The Best Rabbit Show Thus Far

Today, rabbit enthusiasts from all over Malaysia gathered at Mid Valley Convention Centre for the 2nd MARBA National Rabbit Show. I really like how well organized this show is and kudos to MARBA for such a well organized rabbit show. Having had experienced the ARBA Convention at Indianapolis last year, I felt like it was a mini convention back home!

Prizes and the backdrop

The Show Arena

Nice DIY Show Coops

There are a few things that I really like about the show this time around. Firstly, when I saw the organizers placing comment cards on top of judging coops in the absence of the Judges, I beamed with a huge smile. This is the way it should be as breeders are not suppose to be placing rabbits into judging coops right in front of the judges to avoid any “favoritism” at play. Secondly, even my wife commended on how good the commentary was throughout the show. The general public that attended the show not only was able to watch the judging process but the explanation was spot on which helps everyone understand what was going on.

Comparing to 3 years ago, there has been a huge improvement and this is by far the best rabbit show to date!

ARBA President – Mr. Mike Avesing & Mr. Wade Burkhalter judged really well today and I was able to learn a lot from listening to both of them during the judging process.

The highlight of the day for me was definitely getting to meet both the judges and to have a few words with them. They are both really nice and friendly.

With Mr. Mike Avesing the ARBA President himself!

A photo with the man himself, Mr. Wade Burkhalter!

Another nice thing about the show is that, there were emphasis on pet rabbits too. There was a fancy dress contest and a dear friend approached me to loan her a couple of rabbits for the costume she hand made. She won in the same contest 3 years ago and it brings back a lot of memories. I was excited that she decided to make the 4 hours trip coming down from up north and agreed without hesitation to offer up Pixie Blu and Ivory Joy to be her models.

Busy dressing up…

Pixie Blu the magician bunny garnering 4th place!

Ivory Joy the Dracula Bunny was crowned 1st place!

Nerq & Company. Notice the color coding!

The winners of the Bunny Dress Up Contest!

And then it was time for the ARBA Rabbit Show. Both Show A and Show B run concurrently with Mike judging Show A while Wade judged Show B. I only entered 2 of my home grown rabbits – a 15 weeks old Solid Junior Buck and a Broken Senior Buck that turned 6 months (exactly) today. I did not expect my 6 months old Broken Senior Buck to do well in a class that was made up of mostly top imports in the country. I only wanted him to have more exposure knowing very well he needs time to mature. As mentioned by the commentator, Holland Lop bucks are like wine, they get better as they age.

I noticed that there were many locally bred Holland Lops that are show worthy and competitive. It is very good sign for the future of the hobby knowing that our home grown rabbits are as good as the imports. Right now, it is almost like Perseus taking on the Titans in the movie Clash of the Titans – LOL! Another good indicator is that there are more in the junior classes as compared to the previous shows. Even a first placed junior can obtain a GC Leg now with the rise in numbers in the junior classes.

Mike Judging Murdoch. Placed him 18th out of 19 rabbits in the class.

Wade judging Tru-Luv’s Murdoch.  Turned 6 months today. Placed last under Wade.

On the other hand, my Solid Junior Buck placed pretty well and I am happy with how he is growing up to be a very nice show worthy buck.

A photo taken of Tru-Luv’s Blaze at 14 weeks

Mike judging Blaze. Placed him 4th out of 8 rabbits in class.

Wade judging Blaze. Placed him 3rd out of 8 rabbits in class.

Overall, it was a wonderful Saturday spent with bunny friends sharing and helping each other taking care of the rabbits and having a good time catching up!

Food for thought – “There will not be a rabbit hobby if there is a perfect rabbit”.

Last but not least, congratulations to all winners!

Wade judging Golden Pine’s Gus the little Broken Junior Buck that placed 2nd under Mike Avesing.


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