The long wait will finally come to an end in the next couple of days. An ULTRA PREMIUM rabbit food at last! It has been more than a year of extensive research (on the distributor’s part) and Tru-Luv rabbits has been specially selected to try out samples for a couple of months. The results were so extraordinary that not only the rabbits gave their nod in approval, I highly recommend that every rabbit owner in Malaysia use the Genesis Ultra Premium Rabbit Food for their  rabbit(s).

The result is obvious and clearly visible. Smaller poop denotes high absorption, less wastage. Even though less is being consumed, the coat and flesh condition on the rabbits can be seen and felt. The rabbits molt lesser than the usual and those that appear to be going through molting regain their beautiful coat in a shorter time.

There is just too many benefits using this feed for just a couple of months and it is unbelievable that Genesis Ultra Premium Rabbit Food will be made available in Malaysia! Kudos to the distributor for taking this giant leap to provide us with nothing less than ULTRA PREMIUM products!

Timothy formula retails at RM 28.50 for 1kg

Some information and facts about the Timothy formula – click to enlarge

Alfalfa formula retails at RM 26.50 for 1kg

Some information and facts about the Alfalfa formula – click to enlarge

Product Benefits summary!

Last but not least, Genesis Ultra Premium rabbit food is manufactured through the extrusion process and no wonder it can stay fresh for much longer compared to pelleted rabbit food. That is because cooking the quality ingredients with heat helps to ensure freshness at all time. Conventional pellets tend to go stale and mouldy after a while because of the manufacturing method. This is not the case with Genesis Ultra Premium rabbit food.

The facts has been clearly laid down and to get more updates on availability and how to purchase, please visit the official Genesis Malaysia facebook page – Or visit to pre-order today! will be offering FREE SHIPPING packages for both the Timothy and Alfalfa formula. Please click on picture to start shopping today!


Timothy Formula

Alfalfa Formula

Alternatively, you can order manually (bank transfer) through


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