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Bunny Frenz @ The Park

Rabbit enthusiasts came together for a fun filled afternoon at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur for the Bunny Gathering Event organized by Bunny Frenz. It’s been a long time coming that such event is being organized. We have seen many rabbit shows that emphasizes on pedigree rabbits but today, it was a very laid back event where everyone come together to enjoy and admire their pet rabbits. It was really nice to arrive at the venue seeing rabbits running around freely!

Free And Easy Rabbit Gathering

Coming together to have some fun exchanging views and knowledge

Kudos to Mr. Amza and his team (Bunny Frenz) for their effort in putting up such a wonderful event. I believe everyone went home feeling happy.

The event kicked off with a stripped down version of a rabbit show where three judges has been invited. It was a great pleasure to be invited as one of the judges. When I was briefed about the judging criteria, I was pretty surprised and it totally caught me off guard. The criteria were very unique and made me wonder how it can be achieved. The judges are required to give points for the following:-

1. Creative Movements

We are suppose to rate the movements of the rabbits.

2. Obedience

We are suppose to rate how well the rabbits take instructions.

3. Action Difficulty

We are suppose to rate based on how dangerous the act is (no rabbits were harm in this process).

4. Activeness

We are suppose to rate based on the perkiness of the rabbits.

5. On Owner’s Instruction

We are suppose to rate based on the special instructions the owners give to their rabbits (i.e. whistling).

First up for the Bunny Show is a very beautiful black otter Netherland Dwarf. All three judges were a little stiff because we have no clue how to judge based on the criteria stated above. I tried handling the rabbit wondering how I can make it show a creative move. I successfully made him give me a little flying kick but no somersault. After a while of looking at the rabbit blankly, I suggested to the organizing team that we will be judging the rabbits based on their overall condition and they agreed. I further explained to the crowd of our judging criteria and not based on any standards as this is an event for pet rabbits. We then agreed to go through each rabbit to ensure they have clean ears, good teeth, fur with good lustre, good temperament and free from any ailments.

Being briefed by Mr. Amza about judging criteria. This was when my mind went blank.

Cikgu Syah, Mr. Brandon and I going through each rabbit and making some tough decisions.

It is difficult to pick the best rabbits because each have merits of their own.

The second activity of the day was the Fancy Bunny Contest where owners dress up their rabbits. All who are present are required to cast a vote for their favourite bunny in its costume. I fell in love with a few and take my hats off their owners for such elaborate costumes!

The Little Director!

The Little Pink Princess

A plain white T would do…

I spotted Alvin the Chipmunk’s shirt on a bunny!

Ever wonder how Sherlock Holmes look like if he’s a bunny?

Mr. Kamal with his beautiful bunny princess

Very lady like…

The Aloha Bunny!

The Ultraman Bunny!

The Director again. He’s my favourite bunny of the day!

The third activity was the Bunny Clinic where the three judges were tasked to give talks about certain topics. Once again, I was flattered to be invited to give a talk about the topic of Palpation & Tattoo. I sincerely hope that everyone learn something with what I have presented.

Cikgu Syah demonstrating how to groom a rabbit.

Tattoo and Palpation

Mr. Brandon talking about Common Rabbit Disease and Treatment

After the talks, there was a lucky draw with many wonderful prizes. And the prize giving ceremony followed.

Bunny Show 3rd Prize Winner goes to Rayyan Rabbitry. Prizes sponsored by Genesis & TinyCritterz.com

Bunny Show 2nd Place Winner. Prizes sponsored by Genesis and Golden Pines Rabbitry.

Bunny Show 1st Place Winner. Prizes sponsored by Genesis. And the winner took home a cute live rabbit!

The wonderful event came to an end after Mr. Amza gave us a beautiful souvenir each.

Thank you for the beautiful souvenir!

A mug for me to enjoy my tea!

Thank you very much to everyone for putting up such a wonderful event. I hope there will be more of such an event in future. Have a good week ahead everyone and everybun!


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Charlie & Megacolon

The case of Megacolon is on the rise as we speak because there has been an influx of homozygous spotted rabbits being produced in the market. And no, Megacolon is not the name of a Transformers robot. It is a digestive system disorder caused by genetic, the “En” gene to be exact.

In the Holland Lops, the English Spot (“En”) gene was introduced to produce the Broken pattern rabbits that we have today. When we breed two broken rabbits together, there are chances of us producing “charlies”. Charlies are mostly white with only a small amount of colored pattern and with an obvious Charlie Chaplin “mustache”.

Unfortunately, the Charlie phenomenon can happen to any breed of rabbits. A research paper regarding the relationship between Charlie rabbits and Megacolon has been written – Pathophysiological and functional aspects of the megacolon-syndrome of homozygous spotted rabbits, by Bödeker et al.

As we know anything that is caused by genetics cannot be cured. I am not a medical expert but I believe that if the rabbit has difficulties absorbing certain nutrients that it needs, perhaps feeding food that assists in absorption may be able to help.

Our initial experiment on a rabbit with Megacolon by feeding it Genesis Ultra Premium rabbit food has yield a positive result. We are getting less irregular sizes poop which is an indication that there has been better food absorption.

Here are some photos of poop indicating that a rabbit is suffering from Megacolon:

Poop in irregular sizes is one of the symptoms of Megacolon

Huge poop

Irregular and sometimes foul smelling

Charlie marked rabbits can be very cute because they do look like little panda bears when they are young. That is the reason why many people have developed a liking for them not knowing that they are potential time bombs.

My advice is, try to avoid breeding two Broken patterned rabbits.

This is an example of Charlie marked rabbit:

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