Day of the Chinese New Year.

Favorite Drink: The Timothy Tea

Favorite Food: The Timothy Tea Leaf

Motto: “I Predicted It First!”

Merely making in time for this year’s 1st Day of Chinese New Year, here is what Master TuZi has got to predict and foretell…

Cleaning On The First 1st Day Of Chinese New Year 2012

Based on popular beliefs, it is consider bad luck to clean the house on the 1st day because that means cleaning away all the “luck”. It is a double edge sword decision when it comes to cleaning the bunny quarters this year because either way, unwanted incidents will happen. Clean out your rabbit pan will mean having bad luck for the rest of the year. But if you think having maggots on your bunny butt and snorts out from your nostrils is cool, then forget about cleaning those dirty pans!

Love and Relationship

“I see RED, I see RAGE, I see SADNESS”

The relationship between bunnies and humans remain a strange one. I Predicted It First that some of you buns will be abandoned. Remember that article about those poor bunnies in Singapore? That was my prediction but since I can’t be reincarnated in time, I was not there to give much comments! But yes, I TOLD YA SO!

Trust me when I say that there will be no love in this world. It is all LUST! Producers will continue producing and all you sterile will remain so, sadly. There is nothing I can help you here – nothing to eat or drink will bring those little swimmers back I tell ya! If you are lucky, you will be kept in tact else, just say bye bye to your jewels. You will be happy being Bun Monks in the monastery.

Lives on the Show Tables

I see a balance in this area. Most Show Qualities will be given a good life. What I cannot predict is if it would be good for Pets and Broods to go for plastic surgeries. It will be a good show year for those under the care of reputable breeders and those into it for the betterment of the breeds. I see many of you winning every weekend just like the previous years bringing the “FOOK” to your “FOOKING” breeders.

*COUGH! COUGH!* (I think my time is near, I have been predicting too much)

The Digital Bunnies

ArggGHHHhHhhhh we’re going extinct!!!!

As we see the possibility of the SOPA being passed, all online resources will be wiped out including this blog and all humans will be too dumb to raise rabbits! The reason for the shut down of this weblog is intellectual property infringement. See my self portrait up there? That “FOOK YOU” was an idea taken from Ms. Jo Lee!


Note from the EDITOR: FOOK means happiness in Chinese. Master TuZi is a fictional Max Factor kit. I am sorry to pronounce Master TuZi dead as at 1.10pm Malaysia time (GMT +8). May his soul rest in peace, brain intact and eyes shut. Maybe we will have him again next year if he reincarnates in time.

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Gong Hei Fatt Choy! Happy Chinese New Year 2012!

May the year of the Rabbit leaves you with abundance of wealth & health. As we usher in the year of the Dragon, may the blessed abundance be compounded aggressively and ferociously! Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

My wish is to still be able to post bunny pictures like these in another 12 years time. May Tru-Luv Rabbitry see many more bunny years!

Here wishing all bunnies safe & healthy throughout the Dragon year!

Loong Ma Cheng San! Po Po Kung Sing!

Sang Yee Heng Loong...


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Get Ready To Adopt!

If you are thinking of getting a pet rabbit, you may want to consider adoption instead of purchasing. A couple of days back, there was an article in The Star newspaper regarding the rabbit woes that our neighbor country Singapore is facing ( For such a small country, the number of abandoned pet rabbits is staggering. The HRSS must have their hands full trying to get new owners for all these abandoned bunnies. Here’s a link to their facebook page on the updates of their bunny rescues stories –

In Malaysia, we are unable to obtain a statistics as we do not have the HRSS but there has been clear indication that there are rabbits being put up for adoption nonetheless. It is sad that rabbits has become a fad/passing phase as the Year of the Dragon gets closer.

For those of you thinking of giving up your rabbits, please do not release them to parks or jungles as your domesticated rabbits will not be able to fend themselves. But if you are reading this, I am sure you should be civilized and learned enough to know that already. I urge all readers who know of anyone contemplating giving up their pet rabbit(s) please talk some sense into them so that they will continue caring for their pets!

Pet rabbits released in the park/jungle/public places will cause a huge problem like what we once read about what happened to the University of Victoria (British Columbia) –


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The Chronicles of Indy & Indiana

The last thing Indy & Indiana can remember is the noise in the workshop. The tickling sensation from the sewing machine can be vaguely felt. It is an unforgettable feeling because the combination of the noise and tickling, their hunger were filled with the warmth of cotton making way into their little tummies. “These two are perfect, I would like to have them both please”, said a voice.

And then there was darkness…

“Thank you very much for these wonderful gifts Aunt Karen, I am sure the girls will love them very much”, said Tim.

It was in Room 294 where Indy & Indiana first met Tim at Indianapolis. “We overheard you mentioned about the girls. Who are they?”, asked Indy. “You two are coming to live with us in Malaysia. The two girls are my daughters Bree & Beth”, answered Tim. “They will be so excited to see you both”, he continued. “When are we leaving?”, asked Indiana. “In a couple of days after the convention. For now though, you both will be warm and cosy in my suitcase”, said Tim.

Time went by pretty quickly and soon, Indy & Indiana found  themselves floating in the air and when they finally arrived in Malaysia, they were both give hugs by the girls. Beth and Indy became good friends since they both have so much in common. Bree and Indiana took a while to get acquainted as Indy had a hard time understanding Bree.

So it begins the adventure of Indy & Indiana with the B-B Girls…

Indiana (left) & Indy (right) are two Solid Cream Holland Lops from Build-A-Bear workshop

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As pet owners we often go through different feelings about our pet(s). Based on my own experience and observation, I was able to derive the following categories of owners and the state of mind that they go through. I am not saying that they are either right or wrong but I just thought it would be an interesting topic to write for today.

The Impulsive

Often times, the impulsive pet owner is one that falls in love at first sight. At the spur of the moment, something just tickles their senses and they tend to want the cute little bunny immediately. The impulsive will come to realization (out of a sudden) that they have spent a bomb purchasing a pet while still feeling a void and sense of uncertainty. They start to doubt their action thereafter. The relationship between the Impulsive and the bunny can be quite an uncertain one. Often times, the slightest mistake on the bunny’s part (spraying, biting and molting) will sent it out the door.

The Slow Coach

Some start off with a little spark of interest and over a period of time, their passion keeps on growing and soon the little spark becomes a bonfire. The slow coach take his/her time researching and learning before diving into the hobby. They often get what they are looking for, are contented and happy.

The Disposable

A bunny is nothing but another “disposable material”. Those who often look for a pet bunny during Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Easter or any other auspicious occasions normally falls under this category. A guy buying a rabbit for his girlfriend who knows nothing about rabbit except that it is cute as a baby bunny could be taken as a symptom of The Disposable. The special occasion passes and so does the interest for the bunny. Another example of The Disposable type is someone that purchase a pet and request for an exchange the day after.

The Sympathetic

The Sympathetic is the driving force of the pet industry. They always find themselves sobbing looking at a sickly bunny in the pet store and normally make the purchase feeling sorry for it. They are convinced that the bunny will be better off in their hands. Not every bunny is really saved in this situation and although the kindhearted should be applauded, the saying “you have to be cruel to be kind” holds true sometimes.

The Hoarder

The Hoarder wants every rabbit that is alive under the sun. Those that have suffered the loss of a beloved pet can easily become a hoarder. They want many rabbits so just in case any one of them decides to die, The Hoarder will still have a couple more to replace so to speak.

The Phobic

The Phobic is a total opposite of The Hoarder. After losing a beloved pet, The Phobic usually are very careful in giving him/herself wholeheartedly to the pet in fear that they will be hurt again. Some may not even want to have a pet anymore. The Phonic makes a very good pet owner but it is good for them to come to terms that all living creature will face inevitable death.

The Indecisive

Buck or Doe, Tort, Broken Tort or Blue? The Indecisive can sit and look at just one bunny but still cannot make up his or her mind. It is best for The Indecisive not to waste their own precious time and most importantly the precious time of the breeders who have put in much effort in their rabbits.

The Ever Faithful Monogamist

I feel that The Ever Faithful Monogamist makes the best pet owner. They only want just one bunny as pet and often shower their pets with so much love. The only set back is that he/she may become too attached and if not careful, he/she may turn into either The Hoarder or The Phobic when his/her pet passes on.

After all that has been written, I wonder which category do I fall under. The answer is, I am not going to judge nor praise myself. Let’s just put it this way – I am a Slow Coach slowly becoming a Hoarder!

How can you not want to HOARD over such cute faces?

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Hope & Luv




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It Can’t Be Perfect

I am sure you would agree that nothing is perfect in this world. Though I have shown through my blog posts how much I adore my rabbits and make them seemed as though they are perfect, I do have a couple of pet peeves raising them. These dislikes are those that made it hard for me to answer the question – “What you like most about Holland Lops?”. It is funny how I think about my dislike for them whenever I am asked that question. How ironic!

Here are a couple of my all time favorite pet peeves:

Pet Peeve #1: The Sprayers

I totally dislike bucks that sprays. I know it is a sign of their love for me but I really hate being shot at and the feeling of that warm stinky pee. Sometimes it is inevitable because some bucks just love to bring down the “Golden Shower”.

Pet Peeve #2: The Hormonals

There are some does that goes totally berserk at times and they like to scratch and bite. I find it strange that 80% of the time they are the sweetest thing but the other 20% of the time they turn into were-rabbits!

Pet Peeve #3: The Bowl Diggers

Rabbits that dig their food bowl and scatters food all over is annoying to me. I don’t like the fact that they are wasting all the food that I give them but they are smart animals and there is a reason why they do that. I am happy that they no longer do that after I switched feed!

Pet Peeve #4: Death

I totally dislike the fact that my rabbits would eventually die. The worst part is, most of the time favorites are first to go. Now I know better to have an equal space in my heart for each one of them so that all are my favorite!

Pet Peeve #5: Frequent feed change

I hate rabbit feed brands that come and go in the market. There are also those that goes out of stock temporarily while awaiting shipments. I normally avoid this sort of brands. Glad my rabbits are now on a decent and consistent brand!

At the end of the day, we must realize that we are living in an imperfect world only to be made perfect by this……

Sheer Happiness!

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Rabbit insurance and why it’s so important

Unless you have plenty of cash in reserve in case of emergencies, a policy of rabbit insurance to keep your furry friend healthy is nigh-on essential, so you may want to compare rabbit insurance as soon as possible. After all, you don’t want your dear pet falling ill or getting an accidental injury; still, it’s a fact that illnesses and accidents are something that both people and animals deal with on a daily basis.

 While we have the NHS, rabbits do not. Nowadays, veterinary visits can be extremely expensive, often resulting in outgoings of hundreds of pounds. Vets may order diagnostic tests or prescribe medication and you could end up paying for a hospital stay and even surgery. These services are very expensive, though having rabbit pet insurance will certainly take the edge off the cost.

 You already make sure your rabbit is well-fed, groomed and kept in healthy conditions. Preparing for unforeseen vet needs is another way to make sure that your rabbit will live a long and healthy life.

 You have to look to the future, too, When a rabbit gets older, it is much more likely to develop major health problems. In many ways, rabbits can be a lot like humans in that they are likely to get certain ailments like arthritis, digestive disorders, urinary tract disorders and even cancer.

 On top of health, pet insurance for rabbits can also come in handy for other specific issues. If your pet suddenly goes missing, certain insurance plans will reimburse you for advertising and the amount of reward that goes to a person who finds the rabbit. If you have to go to hospital, you may also need someone to look after your pet; plans can also cover the cost of boarding your rabbit.

 Whatever you choose, rabbit insurance will put your mind at ease and will give you confidence in them being as safe as possible at all times.

Disclaimer: PetsAtHome is a UK based company. Please check if the insurance is applicable in your country before purchasing.

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