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Want Versus Can

I have written a lot about pet ownership especially to consider carefully before getting a pet rabbit or any other type of animals as a pet. I came across this very interesting article and once more, matching your lifestyle to a suitable pet seemed to be paramount when making the decision to own a pet.

I have heard about people getting large dogs as pets but had to give them up for adoption because they were offered jobs that require them to travel or work at irregular hours. We have many priorities in life and sometimes have no choice but to discard commitments that are lower in the priority list. Sadly, one of the items at the lower end of the priority list happens to be our pet.

It is easy for us to want many things in life but we often forget if we can have them. We cannot really classify keeping a pet as a need so it really it a matter of can we have one or not. But I really can understand if the want overpowers the can.

Who can resist this charm?

Way beyond cute!


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For Our Future Generation

Please note that there is nothing wrong with your computer screen color setting. Tru-Luv Rabbitry is turning Yellow for a brighter and better tomorrow – for our future generation. In hope for a place where our young people (our children and their children) will be able to nurture their potentials and contribute them in building the future. Rabbit breeders breed rabbits that are better and we move forward with improvements. Competition has only one objective – IMPROVEMENTS!

We strive to compete not in Rabbits alone but in every aspect of our lives also for one main reason – IMPROVEMENTS!

Let us all hope for an improved and better future – United Beautiful Amazing Harmony!

And it all starts with a CLEAN rabbitry…

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New Life, New Hope

So it is Spring time in most places and does are starting to have kits. At Tru-Luv Rabbitry, a new litter was born a few days after Easter. We are also looking forward for a few litters to be born while contemplating to send some retired show does to good pet homes. It is extremely hard to make a decision on passing these beautiful does along. But we do hope that they will be well taken care of one way or the other.

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2012 ARBA Show

“Be careful what you wish for…”

Show Table A & Show Table B

I remember vividly about 4 years ago when I started embarking in this hobby, a friend of mine asked me what is the point of keeping Show Rabbits when there is no Rabbit Shows in Malaysia. It was back then when I look forward to hearing news of how rabbit breeders in the USA fair in Rabbit Shows weekend after weekend and yearning to have the experience back home here in Malaysia. The naive me also dreamed not only that Malaysia have rabbits shows but also being able to produce competitive rabbits of my own. A Tru-Luv rabbit that places well in shows that is. Today, that little dream has become a reality and the best part is, I get to enjoy every bit of the Rabbit Show as an exhibitor. With a busy schedule, I cannot imagine myself putting up such an event and it is definitely an enjoyable day hanging out with fellow breeders and friends. God really works in His own mysterious ways to answer prayers and the silent desire of the heart I must say.

My bunnies & I

One for the album - Chris Zemny & I

Last minute grooming

Kudos to the Malaysia Rabbit Club for again putting up a spectacular show held in a very comfortable venue for both rabbits and owners. The venue was setup exclusively for the rabbit show and even children were enjoying themselves while their parents paid full attention to the rabbit show.

The Stage, Trophies, Ribbons and Mock Cheques

Chris & Allen giving the welcoming speech before the show

The Show Room

Because it was a conducive environment, exhibitors were able to hear the judges clearly when they explain while judging the rabbits. I learned quite a few things throughout the judging.

An exhibitor placing a rabbit in the judging coop

Placing Izzie into her coop

Dovehill's Faith (left) and BBC's Izzie (right)

“Any given day, given judge & given rabbit”

Chris judging LTD's Dimsdale

Allen judging Faith

Just like last year, I attended the show with an open mind wanting to know how well my rabbits will do in the show. It is good to remind oneself that we are all the receiving end of the judges’ opinions. Their opinions will only help us in moving forward with our herd. At the same time, I am also aware that judges’ opinions may differ from one to the other. Nonetheless there are always good points to take away from each show. At some point during the show, I got a little disillusioned because of all the input and immense knowledge I received listening and looking at how the judges evaluate the rabbits.

Seeing so many beautiful rabbits that win over mine can be quite a daunting experience and the thought of revamping my entire herd did cross my mind. Then I took a step backwards and thought to myself. If I would to follow the different judges’ opinion, I might as well be revamping my herd every time a new judge comes to town. It was at that moment, something happened and affirmed that this hobby is not about getting new stocks just for the win. The hobby is made to be prolonged when we work towards breeding our own show worthy animals.

I remembered Chris Zemny’s words pretty clearly when she said that the Juniors are the ones she is excited about because competitive juniors that are bred locally shows how well the breed is doing here in Malaysia (or something along those lines). She then goes on to pick Tru-Luv’s Murdoch, my 2nd generation home grown Broken Junior Buck as the #1 for the BJB class in SHOW A. Allen Mesick also gave Murdoch the same placing in SHOW B.

Chris judges the Broken Junior Buck class while Murdoch poses

Having a picture with Chris and Murdoch

The win is not mine alone. I only have my rabbit friends in the USA to thank for it. I am grateful to those who have sent me very good foundation stocks and have entrusted me to work with their rabbits. I am very grateful for all of their mentoring and encouragements. Sometimes it is amazing how rabbit friends place their warm embrace around me when I face both bunny issues and life’s struggles alike. We have grown out of the “just rabbit friends” into a big family.

Dimsdale & Me

Not forgetting the few bunny family I have here. We share so much when we meet – talking and laughing our hearts out with the little events that happened throughout the show. We share the joys of winnings and pick each other up whenever the results were undesirable. The good thing that I see throughout today is that parents in the hobby is now exposing the next generation (their children) at the rabbit show. I would love to see the younger generation picking up this hobby. My wife told me that she rather see young people spending their time at rabbit shows than to wander around shopping malls aimlessly. I couldn’t agree more and that should be our aim moving forward.

Tru-Luv's Murdoch is a product of Fellowship, Friendship & Fun!

Last but not least, congratulations to all winners!

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Happy Easter!

For many, Easter symbolizes LIFE and for some parts of the world, Easter coincides with Spring. Spring is the season when flowers bloom and the meadows come alive! For some traditions, the rabbit and eggs are symbols of fertility and abundance during Easter. For Christians around the world, Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection and that in itself represents LIFE.

It is said that during Easter, many tend to buy rabbits to be kept as pets and most of the time, the outcome may not be a happy one (for the rabbits). The little bunnies soon out grow their cuteness and we soon find them in the shelters.

We really need to take some time to think about it and not buy pets on impulse. Whenever we think of getting a pet, we must first find out if the pet is a perfect fit into our lifestyle. We must ensure that we are able to accommodate and care for another life in our daily routine.

I recently visited the horse stable and I could see that the horses there are really happy as they are all well taken care of. In my opinion, a healthy horse is one with flesh and their rib bones are not visible.

Having a good time at the stable

Around the same time, I learn from a friend living at the heart of the Kuala Lumpur city that she and her friends found a horse roaming in the housing estate. And looking at the condition of the horse (through photos), it seemed to be pretty skinny and neglected.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Besides from the skinny horse, I believe looking at the picture, anyone would feel that it is an inappropriate place to have a horse. Roaming around a housing estate, the horse is at risk of getting hit by a car or injuring someone if it goes into a rampage due to the stress and fear. The environment is not conducive for a horse and it is clear that it has not been given the correct diet it needs to thrive.

My friend and a few other good Samaritans have since transported this horse to a proper location in hope that it will soon recover from its emaciated condition and also to live out its life as a normal horse. They have also given a name to this horse – Dixie.

This is much better!

This is not the first time I have heard of horses ended up in housing estates but I hope we do not have to see more of this in future. As I mentioned, we must first know the basic needs of a pet and if we are able to provide it with a good environment to thrive. Some pets live shorter lives while others longer, their lifespan must also be taken into consideration as our commitment and responsible for them last as long as they are alive.

I urge everyone to do your part in saving a life. Whether you choose to buy or adopt, ensure that you are able to provide your pet with the best and for as long as it lives.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Have a Blessed Easter!

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I Love Coincidences!

I was at the mall today and my wife pointed out to some cute cabinets and waste paper baskets. These days, anything bunny would draw her attention and she in turn will try to get my attention as well. As I walked closer, I saw cabinets with cute bunnies on them.

Aren't they cute!?

As I turn my eyes away from the cute characters, the wordings on the cabinet gave me a little shock.

I immediately turned to my wife and told her (jokingly) that someone is “hacking” my brain waves. I have always believed that when you have an idea and a thought, there is a possibility that somewhere out in this world, someone may pick up these thoughts and ideas. The words “True Love” and “Friendship” was so spot on and it came rather timely.

Can’t wait to see everybunny this weekend!

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