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Say What?

It is always nice to keep in touch with Tru-Luv rabbit owners. Every once in a while I receive very encouraging and happy messages from my buyers and adopters. I recently received one that brightens up my day and it reads:

“Baby is a joy!! We brag about her to anyone who would listen!! She’s a diva, picky about her fresh vege and has attitude but at the same time, she is perfectly toilet trained! Would come on command, would play n would snuggle with her head on my lap… Etc etc.¬†Friends n family are amazed by her puppy likeness! Keep in touch!”

This is not the first time that I am told that a Tru-Luv rabbit is like a puppy. I was told by a few others that their Tru-Luv bunny will jump up the bed and snuggle up for the night. The best part is, they will still go back to their potty for business! Happiness is what they say it is, “PRICELESS”!


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