As pet owners we often go through different feelings about our pet(s). Based on my own experience and observation, I was able to derive the following categories of owners and the state of mind that they go through. I am not saying that they are either right or wrong but I just thought it would be an interesting topic to write for today.

The Impulsive

Often times, the impulsive pet owner is one that falls in love at first sight. At the spur of the moment, something just tickles their senses and they tend to want the cute little bunny immediately. The impulsive will come to realization (out of a sudden) that they have spent a bomb purchasing a pet while still feeling a void and sense of uncertainty. They start to doubt their action thereafter. The relationship between the Impulsive and the bunny can be quite an uncertain one. Often times, the slightest mistake on the bunny’s part (spraying, biting and molting) will sent it out the door.

The Slow Coach

Some start off with a little spark of interest and over a period of time, their passion keeps on growing and soon the little spark becomes a bonfire. The slow coach take his/her time researching and learning before diving into the hobby. They often get what they are looking for, are contented and happy.

The Disposable

A bunny is nothing but another “disposable material”. Those who often look for a pet bunny during Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Easter or any other auspicious occasions normally falls under this category. A guy buying a rabbit for his girlfriend who knows nothing about rabbit except that it is cute as a baby bunny could be taken as a symptom of The Disposable. The special occasion passes and so does the interest for the bunny. Another example of The Disposable type is someone that purchase a pet and request for an exchange the day after.

The Sympathetic

The Sympathetic is the driving force of the pet industry. They always find themselves sobbing looking at a sickly bunny in the pet store and normally make the purchase feeling sorry for it. They are convinced that the bunny will be better off in their hands. Not every bunny is really saved in this situation and although the kindhearted should be applauded, the saying “you have to be cruel to be kind” holds true sometimes.

The Hoarder

The Hoarder wants every rabbit that is alive under the sun. Those that have suffered the loss of a beloved pet can easily become a hoarder. They want many rabbits so just in case any one of them decides to die, The Hoarder will still have a couple more to replace so to speak.

The Phobic

The Phobic is a total opposite of The Hoarder. After losing a beloved pet, The Phobic usually are very careful in giving him/herself wholeheartedly to the pet in fear that they will be hurt again. Some may not even want to have a pet anymore. The Phonic makes a very good pet owner but it is good for them to come to terms that all living creature will face inevitable death.

The Indecisive

Buck or Doe, Tort, Broken Tort or Blue? The Indecisive can sit and look at just one bunny but still cannot make up his or her mind. It is best for The Indecisive not to waste their own precious time and most importantly the precious time of the breeders who have put in much effort in their rabbits.

The Ever Faithful Monogamist

I feel that The Ever Faithful Monogamist makes the best pet owner. They only want just one bunny as pet and often shower their pets with so much love. The only set back is that he/she may become too attached and if not careful, he/she may turn into either The Hoarder or The Phobic when his/her pet passes on.

After all that has been written, I wonder which category do I fall under. The answer is, I am not going to judge nor praise myself. Let’s just put it this way – I am a Slow Coach slowly becoming a Hoarder!

How can you not want to HOARD over such cute faces?


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