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Isn’t She Lovely?

Just spent some time grooming the little fuzzies and took picture of them for their new owner. Bliss is really cute at this stage and it’s a pity that I do not have the time for grooming else I’ll keep a couple of fuzzies as pets. Their coat needs to be brush often to avoid mats which can be bad for their skin. Bliss enjoys her little grooming sessions and after the grooming session, she will look like a little puffed up hairball – so cute!

And remember our date later this morning (It’s 1.50 am already!), at South City Plaza (Seri Kembangan). Come meet Tru-Luv rabbits and get some rabbit supplies! See you there!


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Come Join The Fun!

Dear friends,

Please join me, Suggies At Home & Golden Pines Rabbitry this Saturday, 31st March 2012 from 9 am to 6 pm for a meet & greet session. We will be offering our products, services and advice for those who needs more information about Rabbits, Sugar Gliders and other small animals. If you need help with nail clipping and learn how to give your rabbits a simple grooming session, please drop by with your bunnies.

Due to space constraints, we will not be able to bring too many supplies so please let us know if you have anything specific that you need so that we will include them in our sales kit. See you there!

For more information please visit the organizer’s facebook page –

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The Lorax Rocks!

“UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Everyone ought to watch this movie. I believe that Dr. Seuss is really a visionary. The Lorax was written back in the 1970s but its message is very relevant to our modern world. A huge part of this movie touches on the topic of greed. It goes as far as one of the characters creating a market for clean air and monopolizing the business. Isn’t this story so familiar in this modern world?

Who are we to take ownership of the air that we breath and cripple those who tries to give air for FREE?

There is much to learn from this movie and it applies to everyone living in this world. Go watch the movie and you will understand what I talk about and if you agree with this movie, do your very best to do this world good regardless of what you do for a living, there are plenty of opportunity to do your part!

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For those who appreciate Art

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Nursery Time

Sometimes I wonder where did all my time go and 24 hours just do not seemed to be enough. At times I felt that I might be slowing down for whatever reason. During the initial days of this weblog, I can be juggling with so many things and yet was able to spend some time taking photos and post them. I really enjoy posting photos because I know there are many people out there who appreciate and enjoy looking at them. I spent a little time today taking photographs and promised myself to write a good article today.

In the past weeks, there has been some discussions and at times heated arguments about rabbit breeds. The discussions got heated up maybe because of some wrong choices of words on my part or perhaps it was some misunderstandings and misinterpretations on the intent of my status posted on Facebook. One of the discussions was about a hybrid rabbit called the Teddy Bear. My opinion is, it could possibly be a rabbit that can be categorized under the Lionhead breed as some are with manes. There is no working standard for this breed of course but the point really is, there is no doubt anyone can start creating their own breed. The question really is who or which body/organization/association will govern and scrutinize the breed standard or if there is a standard in the first place. Either way, I agree that it is just a hobby and we need not get too serious about pedigree breeds. I must also admit that at times, I am very particular and adamant in my cause for purebreed/pedigree breeds.

The reason for this excessive compulsive behaviour over pure breeds is because a lot of hard work and time (years) that has been used to develop each different breed. So when someone toys with the idea of mixing 2 different breeds (to produce a hybrid), the argument is why are we starting from scratch again? If one is not serious in developing a new breed or improving a certain breed, I am totally against it. My view is, every litter of rabbits born will require a certain amount of resources. It is a waste of resources to just “experiment” or to help a rabbit fulfil its circle of life. When we breed, we should ensure it is a good decision crossing 2 different rabbits. It is a game of chance with genetics but we should make good “judgment”.

No doubt even the Holland Lop was first developed by crossing 2 different breeds – French Lop and Netherland Dwarf. It is also mentioned that to improve its coat and fur texture, wool has been bred into the Holland Lop as well in the history of development of this breed. That is the reason why we have the “FUZZY HOLLAND LOPS” produced once in a while and they never fails to surprise or disappoint a Holland Lop breeder. Even after more than 20 years, we are still being haunted by the genes introduced during the hybrid days.

Tru-Luv's Bliss a Fuzzy Holland Lop. Will be available in 2 weeks. Please email if interested.

I am totally against crossing a Fuzzy Holland & a Holland Lop deliberately on the pretence of producing “better” Fuzzy Hollands. There is no such thing as a “better” Fuzzy Holland Lop. The right thing to do is to breed a “Typey” Fuzzy Holland Lop to an American Fuzzy Lop to improve the American Fuzzy Lop. Bearing in mind that this process is also producing hybrids that does not have a full 3 generation American Fuzzy Lop pedigree. In any development, the fundamental is to use as much information possible to make the right decision in breeding. One of the most important document that can help in such decision is still the PEDIGREE. That is how important the pedigree is for without it, we are unable to know the possibilities of our breeding decision. Ask any seasoned breeder, and he or she will tell you to obtain the best specimen you can afford. I have the opportunity to work with a couple of breeders here in Malaysia that believes in that advise. They have the patience and right frame of mind to accept the fact that it is possible to produce good rabbits and only time will tell. They demanded no short cuts and enjoy the process of producing their own show stoppers. I myself is still working towards the same goal to be honest just like any other breeder out there. The carrot at the end of the stick is always ahead of us I must say.

There has been too many “School Of Thoughts” in this hobby and it really depends on what cause each “Guru” is sorting after and if the cause is a righteous one. And it also boils down to the objectives their “Followers” strive to achieve. We are indeed at a juncture where there is still a lot of education needs to be done and it is as though we’re going back to “NURSERY TIME”.

We must ask ourselves the following questions:

1. What is my objective of breeding?

2. What do I seek to produce?

3. Is it worth starting from SCRATCH (Hybrid)? If yes, am I committed to work towards a long term goal of 5 years and more to materialize a new standard?

4. Why am I starting from SCRATCH (Hybrid)? If yes, am I committed to work towards a long term goal of 5 years and more to materialize a new standard?

My advice is consistent with any seasoned breeder out there which is, get a couple of decent stocks and work towards a GOAL – Standard of Perfection and beyond…


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Cute Timothy Hay House!


As we all know, rabbits do need some mind stimulation and also something to gnaw on to keep their teeth from overgrowing. I stumbled across this cute little Timothy Hay House that is made of fresh Timothy Hay. It works well as a hiding place for the bunnies as well as a safe chew toy.

This little Timothy Hay House normally retails for RM 135 but is offering it for only RM 115!

If you like to get one of these, please feel free to click on the links below:

1. Timothy Hay House (Large) – suitable for Holland Lops RM135 RM 115

2. Timothy Hay House (Small) – suitable for Netherland Dwarfs RM105 RM89

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Furminator worth RM100 up for grabs! is running a PHOTO CONTEST on its facebook page. The mechanics is very simple and below are the contest instructions:-

Contest Eligibility
Contest is open to all Malaysia residents age above 12 years.

Contest Mechanics
1. “Like” facebook page (

2. Click on PROMO

3. You will be directed to an App. Click on ENTER

4. Allow App permission.

5. Fill up the form and submit a photo of your pet

6. Photo with the most “likes” at the end (12 midnight) of 31st March 2012 will be the contest winner

Organizer’s decision is final. Luv Trading shall not be held liable for any disputes, discrepancies & untoward incidents that may arise from this contest.

The Prize
The winner shall receive one(1) unit of Furminator – deShedding Tool worth RM100

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We’re going JUMBO & indulging at PET EPICURE!

Coming To A Location Near You!

They say LUV knows no boundary and for that reason, we are working our butts off to get the essentials to a location near you! I just want to let everyone know that TinyCritterz’ 1kg Timothy Hay can be purchased at the following locations:-

Kuala Lumpur

1.  Pet Epicure

16 Jalan Bandar 2, Taman Melawati, 53100 KL
CLOSED on Mondays and Public Holidays
9.30am – 5.30pm Tuesday to Friday
9.30am – 4pm Weekends 0129059010 – Olivia 0123313318 – Alicia

About Pet Epicure

I have written about Pet Epicure in the past but when it comes to this cosy little pet boutique (actually more than that), I have so much to write about it but just do not know where to start. The people at Pet Epicure are very passionate with what they do for the welfare of animals. Pet Epicure is mostly a cat/pet boarding facility but one will find many cats being put up for adoption as well. They are very kind hearted and can never turn down a cat (any cat for the matter). Most of what I learned about responsible pet ownership and breeding comes from Pet Epicure. They have inspired me to promote neutering to all my pet Holland Lop buyers. Pet Epicure carries a wide range of pet products including those for small animals. I would like to thank everyone at Pet Epicure for carrying TinyCritterz’ 1kg Timothy Hay and I hope rabbit owners in that area will be able to have access to good Timothy Hay!

Petaling Jaya

1. Perniagaan Jumbo

No. 20, Jalan SS5B/2
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

About Perniagaan Jumbo

Perniagaan Jumbo has been around for almost 30 years. Nestled in the middle of the Kelana Jaya housing area, this friendly pet shop is famous among pet lovers in the surrounding neighborhood. This is the pet shop that I first learned about Hamsters 24 years ago (when I was only 7 years old). Being an animal lover, I spent most of my weekends coming to this shop and sometimes assisting in its daily operations just for fun. I always find pleasure in chatting with both Uncle Cheah & his wife. Since three years ago, the business has  been passed on and now operated by close relatives and Perniagaan Jumbo is as welcoming as before. I am always happy spending time in this pet shop and each visit will last more than an hour. It brings back a lot of wonderful childhood memories. Back then, Kelana Jaya has not been so developed and we did not even have the Giant Hypermarket. Through the years, Perniagaan Jumbo stands the test of time and has earned a place in the hearts of those in the neighbourhood. I am so happy that Mr. Cheah agreed to carry TinyCritterz’ 1kg Timothy Hay at his shop so that it is easily accessible to all rabbit lovers in the neighbourhood.  Below is the location based on Google Maps:-

Guess who's back?

Digit says HELLO!

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If I Could Tell The World Just One Thing It Would Be

” If I could tell the world just one thing It would be….”

*Karma*What Goes Around Comes Around*Every Dog Has Its Day*

Whatever you call it, good things will come our way one fine day. So the rabbit show season has started all around the USA as Spring starts to emerge. Spring and Winter are 2 seasons that I would love to experience in this lifetime but that is besides the point of this post. After so many years of following the show circuit, I realized many things and if I am ever in the position to advice newbies in the hobby, there are a couple of key points that I would like to put across. And they are:

1. Identify the STYLE that you LIKE

I have written this before and I am sure you might have noticed that every successful rabbit breeder regardless of the breed he/she works with, have a distinctive style to call their own. Take Holland Lop breeders for instance, some place more emphasis on the crown and others on massive head. Just the same as our taste for certain food, everyone has different preferences. Same goes with rabbits. If you find yourself drawn to a particular trait and although you do not see breeders working on that trait winning all the time, take heart and be bold to work with that trait. You shall never know that one day, a judge may notice it.

2. Work with a breeder you BELIEVE IN

It is indeed a competition and we all know at any given day, given rabbit and given judge, someone may reign as the winner. Some keep on winning because of consistency in quality, no doubt in that. But there will come a point in time, another breeder may get lucky to produce a worthy winner. We are all playing a game of chance here and to a certain extent that we are playing God breeding these rabbits, we cannot accurately predict genetics and thus, at the right time, a champ will emerge in the barn and glory is upon us! Really, work with a breeder that you BELIEVE IN and he/she do not necessarily be a consistent winner. The glorious day will come!

3. Be Patient!

There is no shortcuts in life and nothing comes easy. Yes, you can buy winning stocks to start but of course you need to pay hefty prices for them. But also bearing in mind that expensive does not always equates to quality. The point really is be patient. Good things come to those who wait. I believe this is a point that has been mentioned far too many times. Patience is indeed a virtue!

Tru-Luv's Clarkie is available. Please email to inquire.

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It’s Been A While Part 2

I am sure some of you have been wondering what happen to all the long articles and stories from Tru-Luv Rabbitry. Where are all the cute baby bunny photos? And all sorts of questions. It’s has indeed been a very long time since I last sat down here to really write an interesting piece. I am afraid that I will be disappointing you once more. ROFL…

The fact is, I really do not have anything interesting to write about lately. I have had my “HIGH” in convention and nothing will be able to top that anytime soon. I have been busy with other commitments and priorities in life. I guess that is what happen when bunny is not 100% of one’s life. There’s the family, the day job and many more that gets in the way during the course of a day.

There are a few kits that I am pretty excited about and they are always cute at that age of course. But it all has been pretty good I believe.

I am also happy to have a couple of vets that I love working together with to solve certain issues. Nothing makes me happier to share and discuss with my vets the course of action to take on certain things. And I love sharing my experience and knowledge with them whenever they call me and ask about bunnies. It feels good being able to share and help someone else along the way. I am surprised that some solutions that I suggest does not even have to be rabbit related! ROFL…

Anyway, it has been a great weekend and I hope everyone will have a good week ahead! And don’t forget to get your supplies from We have been working hard to bring you the conveniences and please make full use of the services!

No more belly dancing please!

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