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High Five & High Jumpers!

It’s Olympic fever here at Tru-Luv Rabbitry!

As you will notice the many high fives given between team players in team events and the many attempts in the high jump events, we have these two things aplenty here lately.

I spend a lot of time with my pregnant does as their due dates draw closer. I will normally feel their tummy gently just to make sure the babies in the tummy are moving, a sign that they are alive. Two days ago, I did the same with Byss and I felt a tiny paw jutting out at one of her side. I placed my finger gently against it and to my surprise, that little paw kicked my finger hard!

I took that as a little high five from the little kit and with a soft voice I said, “I’ll see you soon little one”. I got a little worried yesterday when Byss did not kindle and feared for the worst. And to my surprise, she gave birth to two beautiful kits this morning at approximately 10 am. They are not only alive but they were kicking hard too! Both of them were practically popping out of the nest box!

After about half a day, I found them both with huge bellies and when I turned them over, it was rather clear that they have been fed. To be honest, this is something that I have never witness before. It takes some time for does to produce that much milk and I attribute this amazing supply to the feed – Genesis Ultra Premium Rabbit Food!

Nothing beats a beautiful Saturday morning with pinkies in the nest box! Here are some photos that I would love to share:

Beautiful sight!

The only way to know if the doe has been feeding her babies is to look at their transparent tummy and ensure their tummies are filled with white milk!

Got Milk?

Cute baby!

I guess this is the sort of things that I am trying to emphasize in my previous blog post. I am able to finally have the time for the details. The little details that exclusively belong to each and every one of the bunnies.

This is the feed I highly recommend all rabbit owners!

These 2 kits are born on such a special day because they share the same birthday as one of my daughters. And the best part is, their dam was born on the same day as my other daughter! I believe Byss waited for the right time so that we can celebrate their birthdays together.

Another happy thing worth mentioning is that, Carmel the matriarch of Tru-Luv Rabbitry became the brand ambassador for Genesis showing off her beauty at The Pet Family pet store.

Photo courtesy of En. Norisyam Bin Mohd Aris. Thank you very much.

Carmel is almost 6 years old and still looking pretty on Genesis Ultra Premium Rabbit Food. She is a good testimony to this LIFE ENHANCEMENT FORMULA! I hope that Carmel will have many more years ahead of her.

And Carmel happens to be the GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHER of the 2 kits above. WOW!


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