Genesis Rolled Oat Hand Made Cookies

For most of us keeping large number of rabbits, we purchase the Genesis Ultra Premium Rabbit Food in a 15kg bagful. And for those of you who are using these breeder packs, do you know that there is a bonus waiting for you at the very end of every bag of feed?

Some of you may have discarded the powder at the bottom of the bag and this post is to enlighten you how you can achieve “no wastage” with Genesis. Thanks to our friends over at Golden Pines Rabbitry, who shared with us this great idea of turning powder into Genesis Hand Made Cookies!

You can now make two (2) types of cookies – the soft and hard baked cookies. Let me tell you how. The first is the simplest and the illustration is as follows (pictures courtesy of Golden Pines Rabbitry).


The second type of the cookies needs to be oven baked and this is how I do it:-

I first gather all the ingredients:

Genesis Powder

Premium Quality Rolled Oats


For extra kicks! A couple of Acidophilus powder from the capsule. I would love to try using some yogurt in the next batch of cookies.

Diluted Rabbit Nutri-Drops for extra power nutrients

Once I have all the ingredients ready, I will start mixing and kneading them together.

Add Rolled Oats into Genesis Powder and add diluted Nutri-Drops

Add all the other ingredients and mix them well together


Place them all on the baking tray.

Warm up the oven for 5 minutes before baking starts.

Bake the cookies under the temperature of 130 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.


And Tadaa! Delicious Genesis Rolled Oats Hand Made Cookies!

The house smells so good after baking these! And what did the bunnies think of the cookies?

Byscuit says, “Smells awesome!”


Byscuit says, “Can I have the entire piece?”







Every month, I used look forward to the last pellet in the bag of feed knowing very well that another bagful has been consumed with great results. Now, I have another thing to look forward to – baking Genesis bunny cookies!



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5 responses to “Genesis Rolled Oat Hand Made Cookies

  1. Tracey Sun

    Hey Tim thanks for the recipe. Was just thinking about that the other day how you should post the recipe on your blog. Cannot imagine you baking though. Lol.

  2. acidophilus will be killed if heated..and im not really sure whether it will help in rabbits…as they are human probiotic..

  3. acidophilus will be killed if heated…and im not sure whether it will help in rabbit GI tract as acidophilus are human probiotic..and do some research on it..
    Btw, it is really a good idea to make cookies from the leftover~

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