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Want Versus Can

I have written a lot about pet ownership especially to consider carefully before getting a pet rabbit or any other type of animals as a pet. I came across this very interesting article and once more, matching your lifestyle to a suitable pet seemed to be paramount when making the decision to own a pet.

I have heard about people getting large dogs as pets but had to give them up for adoption because they were offered jobs that require them to travel or work at irregular hours. We have many priorities in life and sometimes have no choice but to discard commitments that are lower in the priority list. Sadly, one of the items at the lower end of the priority list happens to be our pet.

It is easy for us to want many things in life but we often forget if we can have them. We cannot really classify keeping a pet as a need so it really it a matter of can we have one or not. But I really can understand if the want overpowers the can.

Who can resist this charm?

Way beyond cute!

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