8 Hollands & MR

Hello there, welcome to Meadow Haven – a place that knows no grammatical mistakes and cares no offense. This is the story of 8 Hollands & Mr. Here are us and a little introductions of bunselves…

My name is Dimsdale and I am the Kingbun here at Meadow Haven. I come from a bunland faraway and part of my name reminds me of a stout human I used to know!

Moi name is Roscoe. I am the gentlebun with the booty. Now shake that thing! Oh La La come to me buns..

I am Blaze and after I smoke em’ it is Hasta La Vista Bun Honey. Wanna get steamy with me?

Murdoch will smooch you and murrRrrrrtiply. What do you say, buhny huhny?

I am Faith from the bunland faraway. I have the curves those husbuns die for! Bon Appetit!

Don’t take my Kindness for granted or else you will be feel my wrath! GrrRRrr

I am Byss and I am the Byscuit factory. I am good at popping those bunchilds. Are you game?

Ziero knows not what they all are talking about. Ziero is big and nice!

That is all the 8 Hollands have got to say. Now who is the Mr.?

Ehem, my name is Drogo and I am the keeper of peace here in Meadow Haven. I like to think of myself as the wisest of them all. You know that grey old wizard with the pointy hat? Oh well, I do have pointy ears and crooked whiskers. I swear that they are handy when casting spells…
Oh well, I sometimes narrate the stories here in Meadow Haven and I like what I have to say for now and forever.

We address everybun at Meadow Haven by either Miss or Sir. We seldom hear someone being called Missus because we do not usually have just one husbun. If there should be a missus at all, Missus Carmel is the only bunny here worthy of that title though she have had her fair share of husbuns before she turned 6 years old. Now she is just growing up gracefully into her golden years. I do not quite agree that we are promiscuous beings nor has there been anything mentioned about laws pertaining to monogamy or polygamy here at Meadow Haven. We are but a truly free nation.

One thing is for sure, we always forget who we dated and even after spending a few days with our husbuns, the next Sir that comes along looks just the same or better. We can hardly remember our bunchilds when they leave our side.

As you can see, it is quite a complicated story this is and perhaps, it can only be understood by those who read with both mind and heart…


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