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The Young & Old

Posting a blog post takes quite a bit of effort these days. I believe that I am slowly, slowing down – ROFL. I finally had the time and was in the right shade of mood to update my blog today. Sorry for the long hiatus (a week or two is a long time by my standard).

Once in a while, a little kit pops up and steals my heart from day 1. I guess like many breeders out there who has been breeding rabbits long enough can roughly tell which baby is going to grow up to be competitive on the show table or not. I had my eyes on Blaze right from the start and looking back at his development, it is pretty consistent. Many people thinks that I am rather crazy taking photos of kits and young baby rabbits. To be honest, that is just how I keep track visually how my Hollands develop through time. I believe that photos have helped me identify promising babies as well.

Blaze at 4 months. I just love those cheeks!

Blaze is solid like a rock!

Blaze getting cute as days go by

On the other hand, my little Murdoch is maturing into a very nice little buck. He just turned 6 months not too long ago and I am expecting him to have a huge head when he matures more in the next few months.

Murdoch’s head is getting really huge!

I also have the opportunity to snap a photo of my oldest favourite home grown – Tru-Luv’s Balian! Holding up his huge head has always been a problem for Balian and now that he is 2 years 8 months, it gets even harder just like how I myself is slowing down. Nonetheless, he is still the cute little boy that I know. I cannot believe that it is almost 3 years now and I hope that he lives for many more years for his little owner.

Tru-Luv’s Balian turned 2 years and 8 months!

On a very happy note, I have been invited to be a featured writer for an online pet magazine that will be launched soon. I shall keep everyone updated as soon as I am allowed to. I am very happy to be able to continue educating, sharing and building awareness using another effective channel. Stay tuned…


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Pouring Out My Creative Juice

Once in a while I feel the urge to sketch something. My mind will have very vivid images of what I should be drawing and today was one of those days. I cannot be blamed because my father is an artist and to a certain extent, I am sure it is an inherited gene. I believe that the images that appeared on my mind today are very much linked to what I hear over the business radio station.

After following the business station for a while now, some terms seemed to be stuck to my mind more than others. Two words in particular came in strongly as my mind thought of the images – branding and marketing. We know that in order to thrive in the business world, branding is a process of establishing a business name. We hear a lot of about how certain brands become household name for example, we refer to diaper as “pampers” not knowing that “pampers” is a brand name.  That is how powerful a brand name can be if good marketing strategy is used.

Then a question popped up in my mind – What if a particular brand is unable or incapable of producing its own quality products?

I believe one of the strategies that can be used is to “REPACKAGE” an established product under one’s brand name. I believe this is not uncommon in the market. Unfortunately, my mind did not allow me to stop and rest here but instead, gave me the wild (even absurd) idea of asking another question – what happens to rabbit breeders who are incapable of producing their own quality rabbits and at the same time needed to infuse their rabbitry names in the “market”?

Can repackaging be applied?

I believe you can and my mind has helped me illustrate the entire process in a very clear picture…

Not too bad of a drawing isn’t it? Please click on it to enlarge.

Need an explanation?

O.E.M. stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and it means “an organization that makes devices from component parts bought from other organizations”.

So as you can see, there is the PRODUCTION LINE, EXPORT DEPARTMENT (packaging), LOGISTICS and lastly, the ever convincing SALES & MARKETING.

That’s Bunny Business 101 I guess….

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WOW! Who would have thought that with a blink of an eye, it has been a good 5 years filled with ups and downs. I have learned so much along the way and there is still so much to learn!

All I want to say right now is a huge THANK YOU to my huge bunny family both in Malaysia and all around the world mainly USA, Canada & the UK! Every single one of you have contributed and generously imparted knowledge in me. Every single piece of advice fitted together to complete this 5 year puzzle. The encouragements and support has been overwhelming and have indeed pulled me through the many challenges this hobby brings.

I wish that I have done something BIGGER to celebrate the half decade mark but I feel that I owe it to the rabbits for this wonderful journey. I just wanted to take a step back to remember and reminisce the best moments in the past 5 years. Here are some of the yearly highlights that I will cherish for the rest of my life:


Obtaining my first “Holland Lop” and embarking on this wonderful journey. She was a locally bred lop ear rabbit that almost have the traits of a Holland Lop. It was then that I started searching for the real Holland Lop and stumbled across The Nature Trail blog.

Unix – The Photogenic Bunny.


In 2008, the Tru-Luv Rabbitry blog was discovered by the New Straits Times & Malay Mail dailies. Featured in both the dailies.

I officially became a member of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club (HLRSC).


2009 is a very wonderful year for me. It started off with an importation of 4 very gorgeous and handsome rabbits. Thanks to Scott Rodriguez, Kay Miller and Teri Reymann. The feeling of owning these rabbits was phenomenal and they became the cornerstone of my herd today.

It was also the time when I first introduced my dad’s painting to the rabbit world through my blog (Rabbit Brush Painting).

Getting a gift from my dearest momma was indeed one of the best moments in 2009 (A Gift From Mommy Dearest). Also not forgetting my first HLRSC T-Shirt from Aunt Karen (Goodies Day).

Not forgetting my first home grown Tru-Luv’s Truffles winning the Best Reserve In Show at the 1st Malaysia Rabbit Show (Non-ARBA). Back then there were only a handful of rabbit breeders and the show was an unofficial show based on ARBA judging criteria. I only entered one bunny and the earlier imported ones stayed home. Not long after winning his trophy, we bid Truffles goodbye to a nice pet home (Farewell Truffles).

To end the year, my lovely friend Teri sent me two beautiful rabbits in Goodie Two Shoes and Brown Sugar (The Future of TLR).


The year started off with one of the Tru-Luv kits featured in (TLR on

We received a few more media coverage namely in The Star Newspaper regarding Pet Ethics (interviewed by Ellen Whyte) and also being featured on National TV for the very first time (The 1st TV Interview). And to top it up, it was also a very special day when my 2nd daughter was born (29th May is a very good day).

Dad and I successfully sent some beautiful paintings over to the USA for awards and for the ARBA library. Lionheads paintings in ARBA Library. HLRSC Hall-A-Fame award (Proud of my dad).

2010 also mark the most heartbreaking year for me especially when I lost Miller’s Clark. I still miss my Clark very much. He will always be remembered for his super crown!


Year 2011 is by far the best year ever! It was the rabbit year and Tru-Luv rabbits were featured in almost all the dailies during the Chinese New Year season (The Star Newspaper). Even in the bangsar shopping mall magazine – Retale Magazine. There were more interview and media coverages.

It was also the same year that was established to offer small animal lovers especially rabbit lovers a platform to purchase good products.

One of the unforgettable events for 2011 is the arrival of 8 new Holland Lops to Tru-Luv Rabbitry. They have been the foundation stocks since and have brought about a lot of improvements to the herd. I am forever grateful to my wonderful Holland Lop family.

Dad’s was commissioned to paint for the HLRSC Nationals awards.

An idea of visiting the USA to attend the 88th ARBA Convention was conceptualized back at the end of 2010.

The ultimate highlight for 2011 was definitely the 88th ARBA Convention at Indianapolis. I still have no words good enough to express the feeling. The memories will be forever be in my soul for the rest of my life. It was definitely a dream come true for me.

Some of the posts I wrote about my experience at convention:

As a closing note, I would like to reuse a phrase that came to my mind the night before I left Indianapolis and it is a statement I hold close to my heart.

“When your BIG Dream is fulfilled, you become a BIGGER person. You then dream LARGER dreams, work towards getting them fulfilled and you keep on GROWING!”

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The Best Rabbit Show Thus Far

Today, rabbit enthusiasts from all over Malaysia gathered at Mid Valley Convention Centre for the 2nd MARBA National Rabbit Show. I really like how well organized this show is and kudos to MARBA for such a well organized rabbit show. Having had experienced the ARBA Convention at Indianapolis last year, I felt like it was a mini convention back home!

Prizes and the backdrop

The Show Arena

Nice DIY Show Coops

There are a few things that I really like about the show this time around. Firstly, when I saw the organizers placing comment cards on top of judging coops in the absence of the Judges, I beamed with a huge smile. This is the way it should be as breeders are not suppose to be placing rabbits into judging coops right in front of the judges to avoid any “favoritism” at play. Secondly, even my wife commended on how good the commentary was throughout the show. The general public that attended the show not only was able to watch the judging process but the explanation was spot on which helps everyone understand what was going on.

Comparing to 3 years ago, there has been a huge improvement and this is by far the best rabbit show to date!

ARBA President – Mr. Mike Avesing & Mr. Wade Burkhalter judged really well today and I was able to learn a lot from listening to both of them during the judging process.

The highlight of the day for me was definitely getting to meet both the judges and to have a few words with them. They are both really nice and friendly.

With Mr. Mike Avesing the ARBA President himself!

A photo with the man himself, Mr. Wade Burkhalter!

Another nice thing about the show is that, there were emphasis on pet rabbits too. There was a fancy dress contest and a dear friend approached me to loan her a couple of rabbits for the costume she hand made. She won in the same contest 3 years ago and it brings back a lot of memories. I was excited that she decided to make the 4 hours trip coming down from up north and agreed without hesitation to offer up Pixie Blu and Ivory Joy to be her models.

Busy dressing up…

Pixie Blu the magician bunny garnering 4th place!

Ivory Joy the Dracula Bunny was crowned 1st place!

Nerq & Company. Notice the color coding!

The winners of the Bunny Dress Up Contest!

And then it was time for the ARBA Rabbit Show. Both Show A and Show B run concurrently with Mike judging Show A while Wade judged Show B. I only entered 2 of my home grown rabbits – a 15 weeks old Solid Junior Buck and a Broken Senior Buck that turned 6 months (exactly) today. I did not expect my 6 months old Broken Senior Buck to do well in a class that was made up of mostly top imports in the country. I only wanted him to have more exposure knowing very well he needs time to mature. As mentioned by the commentator, Holland Lop bucks are like wine, they get better as they age.

I noticed that there were many locally bred Holland Lops that are show worthy and competitive. It is very good sign for the future of the hobby knowing that our home grown rabbits are as good as the imports. Right now, it is almost like Perseus taking on the Titans in the movie Clash of the Titans – LOL! Another good indicator is that there are more in the junior classes as compared to the previous shows. Even a first placed junior can obtain a GC Leg now with the rise in numbers in the junior classes.

Mike Judging Murdoch. Placed him 18th out of 19 rabbits in the class.

Wade judging Tru-Luv’s Murdoch.  Turned 6 months today. Placed last under Wade.

On the other hand, my Solid Junior Buck placed pretty well and I am happy with how he is growing up to be a very nice show worthy buck.

A photo taken of Tru-Luv’s Blaze at 14 weeks

Mike judging Blaze. Placed him 4th out of 8 rabbits in class.

Wade judging Blaze. Placed him 3rd out of 8 rabbits in class.

Overall, it was a wonderful Saturday spent with bunny friends sharing and helping each other taking care of the rabbits and having a good time catching up!

Food for thought – “There will not be a rabbit hobby if there is a perfect rabbit”.

Last but not least, congratulations to all winners!

Wade judging Golden Pine’s Gus the little Broken Junior Buck that placed 2nd under Mike Avesing.

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Specially for all bunny lovers!

With a blink of an eye, this weblog will be turning 5 years old soon. Throughout the 5 years there has been many struggles especially in getting good rabbit products to support the hobby here in Malaysia. Fast forward today, I am thankful for the genuine people I have met along the way and are sincere in providing us with good stuff. We are really doing this for all of you who have read my blog and supported since its establishment. We are always looking for opportunity to provide our best in this circle of RABBIT SUPPORT system.

We also know how precious your pet rabbits are to you and have always tried our best to ensure all of them get the best while helping you to save on some cash. Therefore, have come up with a few FREE SHIPPING options to help both you and your bunny/bunnies. The least you could do is show us your love by supporting us in this journey together.

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Bunny Frenz @ The Park

Rabbit enthusiasts came together for a fun filled afternoon at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur for the Bunny Gathering Event organized by Bunny Frenz. It’s been a long time coming that such event is being organized. We have seen many rabbit shows that emphasizes on pedigree rabbits but today, it was a very laid back event where everyone come together to enjoy and admire their pet rabbits. It was really nice to arrive at the venue seeing rabbits running around freely!

Free And Easy Rabbit Gathering

Coming together to have some fun exchanging views and knowledge

Kudos to Mr. Amza and his team (Bunny Frenz) for their effort in putting up such a wonderful event. I believe everyone went home feeling happy.

The event kicked off with a stripped down version of a rabbit show where three judges has been invited. It was a great pleasure to be invited as one of the judges. When I was briefed about the judging criteria, I was pretty surprised and it totally caught me off guard. The criteria were very unique and made me wonder how it can be achieved. The judges are required to give points for the following:-

1. Creative Movements

We are suppose to rate the movements of the rabbits.

2. Obedience

We are suppose to rate how well the rabbits take instructions.

3. Action Difficulty

We are suppose to rate based on how dangerous the act is (no rabbits were harm in this process).

4. Activeness

We are suppose to rate based on the perkiness of the rabbits.

5. On Owner’s Instruction

We are suppose to rate based on the special instructions the owners give to their rabbits (i.e. whistling).

First up for the Bunny Show is a very beautiful black otter Netherland Dwarf. All three judges were a little stiff because we have no clue how to judge based on the criteria stated above. I tried handling the rabbit wondering how I can make it show a creative move. I successfully made him give me a little flying kick but no somersault. After a while of looking at the rabbit blankly, I suggested to the organizing team that we will be judging the rabbits based on their overall condition and they agreed. I further explained to the crowd of our judging criteria and not based on any standards as this is an event for pet rabbits. We then agreed to go through each rabbit to ensure they have clean ears, good teeth, fur with good lustre, good temperament and free from any ailments.

Being briefed by Mr. Amza about judging criteria. This was when my mind went blank.

Cikgu Syah, Mr. Brandon and I going through each rabbit and making some tough decisions.

It is difficult to pick the best rabbits because each have merits of their own.

The second activity of the day was the Fancy Bunny Contest where owners dress up their rabbits. All who are present are required to cast a vote for their favourite bunny in its costume. I fell in love with a few and take my hats off their owners for such elaborate costumes!

The Little Director!

The Little Pink Princess

A plain white T would do…

I spotted Alvin the Chipmunk’s shirt on a bunny!

Ever wonder how Sherlock Holmes look like if he’s a bunny?

Mr. Kamal with his beautiful bunny princess

Very lady like…

The Aloha Bunny!

The Ultraman Bunny!

The Director again. He’s my favourite bunny of the day!

The third activity was the Bunny Clinic where the three judges were tasked to give talks about certain topics. Once again, I was flattered to be invited to give a talk about the topic of Palpation & Tattoo. I sincerely hope that everyone learn something with what I have presented.

Cikgu Syah demonstrating how to groom a rabbit.

Tattoo and Palpation

Mr. Brandon talking about Common Rabbit Disease and Treatment

After the talks, there was a lucky draw with many wonderful prizes. And the prize giving ceremony followed.

Bunny Show 3rd Prize Winner goes to Rayyan Rabbitry. Prizes sponsored by Genesis &

Bunny Show 2nd Place Winner. Prizes sponsored by Genesis and Golden Pines Rabbitry.

Bunny Show 1st Place Winner. Prizes sponsored by Genesis. And the winner took home a cute live rabbit!

The wonderful event came to an end after Mr. Amza gave us a beautiful souvenir each.

Thank you for the beautiful souvenir!

A mug for me to enjoy my tea!

Thank you very much to everyone for putting up such a wonderful event. I hope there will be more of such an event in future. Have a good week ahead everyone and everybun!

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Charlie & Megacolon

The case of Megacolon is on the rise as we speak because there has been an influx of homozygous spotted rabbits being produced in the market. And no, Megacolon is not the name of a Transformers robot. It is a digestive system disorder caused by genetic, the “En” gene to be exact.

In the Holland Lops, the English Spot (“En”) gene was introduced to produce the Broken pattern rabbits that we have today. When we breed two broken rabbits together, there are chances of us producing “charlies”. Charlies are mostly white with only a small amount of colored pattern and with an obvious Charlie Chaplin “mustache”.

Unfortunately, the Charlie phenomenon can happen to any breed of rabbits. A research paper regarding the relationship between Charlie rabbits and Megacolon has been written – Pathophysiological and functional aspects of the megacolon-syndrome of homozygous spotted rabbits, by Bödeker et al.

As we know anything that is caused by genetics cannot be cured. I am not a medical expert but I believe that if the rabbit has difficulties absorbing certain nutrients that it needs, perhaps feeding food that assists in absorption may be able to help.

Our initial experiment on a rabbit with Megacolon by feeding it Genesis Ultra Premium rabbit food has yield a positive result. We are getting less irregular sizes poop which is an indication that there has been better food absorption.

Here are some photos of poop indicating that a rabbit is suffering from Megacolon:

Poop in irregular sizes is one of the symptoms of Megacolon

Huge poop

Irregular and sometimes foul smelling

Charlie marked rabbits can be very cute because they do look like little panda bears when they are young. That is the reason why many people have developed a liking for them not knowing that they are potential time bombs.

My advice is, try to avoid breeding two Broken patterned rabbits.

This is an example of Charlie marked rabbit:

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