It Can’t Be Perfect

I am sure you would agree that nothing is perfect in this world. Though I have shown through my blog posts how much I adore my rabbits and make them seemed as though they are perfect, I do have a couple of pet peeves raising them. These dislikes are those that made it hard for me to answer the question – “What you like most about Holland Lops?”. It is funny how I think about my dislike for them whenever I am asked that question. How ironic!

Here are a couple of my all time favorite pet peeves:

Pet Peeve #1: The Sprayers

I totally dislike bucks that sprays. I know it is a sign of their love for me but I really hate being shot at and the feeling of that warm stinky pee. Sometimes it is inevitable because some bucks just love to bring down the “Golden Shower”.

Pet Peeve #2: The Hormonals

There are some does that goes totally berserk at times and they like to scratch and bite. I find it strange that 80% of the time they are the sweetest thing but the other 20% of the time they turn into were-rabbits!

Pet Peeve #3: The Bowl Diggers

Rabbits that dig their food bowl and scatters food all over is annoying to me. I don’t like the fact that they are wasting all the food that I give them but they are smart animals and there is a reason why they do that. I am happy that they no longer do that after I switched feed!

Pet Peeve #4: Death

I totally dislike the fact that my rabbits would eventually die. The worst part is, most of the time favorites are first to go. Now I know better to have an equal space in my heart for each one of them so that all are my favorite!

Pet Peeve #5: Frequent feed change

I hate rabbit feed brands that come and go in the market. There are also those that goes out of stock temporarily while awaiting shipments. I normally avoid this sort of brands. Glad my rabbits are now on a decent and consistent brand!

At the end of the day, we must realize that we are living in an imperfect world only to be made perfect by this……

Sheer Happiness!


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