To You, With Luv

So with everybunny in mind, here’s some good deal from all of us here at Hope all of you will enjoy these special offers that we have put much effort into materializing. Please click on each image to ORDER ONLINE!

Smaller For Your Convenience - 1kg packet of wood pet litter to last approximately 3 weeks for 1 bunny!

An economical package:

Rabbit raising has never been so economical!

For the Juniors:

A Premium Package for Juniors below 6 months!

A Premium Package with Cuni Complete for more fibrous compliment to your Junior's diet!

For the Seniors:

A Premium Package for the Seniors

A Premium Package catered for the Seniors with Cuni Complete for more fibrous compliment in their diet!

For the old, inactive & overweight:

A Premium Package to balance up bunny's diet!

A Premium Package to balance up bunny's diet with Cuni Complete to provide more fibrous content!

So as you can see, we have given much thoughts to cater for your bunny’s needs as he/she grow and enter into each phase of life. We have also made it much more convenient and accessible. FREE SHIPPING for all these items within PENINSULA MALAYSIA. I really do have to apologize to our friends/brothers/sisters from Sabah/Sarawak as we are unable for borne the shipping cost at this moment. We will try our best to bring these products over to East Malaysia in the future.

Thank you all for your support and Happy Shopping!



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2 responses to “To You, With Luv

  1. maggie

    my rabbit is 3yrs +, considered junior? adult or senior?

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