This Puts A Smile On My Face

When one decides to do something out of passion, most of the time there is nothing much to be expected in monetary terms. Like a teacher once told me, the happiest moment of her life is to be invited as a guest to one of her students from Kindergarten. She is the only person that her student has remembered among all his teachers. That is such a huge recognition.

I happen to dig up some old photos that I have since I started my journey raising Holland Lops. It was back in year 2006 (this blog started in 2007). It was so interesting to see all the baby bunny photos and it does bring back a lot of fond memories. Last weekend, I have the “wonderful moment” when one of my first litter from my first imported buck came back for boarding due to an emergency back home.

Tridus (early 2008)

Tinga and her litter mates in mid 2008

Boy how much have they grown and how well they have been taken care of. Look at the both of them makes me super happy and continues to inspire me to find good homes for my baby bunnies. After all these years, not only both these little babies have grown but the friendship between my family and theirs have also blossomed (not to mention grown in numbers too!).

Anyway, here’s a picture of Tridus and Tinga taken today. And for your information, both of them are neutered and living a very happy life together!

Tridus (left) & Tinga (right)


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