Fruit Of My Labor

Over the past year, I have been breeding and passing some of my rabbits to fellow enthusiasts who are serious about the hobby. I have also passed on many beautiful and handsome rabbits to pet owners who have approached me. Knowing the fact that the hobby must grow, I am glad to see some of the other breeders are doing very well with rabbits that I have shared with them. I am very proud of each and everyone of them for producing very good rabbits through applying their knowledge.

As for me, it boils down to only a few that I have selected to move forward in this hobby. I am so glad that my rabbits are fed with Genesis Ultra Premium Rabbit Food because the results are spectacular. In the past and even now, I often hear breeders echoing the statement “Quality, not quantity” and with such a wonderful feed, my rabbits have much better condition. And with such beautiful rabbits, I do not need to have many but instead just a handful will be able to help me move forward.


Aren’t they so darn cute!?

And I am proud to say that they are my home growns!


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